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Underground Associates [Masami]

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Kurisa closed her eyes as she felt Momo nuzzle against her side. She felt worried about the woman as she felt unsure about everything that has been going down so far. The fingertips of her fingers felt so cold. Her icy purple had no light within them like they once did. Her head rested against the bartender's table as she gazed at her drink. She just left the Casino that she was a little bit ago. Sure she had a partner for some merchandise now, but was she a winner? She had the audacity to ask a man for a drink and he yeeted out.

It could be because he wanted to do it face to face, but was she suppose to go find him in the south or stay where she was at? This whole thing was not very specific. Momo continued to be around her neck like some scarf as she questioned somethings. She perhaps knew that soon enough Kurisa will need a companion who could battle. She just was not sure when that was supposed to be. She let her fingers go through the fur and let her eyes close to relax. She felt like a nap was needed, but soon enough she was going to have to go.

The people around here were getting louder as the music was getting crazier. She yawned softly and motioned her head to the beat of this sax-o-beat. Slowly, she motioned her body to sit up and gazed at her alcoholic drink. It was pink, bubbly, and had a mixture of glittery blue and purple. It was like looking into a lava lamp all night. The alcohol had some sort of toxin that made her feel relaxed. It was like those hallucination candies that she ate long ago. Did she still have them?

Her icy eyes squinted as she tried to think real hard. The woman was a little messed up for the moment as she probably had too much to drink. Her heart could not feel anything at the moment since it was damaged a lot. Kuri, Ana, and Arisa all had that in common, but maybe someday that will be fixed. She wondered if there was anyone out there for her. They did not have to be human, just someone to cure her heart, love only her, and be loyal. Was that a lot to ask for? It seemed so nowadays or well, her whole sticking life. What drama, what a novel, what movie she could make from her whole life.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, making her head turn to look at whoever it was. Some woman in a pink long dress. Her chest was covered by a jacket made of leather as she felt rather defensive. For what reason, she was not sure. She wondered if it was alright for her to sit down with her. Kuri was wondering what made her want to talk to her in the first place. Her icy purple eyes were not that welcoming nor was her aura. Was it because she was a Nephilim? Sometimes it was a curse to be somewhat an angel yet not be one since they were the lesser beings of ones. The girl tilted her head to look at her as if she was studying her. Kuri questioned the woman, wondering how she could help her. It was annoying her that she was just here in general. Was it Kuri's patience?

She had none to even give. So what did the woman truly want? It was up in the air as there was some silence between them for a few seconds as if she was thinking. "I'll explain and ask as soon as the other person arrives." She explains and it was obvious now. It had to do with a mission.



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Did he need to be stylish for tonight? He would be visiting Crimson Quarter, and despite never visiting it, Masami had already heard that it was dangerous for people like Masami—underage, female-looking male—to visit. He never intended to venture through it, but as expected, he received a letter asking for assistance on a certain request. It was like this even for the rest of the other cities, life is different when you're finally growing into a known mage. Although he had more of a matured appearance in his Take-Over form, Masami had taught himself not to reveal it unless needed, aware that it grants him greater power when it comes to this. He entered the bar looking normal; as expected, men would stare at him, even being cat-called a few times, but these were normal.

As a native-Joyan, Masami could understand quite well what they were talking about. Something regards 'cute' and 'taking' and 'I hope they are fine with it' or something of the sort, most of them were muffled whispers—perhaps they were aware that Masami is Joyan, thus learning how to hide exactly their messages. Masami wanted to come over and kick them in the gut, like those guys in Myras City! Let's give them a taste of what being a man feels! Apparently, that's not allowed in here, Masami, so he had to wait. 'Guess this is to teach me how to be patient.' he told himself, exaggeratedly pouting over his own conviction. At the moment, Masami had no idea whom he was supposed to meet with. It was another woman, whom he hoped not to be the same "Neru" as Myras had, and another woman who'd accompany Masami in the request. That makes all three of them to meet up in one spot, but did it really have to be a bar? Masami can't handle the stench of booze... and drunken men!

To avoid getting more attention than he already was, Masami walked closer to the walls rather than push himself in the middle of the room. He couldn't avoid getting the tips of his overcoat touched by strangers' hands to be made fun off, or getting his hand felt by people Masami would dare not to look at, but he had endured the same pain in Joya, to the point where these were more normal than it already seemed to be for him. Sooner or later, he found two women sitting together, Masami immediately analyzed their faces before completely approaching them. One of those women were someone he was familiar of, could it be her that would accompany Masami in this request? The other woman was in a pink dress, she seemed to be used to the atmosphere here in Crimson Quarter. Now, Masami decided to gamble it out—he approached the two, his hands held unto his own overcoat's fabric, a mask placed at the side of his face. "Excuse me, could you be...?" he didn't need to finish the sentence—if this woman truly was the one who sent the letter, then she'd know exactly what business Masami came for. He waited for both of their reactions before speaking once more.

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"Well, I was wondering if you could help me with this woman who is trying to sabotage my business." She wondered nervously. Of course, it was a business that was needing help. Was there nothing else to do besides help businesses? The two were waiting on the other person who was going to help them out and soon enough the boy was there. Her eyes spotted the same person she has met a couple of times already. Masami was the one she found at the play as the voice of him and Kita was the same, the two being the same person. She chuckled slightly as she made a motherly smile.

"It seems like you're my partner then." she assumed as he was questioning the client as well. The client smiled happily and giggled. She pulled out a paper and folded it out as there was information about a large building. She explained that there was a man who liked to send out his goons to collect money from the poorer folks in Hosenka. He spends them on parties of Gluttony; food, drinks and women. The place they were at currently was their favorite place to buy the booze. She needed them to figure out their patterns as to which place they went to first and also last. After that, she needed them to find the crooks, beat them up, and take back the money to give back to the people. Finally, they had to find the other group and follow them into the place where the Godfather of the place was. They had to teach him a lesson and apparently the guy killed her family for money so she wanted payback.




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"Sounds like a job, indeed." Masami shrugged, hovering himself closer to the woman, Kurisa, a familiar acquaintance he had met a few times. The first time was in Marigold City, but now they are connected once again. "Teaching them a lesson" was no problem for Masami, as his guild master taught him exactly how, even if it was unasked and unneeded. It's like going down the dirtiest parts of the world to spray insecticide into, or at least that was how Masami was taught, if it was even morally possible for a child to do. Thus, he shrugged once more, then directly looked into Kurisa's eyes before taking a bow as a sign of respect. "Please take care of me." he requested, then lifted himself up afterwards. Receiving requests like these are pretty normal for Masami—requests regards paybacks? Normal, as heck, and pretty common, too. This should be an easy job for the both of them.

Information regards the large building was accepted by Masami, now the paper was held unto his hands. Masami took a look into it as well, then his eyes widened. "Oh! I've seen this building before!" he exclaimed, albeit quietly as to not draw attention in. "I passed by this one on the way here." he was proud of his knowledge, as if a child shouting "Oh, I know the answer to this one!" was Masami very alike to it. Without folding the paper, he looked at Kurisa with a wide smile on his face—he looked up, rather, realizing only now how tall she was compared to Masami, even with the wedges on his wooden slippers. He tried not to pout at the thought, getting directly to the point. "If you'd like, I can lead you to it." it was an offer, rather, and he knew that she wouldn't refuse.

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She listened to him agree of joining in and that he has seen the building on the way here. She figured that perhaps she wanted them to follow the lower ranks from that location to another location. It was only good to assume that because if she had the exact location of the man then they could have just went there without her explaining everything that she has already. Kurisa just nodded towards the girl and told her how obvious it was that they were interested, speaking for both of them even when it was not needed yet it was alright.

Kurisa got up and looked around to see if she noticed anyone out of the ordinary. Her icy purple eyes gazed back towards Masami who was speaking about taking care of him. Was she his mother? Maybe... She simply nodded and gave off a motherly smile. "We should perhaps look around here or perhaps you have a location you wish to go for?" She then totally just realized he wanted her to follow him, forgetting about it. She spaced off as she felt spacey after all the drinking and crying over a fool's love. She nodded once more, "Right, I will follow." She nodded towards him as she crossed her arms against her large chest defensively. Her hair was messy yet still attractive. She just could not see it herself. She felt like a waste, but at least she was a waste that could help people even if she can not help herself.




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Masami waved a hand at the client before stepping a raised foot down to the floor, "Well, we'll be going now!" With the paper in his hands, he folded these then placed it inside a pocket of is overcoat – although he was right in front of Kurisa, he still stayed close, because he didn't want anyone grabbing him oh-so-suddenly, but that was exactly what was happened. A hand grabbed the side of his waist, a drunken man from one of the familiar faces earlier – Masami immediately brushed this hand off after using his elbow to bend his wrist's joint. Even if it didn't hurt that drunken man first, it was enough for him to stop his grab, causing his friends to laugh at him for being rejected. Now, he looked angry, but Masami didn't notice it, neither did he even care. He was chosen by a client, thus he should finish the given job quickly, not take notice of any sorts of distractions.

He sighed before muttering words loudly, "Those types of guys... are so annoying." he would never want to become like them, thus he never drank—not that he can even drink as an underage, anyway. Masami had an older sister who drank a lot, too, and she becomes very obnoxious afterwards, like the drunken man from earlier. He sighed the second time before completely reaching the exit of the bar's building, opening the door for Kurisa to pass through before Masami could. This was a normal act for him, not even knowing the term "gentleman" or anything of the sort – he was merely doing what he was taught. "Finally, we leave this annoying crowd." Masami told Kurisa with the mere purpose of starting a conversation. He looked back at the drunken man who grasped his waist earlier, who was now enjoying himself with a new victim. The idea ticked Masami off, recalling what kind of "man" this client wanted Masami and Kurisa to get rid off, giving Masami more determination to struck that man's head. Guess he was more of a target now, huh?

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She walked with Masami through the club. The people gazed at them more as they walked together passed the area. Something she noticed was that a guy grabbed for Masami, but before she could break his hands she saw Masami move them away. Her eyes gave all she passed fear so they never dared to grab her. Her body was like a goddess for sure, but her strength made men fear to touch. The people she looked for probably wasn't in this crowd since they worked for a strong man. She sighed softly as she thought of the type of people she was into.

Were they just as bad?

Caius was into selling people off, was she horrible for wanting to know him more? The hope that he was a different person aside from that? She went through the door that Masami opened and walked outside of the club. She wasn't sure what place they were going to go next. From now on out she was just going to follow and perhaps save him a few times. She was just going to go along for the ride till she was needed as she was not the leader this time. She was used to being the leader, but he seemed to know his way around the area. Her eyes followed his eyes as he was looking back at the guy who was touching him. "Do you want me to break his hand?" She wondered quietly. Sure her strength wasn't that great, but her power on the other hand made people do stupid things... The fact she could probably make another guy break his hand instead of her doing it.



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'Yes.' a blunt answer Masami gave through his head, he answered the woman without actually speaking such. He'd appreciate if the man's hand would have broken, or ripped off, or fed to the dogs – in won't matter, but Masami would get guilty if he did. He was never taught to do such act unless it had actually hurt one of the fellows he truly cared for, but it was Masami who accepted all of those at those moments. So, Masami answered in contrast to what he actually wanted: "No, I will hope that he learns from the mistake eventually." his tone of voice didn't express anything, because he was trying to focus on looking for the building that was provided in the paper that was given to them, so Masami cannot afford getting distracted.

Eventually, that building was right in front of Masami and Kurisa. "Oh, I didn't expect that it would be nearer..." the boy said as if he was disappointed, although he laughed it out nevertheless. The building seemed old, but through the windows it showed that the building was being taken cared of, and there was nobody inside the first floor. "I guess the target is at the top, Miss Kurisa." folding the paper, he gave this to the woman, now placing himself into the mold of following someone else rather than the one being followed. The target the client gave seemed rich, like an aristocrat, except more rebellious than they would have expected, perhaps. "Shall we go in?" asked Masami first, although he would greatly appreciate if he would lag behind, like always.

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Masami seemed conflicted on rather or not she should break that man's hand. She didn't mind really. He deserved it in her mind. Such filth dared to touch her friend. She patted his head softly as they walked along. The area was quiet, the path of cobblestone. The sound was silent was rather nice for a change since she was stuck in the few places that were wild, crazy, and loud. The Casino was busy as ever and the place next to it - the club was busy as well. The wind hit her face like a soft caress against her cheek. She wondered about how things were going since they just met yesterday. It was nice though.

She got him a hotel room next to hers since he did not really have a place of his own yet. She felt like her fame could be useful at least with that. Her eyes watched the patterns of the area and saw that he made a sudden stop so she too stopped. He told her that this was the place. Her hands went against her hips and tilted her head so she could get a real good lookup. The person who was in control was obviously at the top, but did she want to fly up and carry him, or did she just want to walk up the stairs? She could maybe lose a few extra pounds cause maybe that was why she wasn't getting any men to love her the way she wanted.

Was she just too thick? She was a milf. Was she just no one type? Was she ruined?! She looked at the poor boy who was obviously waiting on her. Nodding, of course, she went inside first to find that there were no guards waiting there. She saw there were tons of stairs going into rooms within each floor. Was she really going to deal with all of this? Her eyes looked at every door to study them. It was like a trick question, I swear.

She went towards the stairs and went on the elevator. She loved the elevators since there were stairs that went on forever. The tall buildings like the hotel she was staying at - can you imagine if there weren't any elevators? Her legs could probably break some real boulders, like the Boulder from that one show she forgot about. She dragged Masami with and they went up for a while. The music was cringe as it was piano music you would hear at any bad evil villain movie as they waited at their desk for the elevator to open.




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Even when Kurisa gently held unto the boy, Masami still felt like he was being dragged away—was he? For some reason, he was always either lagging behind someone or being dragged out; the pains of being a small, young child he was. As much as Kurisa found the background music bland and simply cringe-worthy, Masami found the same. Hosenka is very Joyan-inspired, and there would be non-Joyan refugees here, so were they trying to be unique as to play music that way? It was unfitting, and Masami wanted to slap his whole face because of it. Because of the music itself, their target suddenly didn't seem so scary anymore.

Like a silly comic book, Masami felt like their target was waiting, expecting for them to come. Not used to elevators, the boy was getting slightly nauseous, especially when the elevator suddenly stopped when they reached their designated floor. "Ah, it's finished. Finally." he muttered to himself, touching a nearby wall so that they would not fall. The lift doors automatically slid open after that small "ding!" sound played, revealing a small hallway with many other doors in the left and right side including numerous windows, one large door in the middle. At this height, Masami could see the outside of the building – tiny little people like ants. Automatically, he also assumed that their target would be through the large door in the middle, thus Masami pointed towards it before moving.

What else did the client say? He was rich, right? And uses his money on women, but apparently there weren't any bodyguards so far. Masami expected that they would appear through the doorway, but it has been quiet ever since. Sounds like a silly action show, indeed.

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She watched the boy motion as if he had some motion sickness. Out of mother instinct, she patted him on the back slowly so it did not feel really rough. Her eyes looked coldly towards the door till it finally opened to reveal more halls. It was like a horror game where there were constant supplies of halls and doors. You never really knew what will come out of them, but they made you keep on guessing. It was sad that there was no man sitting on their chair, but then she remembered something that the client spoke about. Something, but what?


She said 'she', the boss was a girl or perhaps a woman worked for the main man. She went through the hall with her arms crossed against her chest as she wondered if something or someone was going to come out of the doors. Wasn't it suppose to be stacked with guards? The enemy was supposed to be jacked and rich. Was this all a prank? She was getting pissed off. Her patience was near its' end. Her hair slowly turned white as her eyes went icier than they were in the first place with a tint of red within them.

Kurisa wanted to yell out to them, cuss them out and taunt them, but she didn't want to flood this place with the boy here. She can swim and be water itself if she wanted to, but him? She doubted he had that kind of power for now. The last door was always the boss's door so that was the one she went for. Straight ahead she slowly went since she did not want to use all her energy for it. Slowly she opened it, but not before moving Masami aside. As predicted, a tons of bullets started to shoot at the door. From Masami's point of view, the bullets went through her body. These men were typical. A bunch of them lined up with a man and woman standing beside each other behind the group of men. The two looked shocked as well as the other men. "Look, you really messed with the wrong mom." She glared as the bullets were on the ground, she kicked some of them away and nodded towards Masami. "The trap is gone." Her eyes went towards the couple who she assumed as the ones in control. They feared for their lives, but it was too late for them...




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How comforting to be protected like that. Everything happened in an instant, his perception of time slowing down when he was looking through the side, watching the woman protect him by taking the bullets. He gasped for breath, two hands covering his mouth before he could even react using his voice. Although her body staggered while being shot, she remained standing, provoking those who attacked them. Immediately, he tapped his wrist thrice then pointed the same fingers at the woman. "Miss Kurisa!" the magical circle dispersed into a scarlet thread, piercing themselves upon the woman, strengthening her body. Then, he kissed the same fingers, pointing them towards the enemy when he peeked through the door. Just as he expected, a gigantic masked appeared behind the targets, pushing them towards Kurisa and Masami, because the boy won't be the one who'd attack.

"Miss Kurisa, are you hurt?" he asked, albeit with a little bit more panic than he thought. Those gun shots were loud and although he had already witnessed his guild master attack him with fast swords, bullets were a little different. It was only until now that Masami realized how fast his heart was beating, that he could feel his own blood circulate through his veins. He was more worried about the woman, however, because she was the one who took the shots first. Even if Masami could heal her, he may not have enough time to give for a complete healing. At the moment, Masami still wasn't aware about how tough Kurisa was, nor did he know her as an X-Rank. Blissful ignorance, they may call it, but perhaps Masami wasn't ready to become aware of it, yet.

One or two men, wearing Joyan robes, started to charge both of them with a katana in each of their two hands. Even from afar, Masami knew that these were shabby swords, incomparable to his guild master's Caelum swords. Thus, the boy positioned the mask in front of him, then dashed forward while blowing through the mask, dispersing breaths of flames. Those were enough to brush the men away, and now they were immobile after their backs hit the walls from the blow. "Well, that was..." easy, Masami wasn't able to complete his sentence after a gun was pointed at his direction, although that same man didn't know whether to focus on Masami or Kurisa, so he was left in a conflicted state. Masami chuckled through the mask, crossing his arms at how pathetic this 'tactic' was. As expected, they underestimated both Masami and Kurisa for being "travelers" merely because the boss was perhaps a part of a syndicate, or the mafia. Now, it's time for Kurisa's choice unto how she wants to exterminate them.

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Kurisa watched and listened as Masami was panicking about the bullets. As he could see, there were no bullet wounds nor blood. They gazed at her with fear and some of the runts left as they ran past her and Masami. She invited herself in with a tired-like look but a sweet smile. They were wondering if she was going to do something which of course she was. She chuckled, "Now, if I judged you for buying women, that'd be wrong of me since of someone else, but then again... you're not great people anyways." She lifted up her arm and pointed towards them.

"Enjoy being wet." She whispered as a large tsunami came out of the circle that was summoned. It devoured everyone, including the two. She watched as they were passed out, some were knocked out of the building. The glass broke and the water disappeared without leaving any evidence. She liked that. Slowly, Kurisa walked towards the edge of where the long glass broke to look down. "Yep... looks taken care of to me." She turned away and looked at Masami. "Let's go." She instructed like a parent. No one was going to get hurt on her watch unless they were her enemy of course. They both met up with the client and told her what happened. Finally, she was rewarded with Masami and they went off towards the hotel.




Name: Kanagawa
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Undine Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water/Light
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: A hand wave towards the direction will create the circle to release a 4 meter long and 4 meter tall light lilac colored tsunami wave that will go straight towards the target. Once they hit, it causes SX2 rank damage and it'll disappear.

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