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Underground Associates [QUEST; KURISA]

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Underground Associates [QUEST; KURISA] Empty on Sun Jul 26, 2020 3:42 am

Beforehand, Masami had already received a letter regards a request in the Crimson Quarter. The same client recalled him being with a woman named Kurisa, thus he was asked to bring her along as well. Although, Masami wasn't exactly sure whether Kurisa acquired the same letter as he did, so in the evening he had already made himself appear presentable before coming to visit her, supposedly picking her up from her house, like a man. Yeah, even petite little boys can be men too, sometimes, but let's get that out of the scene for now. They were not going on a date, they were going to beat some people up and—well, that can be considered a date, too.

With the letter on his hand, he presented himself in front of Kurisa's doorstep. He knew exactly where she lived here in Hosenka City, because he had been there once, probably? He should sooner get acquainted better with her, then perhaps he could stay as a companion just in case new requests come in twice a week. If he gets more reputation in the darkest areas of the city, it would no longer be safe for Masami. He feared that even the theater would get into trouble because of what he was doing, thus he hesitated the knock, and instead stared at the door. Now, things were getting pretty awkward.

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She yawned softly and left her bed. Her eyes cornered to look at her bed sheets all over the place, wrinkled as her pillows scattered. Her eyes had bags under them as she could not even sleep. She sent a letter to Judith as a summon for her children to come back so she hoped that they will be here soon. This hotel suite was big enough for a family of five if not more. It felt empty, like her heart and the void within her. That void was slowly sucking up to her existence. She had to find the cure, the love that could kill her pain.

She left her bed unattended and instead went to her dresser to look through for clothes. What was she going to wear, she wondered. Her tired eyes wandered through everything, but only a pair of clothes spoke to her. She picked up a black T-shirt and some baggy black pants with pockets out. After putting them on slowly as ever, she went to the bathroom to get a washcloth to wash her face. Kuri wondered curiously on what comb or brush she was going to use next. There were many, for today the options were ivory with a mermaid on the top, coral with a nemo fish art and just a normal one. What did her hair feel like on this day? She picked up her ivory one and brushed it slowly. She had a habit of breaking things, so delicate they were.

So old.

Like her souls.

She let down her hair as the blonde streeks within her white were wavy against her back. The door suddenly knocked, making her softly yawn and walked towards it. Who could it be? She wondered if it was Masami about the quest letter, being the most likely case. She grabbed the letter and opened the door to end up looking down to see Masami. A motherly smile appeared on her face. "Well, hello there. Did you want to go right away?" She questioned.



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"Ah..." he didn't expect the door to open right away, aware how long females take in dressing themselves up, although Masami wasn't entirely different as to take effort into fixing his appearance before stepping outside—he nodded over Kurisa's question then continued, "if that is fine with you, yeah."

It doesn't seem like it was any trouble for her, however, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. It seemed as if Kurisa had a letter regards the request as well, so Masami was correct when he assumed that the client needed both of them in the mission. "The client was kind of weird," Masami chuckled, tilting his head a little, "do you think people are assuming that you're my mother?" People usually can tell whether people are relatives or not by their hair color, even if Masami and Kurisa doesn't appear alike—based on Masami's perception, that was. He had believed that he appeared more of a Joyan prince compared to a Fiorian goddess, the people in Joyan like the appearances of their foreign people so it wouldn't be hard for Kurisa to be treated like a deity if she ever visits. Like a seraph, if those even were a thing in Joyan mythologies.

To get straight to the point, Masami decided to give more information that he collected throughout the week. "Previously, the target didn't have enough time to prepare, so they were trying to fool us by pretending that nobody's in the building due to inactivity." he mentioned, holding a palm out, "I'm glad that we were so quick last time! Though, I was warned that the current target is getting paranoid and sending out multiple crews for their protection... but we'll handle it." they have probably grown weary simply because they are in Fiore, true Joyan crews never had any breaks and were always in fights every now and then, at least as much as Masami knows. So far, he still hadn't gotten enough information about whoever his current companion was—Kurisa, whose information has spread thoroughly, except those were written in Fiore, in which Masami had a hard time understanding even if he squints his eyes. Information is so hard to get nowadays (no, Masami, it's just you).

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He seemed ready to go do some mission that she had no clue about the absolute details of. She was curious about if it was easy or difficult but compared to everything she already did do, it must be easy. It was somewhat boring to be the rank she was since she was known, but not as known since her reputation was low. She blamed her last death for that. She had everything planned and reputation, but after she died it all went down the drain. She went out of her hotel room and closed the door, locking it tightly. She remembered how that witch appeared in her suite in Marigold, someone decided to try to kidnap her children so ever since then, she locks everything.

But how does that stop people with magic?

There were many magics that could just go through walls and into rooms of others. Her body can literally turn into water and go through physical things. It cost her mana sure, but it was still fun to do. He questioned if she thought that people believed she was his mother. Was there something wrong with her? Her eyes cornered to look at him, walking with him to the elevator and down to go outside. During this, they talked. "Would I be a bad mother to have?" She wondered. Her eyebrow lifted as she questioned him. He started to talk about last mission, or was this apart of this mission too? The people seemed to be guarding the person they needed to go 'beat up'. It seemed like this was going to be easy again to her. Her spells are rather powerful so this was going to be tiring, boredom is a tiring thing.




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They were already inside the elevator by the time Kurisa had asked Masami if she were to become a bad mother if she were to be connected to Masami at some point, leaving the boy think in an exaggerated deep breath. "Probably not?" he answered, although it was more of a question rather an than answer. He didn't think he'd be getting family extensions outside of Fiore, so he had never honestly thought about it. To him, Kurisa seemed to be a nice woman, and she had children, as well. Masami had found no reason unto her becoming a 'bad mother' although he couldn't get himself to completely disagree, either. Not that he has been Kurisa's child herself for him to judge.

His answer was accompanied by a small shrug by the shoulders, then the elevator made a 'ding!' sound to specify that they're already down to the ground floor. Masami walked out first, then turned to Kurisa with a smile, "You've been treating me well, so I don't see why you would be." Masami thought that his previous answer was awkward and too cut-off, thus he added something to make his response whole. He remembered her mentioning something about love and loneliness, and as a child he didn't want to make an adult woman feel bad for leaving her with such a short answer.

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Masami seems like he knew what he meant, so she did not take it all personally when he made it sound like she was a bad mom. He even said how he did not think she was a bad one, as far as he could see. She sometimes felt like one with how she was not around them all the time, but maybe she was a good one after all. She kept her babies safe with Judith since she knew Judith does not go around fighting people nor really around danger. Judith was a good experiment, a successful one at that. She did not know that nor did anyone.

She walked beside Masami while she then looked at the hotel keeper who watched her as well. It was a little awkward to her. He sometimes liked to watch her every move for some reason as if she was from some dark guild. She was innocent, for now - she swore she was. She remembered how even though her Guild master did not really care about her children in the first place, she still saved them. She had to be at least half good right? Some will just watch it all happen without even saying anything till the last person was alone, the person who was trying to kidnap her kids in this case. They walked out of the door and she gave a smile towards Masami, "Oh, alright.~" She giggled sweetly and went towards the mission with whom neither did they know, will become her son.




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Was she angry? As cynical as Masami could be, he slightly lowered his head after Kurisa's response towards his answer to her question, thinking that she tried hiding her disappointment as to exaggerate the response in a cheerful demise. His lower lip slightly unfolded to reveal his lower teeth, quietly murmuring: "Yikes..." as to lag behind her back, following her. Maybe he should just focus on the mission—yeah, let's do that.

They walked in the street that leads to Crimson Quarters, where they would supposedly beat up the target. The client was being nice as to write that they didn't need to finish the mission in a night, and as simple as reporting the status of the target would be enough for their satisfaction. Finally in the entrance of their destination, Masami peeked from behind Kurisa, slightly tip-toeing. He had spotted men in their casual Joyan wear, weapons being wielded by either holding them or being strapped behind their backs. Masami and Kurisa's position slightly disguised them in the darkness, and there weren't many civilians walking around (if there are, they must be drunk). "Looks like they were expecting us, after all." Masami uttered to Kurisa, properly standing up as to make attempts in verbally (and internally) describing what he was seeing.

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The wrong response can sometimes print an idea on people's imagination. She wondered if she did that just now. Her eyes watched his mouth movement as she walked beside him quietly after what she said. She felt like it was supposed to be a positive impact, but what it did was the opposite. He seemed to not want to talk after that which she felt bad about it. What she did not know was that both of them felt that way by each other's expression. They assumed that the other did something wrong, but neither of them knew that it was quite the opposite.

Things went even quieter when they stood in the corner towards some other destination they were suppose to go to. They were waiting for them. It was super casual as they had their weapons strapped up and ready to go. What they probably were not prepared was the huge flooding that was going to happen. She enjoyed flooding, using the water element mixed with that cursed element of light that she was stuck with. When she was a Seraph, she had powers like no other, but then they had the audacity to downgrade her into a Nephilim. Gods... pft, they will have their turn when she was done with them. What they did not know nor did she, her plans will change in the future.

"How did you want to do this?" She asked him. Usually, she did not care about how this went as she would just go in, drown them and move on. That much was true, but now that she had a son-like figure with her she wanted to see how this played. She had to guard him, she felt the need to be his mother, but why? Did she care, but once again why?




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He shrugged in answer, "Anything you want, really."

Masami knew that he wasn't made for direct fighting, nor will he ever be the one hiding himself in order to conduct an attack. "I'll be here to guard your back, if ever." he continued, still watching the supposedly enemies from afar. They fit the description written in Masami's request letter, so he was sure that these men were guarding the territory of the target... which probably means that the target is near, right? The light bulb that appeared on top of Masami's head was almost visual, as to energetically tug Kurisa's sleeve. "Hey, hey! If we catch their attention, we'll see where they were coming from, then we'll know where the target is stationed!" said Masami, he didn't have to hide the energetic, jolly expression embedded in his face. Surely, the enemies must have already gotten an idea as to what both Masami and Kurisa looks like, and Masami was sure that his reputation had revealed a great dynasty of spread information, thus he was willing to be bait.

"Yeah," said Masami, positioning the mask in front of his face, "let's do that." Immediately after, he revealed himself from the shadows as if in a dash, and everybody in the scene had fallen to Masami's trap by giving him their attention. Even though Masami couldn't hear everything they uttered, he was aware that one of them had warned the others about the 'masked boy,' which gave reason unto why everyone started to charge in while unsheathing their weapons. The rest of their members were coming from the northeast direction, which would mean that their main target is positioned somewhere over there, right? Masami entrusted Kurisa on that one, making Masami catch more of their attention by using fire spells in order to attack and fight the men. They didn't seem to be such hard enemies on Masami, however.

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She cornered her eyes to look at him and then the people that were guarding the place. She was unsure of how he wanted to do this until he spoke up about it. He was not very specific, but he did it through action. Masami put on his mask in front of her as she became curious about the object. Different objects kept showing up in Fiore, ones that did not belong in the Country. Did she care much about him having it? No, she trusted and believed in him that the object was not a bad one like some she has seen or dealt with.

He went in with his mask on in his own way as he was being some distraction. He wanted to bring the men out to find out where they were exiting. It was like some Avatar stuff, but no one will understand that as she did not even understand where that reference came from. He started to do some spells and stuff, signaling her to go as soon as people exited out of that door. She went against the side of the wall and ran towards the door to go inside. What she finds inside was her worst nightmare.

More god damn stairs.




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By the time all of the minor guards had surrounded Masami, he had already leaped to the peak of the nearest, highest building there was. From that distance, he had seen Kurisa dash to the distance, or at least her golden hair reflected some light, allowing Masami to at least spot her. He nodded before doing anything else; the Joyan rogues trying their best to catch the 'masked boy' by doing all the means: using the stairs of the building, or as idiotic as working hard to climb the building itself.

It would be a silly scene if Masami waited there, watching the men try their best in chasing after Masami. From the floors below, screams could be heard, and they were mostly feminine voices—what is this building, anyway? Masami gazed up at the logo pole right beside him, then read the large sign board... a motel! These rogues must've entered private rooms they weren't supposed to enter—Masami chuckled at the thought, then leaned to face a man whose hands were hanging by the edge of the rooftop. He doesn't seem to be successfully climbing this.

Masami tilted his head at him, "Sorry, mister." he spoke through the mask, his voice being muffled by it. Then, he raised a pinky, the magic circle forming by it. He raised this in front of the mask's mouth, and the rogue he was facing knew exactly what this was. After all, reputation is supposed to work to repel evil as much as it attracts it, right? The rogue panicked, losing his grip off of the edge of the building, then fell down as Masami blew a fire breath over a column of stacked rogues, in which altogether fell down. By the time this was finished, the rest of the rogues had already reached the rooftop with swords in their hands, looking tired and weary.

Guess it was time to go; Masami started to jump from roof-to-roof, something the other rogues cannot imitate. He was going to the direction Kurisa was going, he didn't expect it to be such an easy job.

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She yawned and stretched as she looked up to see the top stairs. It was one of those circular rooms as the stairs went upward. There was no elevator or some other magical door. It did not matter though as her eyes started to glow intensely. Her body's aura was visible of a golden lilac color as wings started to form from her back. "Fuck. These. Stairs. AND F THESE PEOPLE! I hope you can hear me!" She yelled as her wings started to motion like a bird's. She felt air surrounding her as her hair started to flail around wildly. Her knees started to bend and lifted herself up, flying all the way to the top. These people are going to get a serious beating when she got up there.

Her heart was beating quickly as she was getting all that hard air down her airway for breathing. Once she got up at the top she hovered over the railing to land her feet against the marble floor. She kept her wings out yet folded against her shoulders. She wondered where everyone was, but she soon found out when she opened the door to reveal everyone. There was a group of people as if they were mini-bosses of the main one. She could not figure it out why these people even wanted to run a business.

"Time to talk business," Kurisa spoke in a serious strict way. Her icy purple eyes gazed at all of them, fearing them up. First, they started to lean back into their chairs and looked at each other, nervous and not sure what to say. Were they afraid to speak up first? Softly, she sighed and stretched upward and motioned her arms to make a circular motion, finally against her side. Her head tilted and eyes half-closed. "Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I have a business to take care of. I want to get rewarded and if I have to beat the living shit out of all of you, I will." Kurisa looked like an angel who was about to smite them from heaven. A six feet and a few inches tall angel-like being gazing at them with glowing eyes could be a scary thing.

Her lips were licked by her own tongue as they felt dry in here. She had to have a humidifier in her own hotel suite cause the dryness killed her in a non literal sense. "L-look, we just wanted a part of her business, but she kept rejecting us." they studdered. They were afraid, but she understood why. Her ears listened to any movements behind her rather it was Masami or some of these people's crooks. "That's not a good enough answer." She frowned. "Too bad.".

"SHOOT HER." He yelled as they shot bullets at her. They went through her like the last ones did when she was fighting that other couple. The people had the same reaction, it was getting really boring. Kurisa remembered that Casino owner who was buying her as a slave. His sword went through her body as well as he was trying to cut her up due to Caius pissing him off. She chuckled softly as her eyes slowly went cold. She forgot all about Masami being there with her, well on his way at least. She was alone. It did not matter. Her lilac beautiful eyes became solid and the pupils disappeared. Her arms lifted towards them as she summoned a leviathan dragon-like creature that roared off towards them.

It engulfed them whole, enough to knock them out and taught them a lesson. "We-we're sorry! We'll stop!" He said while muffling some water due to the attack. He was on the ground and gave Kurisa a paper. Slowly she broke their window and flew out to meet Masami on the floor. Slowly, her wings disappeared.

"We're done. Here's the contract saying they will stop harassing her." She spoke with her eyes going normal, away from being solid with no pupils. They went on to hand it in, rewarded and went home.




Name: Naga
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500 (1000 per post)
Requirements: Undine Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water/Light
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Creating a fist motion towards her chest creates a 4 meter long and 3 meter thick dragon created by water and light that comes out of the circle beside or behind her. She'll point towards the target and will use her finger to direct where the spell goes. Once it hits it causes SX2 rank, it'll disappear.

Name: Nephilim Unleashed
Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 100 RP Posts as Nephilim; At Least B-Rank
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user's eyes burn a bright white light and they materialize a pair of 2 meters long white wings that allow them to fly up to 15 meters above ground. All the Attributes of the user are increased by 40% of their base amount. This is a transformation and not a spell. Therefore, it cannot be cancelled by artefacts or magics that can cancel spells.

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