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Hey Ya[Kurisa]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Hey Ya[Kurisa] Empty Sat Jul 18, 2020 10:40 pm

Juni Anastos
Slipping into the heat of the Golden Chrysanthemum's Hot Springs was the most relaxing thing Juni had done in a long time. The stress in her muscles seems to melt away as her body sank in the springs, soaking in its fragrant waters. The night's full moon illuminated the sky and set the mood for a perfectly alluring night. Fortunately for her, she was alone in these springs and that might have had to do something with intimidating all the other women that were here. Anyone coming in now would see half of a head poking out of the water, head with pinned up dark hair and closed eyes enjoying herself. Upon further inspection, they would probably see the spear next to the bottles of alcohol siting messily on the stone floor not too far from where she was.

Juni didn't care about who came in she didn't even care about who was here when she walked in but she enjoyed the fact that some of the more delicate females were too afraid to be in the same area with her, and who could blame them? When Juni walked into a room she had a resting bitch face that could turn most people off and it wasn't even something she did on purpose it was just something that came over time due to the bullshit she had to endure. It was true she was tired of people in general and she was even more tired of being at other's beck and call so she just naturally developed a pissed off disposition on the surface. It was, of course, those who could see past the surface that were gifted with the fact that she wasn't as bad as her face made her seem to be.

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Kurisa gazed at the place she conquered and owned. The owners knew her enough to just let her walk-in after owning most of Hosenka now as her guild went around and did their business. Her icy purple eyes read the signs in which instructed certain rooms to not be busy since they weren't sure when she was going to arrive. Kuri didn't mind much company, but there was such a thing as too many. She felt like she could treat momo a little bit with some fruit and a spa day for herself while she took a bath with women she didn't know.

She stepped in with their head bows, the door to the furthest caught her eye, but before she went into the changing room she turned to look at them. "Don't let anyone else in." she softly said with a simple smile. Kuri stripped into just a towel and walked out. Her eyes spotted most of the girls on one side and then just one on her own side. Was something wrong with her? Her facial expression didn't look welcoming, but she welcomed herself. Her towel slowly sunk into her voluptuous form as she went into the water, covering her breasts. She sat on the other side in front of the girl, gazing at her and then to the other women who were gawking at them. They weren't sure of who to be more afraid of it seemed. To Kuri, Ana, and Ari, it didn't matter since she was just here to chat and relax.

"Come here much?"
She chuckled as she thought how dumb it sounded, but it was simple enough to make someone's mouth open.



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Juni Anastos
She didn't think she would be interrupted so soon as her eyes opened and she found herself staring at a pleasing figure. Juni pulled herself out of the water enough for her to sit up comfortably and give her attention to the woman who spoke in her direction. It was a simple question and one Juni had no problem answering especially since the woman was bold enough to talk to her in the first place. I don't. This is actually my first time here. At this establishment and in a hot spring overall This last statement was very true. Her life up until recently didn't afford her a moment's peace, not one she could truly enjoy anyway.

How about you? You here a lot? Juni reached over and grabbed a bottle of rum that was close enough for her to pluck from the floor without needing the move from her spot. Taking a swig caused her face to redden slightly and her features softened from the hardened glare she was shooting in order to scare people away from her. The liquor was good quality and it didn't burn much going down, but this body she had wasn't that great when it came to hiding alcohol's effect. She could drink with the best of em but her face gave a different story.

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Kurisa leaned back as she closed her eyes. She felt relaxed as she waited for the girl to respond to her. She doesn't seem to come here at all as her first time was on this day. In response, the girl asked the same question of course. Her eyes half-opened as her icy purple eyes gazed into the girl's. She seemed to be getting a little buzzed off the alcohol she was drinking, it made Kuri chuckle lightly. "I've been rather stuck here for a while now. About two months if not longer?" She questioned the timing, but nonetheless she was telling the truth.

It's been a while since she spoke to another girl who could speak some sense. "Do you belong to any group or have any idea?" There were plenty and so far everyone she has met was in some guild already or at least had an idea of one. Kurisa didn't believe in chatting someone's ear off about the guild they were in, she rather hears about others. If the girl was interested then sure, but truth be told, Kurisa didn't have an interest in her own guild. She was just there to be there. That and the fact that it wasn't a good guild nor an evil guild so she was able to just do whatever.

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Juni Anastos
Her brow furrowed at hearing how long this woman had been in this place. Two months? She knows she heard that right but she just couldn't understand how anyone could be in one place for so long. Then again people are different and Juni knew that well enough so perhaps this woman had her reasons. Her face returned to its softened state as she took another swig of her rum, the flavor nothin bothering her anymore and it was a good buffer for the silence that followed until she was asked another question.

Juni used to be an open book once upon a time, now she wasn't too keen on giving up information about herself. So you could imagine the wheels turning in her head when she was asked if she belonged in a guild. On one hand, she didn't owe this woman an answer, she could lie or just straight up tell her she didn't want to share that information. On the other hand what really was the harm in telling her? Did she even know about her guild and even if she did it wasn't like they were a dark guild that needed to be hunted down. " I do belong to a guild. It's nothing special and I'm probably not even gonna be in it for too much longer. What about you? You apart of a guild and also I never caught your name, you kinda just came in here and started talking me up If they were gonna keep conversating she might as well start gathering some basic info of her own in case she ever ran into this woman again.

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She laid back and let the water wash over her body from her neck and below. Soon enough the woman who owned this place was going to bring her some stuff for her to smoke. It just felt like the time after all the crap she has done. The place was rather lively and Kuri wasn't the lively type, but Arisa was. She listened to the girl to respond to her question, but not without asking for her name. Did the girl lose some manners? She will forgive her though since maybe she wasn't taught manners. What an adorable child. Kuri scanned her like some subject to be tested, but she wasn't going to. Oh no... not with Arisa being apart of her since she was all goody.

"Me a guild? Mmph." She spoke in a rather calming breathy tone. She had a calm expression on her face as she had a woman kneel before her. "Your order, Madam." The Joyan woman spoke and gave her some good shit before Kuri turned back to her. "Yes, Daeva Eye. Weird name for sure, but it's filled with women only - pretty neutral. Can be good or bad. Doesn't matter as the only thing that matters to me is that I do what I want." She started, lit up the front-end of the long metallic pipe with bamboo, and puffed it. The area was given a rather earthly aroma smell to it with a hint of relaxation. It was a hard smell to describe. She made a smile after her first few puffs and gazed at the girl. "Kuri, yours?". It wasn't a lie, but the one she was speaking to was indeed Kuriana, not Arisa.

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Juni Anastos
Juni hardly heard of other guilds and that was because she hardly stuck around in one place to run into any members of one outside of her own. She could feel her head swimming in the liquor she had polished off and wondered what it was like being in an all-female guild. Did these women have a reason to not let men in? Or was it just a preference? She was curious but she didn't think on it too long. Grabbing a towel to wrap around herself as she pulled her body out of the water, Juni smiled at the busty woman in the water who was being served. Juni was more than tipsy and she felt it time for her to make her way back to her room.

Mmm you may call me Ylva. It was nice meeting you Kuri. I don't really ever get the time to chat with another person..And really that's my own fault. I hope we meet again, you seem nice. With a smile she picked up her spear and sauntered away humming some tune as the liquor kept takin over her. She really did hope to see the pretty lady again at some point before she left Hosenka but for now, all Juni wanted to do was sleep.


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Sighing softly she watched as the girl got up to leave, but not before giving off a name and some dialog. She wondered if there was something she said or had a different reason to leave. It was odd to leave in the middle of a conversation. Mostly when the girl acted so into it, but now all of a sudden she wanted to go. Her eyes squinted and then just took another puff of her stuff as she watched her leave. This won't be the end of seeing her of course. There was something going on, but she could not think of what.

Her eyes looked at the randoms who were gazing at her. "Go get me some fruit, children." She swayed her right hand towards them. They bickered as to who was going to get her the fruit and who was going to come over and give her a massage. It was truly needed. A girl came over and gave her an amazing massage while Kuri ranted on about how she felt about some people. She had a lot of work to do, so much to be done, but not enough time it seemed. Once it was done, the fruit came buy and she ate it till she left to her room.


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