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Guarding, Touring, Peering

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She stretched and yawned as she leaned against the hotel she was staying at. She had to go towards a different hotel after she had a relaxing hour. She could tell that it was going to be easy anyway, but she wanted to think out of how she will play this out. Kurisa heard there will be nobles there during this mission. She hated nobles, most of them if not all of them. It was proven that when she knocked out one in Marigold. He was disgusting with their slobbering over a woman's body, getting messy with food and drinks, it was just filthy.

Slowly, she got up and walked towards the hotel. The cobblestone walkway was cleared as they must have cleared it for the nobles. They have not cleaned it in quite a while any other time. Her eyes spotted the granny who was there to meet up with her. Kurisa was used to having someone with her, Omen, Momo, Masami - someone, but she might have to go alone for these types of missions for a while. Her hair looked like she had a raccoon on it, bushy that was toweled dry after a bubble bath. Oh wait, that was her dog. Her eyes squinted, it seemed like a dog.

It did not matter. What mattered is that she was her client and had to get over there as soon as possible. As soon as she got over there the granny decided to explain. Apparently, some foreign nobles had taken their time to travel to this location and see if it was like travel books. She remembered how she saw one of some other Countries, but when she went it was nothing near like it. People liked to use Magic-Shop on the photos to make them more pretty.

Granny wanted Kurisa here to protect the nobles who she hated so much from any crazy people who wanted to make Hosenka look bad. Some people did not want any more people here than necessary, but it was strange since it was good for business. Soon enough the nobles arrived and the tour started. Kuri stayed behind and watched the nobles look at everything, judging it all. She listened to them talk about how this looked weird, that was awful looking and 'how do they live like that' by some.

It was not all awful though as there were some compliments within those terrible words. Some thought the colors of the area was beautiful. The lights were bright and even the flowery trees were astounding. They wanted to know a lot about them cause they could not get that kind of tree growing at their mansion. Kurisa yawned softly in the back as she watched the area and the people. Once they got to the hotel they were all staying at she looked at Granny who was looking at her. She assumed that Kuri did not like the nobles very well, but understood. They were judging a beautiful culture before even knowing it. The nobles were satisfied though with the place.

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Guarding, Touring, Peering Sigme10

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