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Simple Pleasures [Conquest]

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Yawning softly she left her room with her purple and black robe on. Her hair was up in a undo bun and a headband of pink. It was an interesting color combo, but it didn't matter since she was going to the spa today. It had been a while since she has been to one. She remembers going to her last one. Where was it? She already forgot as she grabbed a piece of toast that her butler had made her. She felt the need to get a butler for her Suite Hotel room since she didn't want Leika to starve.

She heard that she needed to get the rest of Hosenka under her guild's control. She took the one spot and Xandra took over the darkest place here so she felt like going for the biggest pleasure of all. The spa where you can sleep, drink, and take baths. It was quite naughty there. Kurisa left the building with bamboo sandals. She went up to the spa right away and looked up at the sign.

She shrugged and went inside to meet the owner. First, she had to go through the counterman who just gazed at her. Their eyes studied her outfit most likely. "Stop gawking. What do they need?" Spoke a woman who walked down the hall. She wore a kimono of pink and black. She had a Chinese fan covering the lower half of her face as her eyes lingered onto hers. She a foot shorter than herself as she wondered how old she was random.

"I know who you are." She spoke in a crackling womanly tone. Her eyes scanned up and down her body and then turned away from her. "Follow me." She swayed her fan in such a way. Kurisa followed her, maybe her knowing who she was. Her eyes gazed around as she continued to follow the woman, curious about the inside.


Simple Pleasures [Conquest] Sigme10

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She followed the woman to a room in which she opened to. The place was made of bamboo and some other materials that made it all stand. Did they destroy a bamboo forest for this place? Poor bears. Her soft fingertips felt the walls as they were rough around the round edges yet smooth. She wondered why she wanted this place as Kurisa wanted all places though. This place felt magical to her and she has been here for a few months already so why not. Two drinks were placed in front of her as the woman gazed at her icy purple eyes.

"I see eyes that can fear anything. So there's no point in fighting you. As long as you come here and check on me and the girls who work here I will be fine letting you own here." She spoke and stood up from her chair. She starts to explain her problems with merchandise getting to her business and who she might think the problem is. Kurisa explained that she already controlled another place and her guildmate controlled the most criminal place. It went rather smoothly since Kurisa only had to get a few contacts in from that area. They drank a little sake and spoke about how they could possibly make the business booming even more than it has. Apparently, there have been problems of peekers and she wanted Kurisa to use her fearful look towards them.

It was easy as she nodded and left. She had to wait till it was time so till then she relaxed in the spa waters and noted down somethings that she could add to the baths. Things such as; scents, salts or even creams to increase certain feelings. The time came when she had to hide and scare off the peepers. Her X rank fear made them run for it, never coming back or so she hopes. She went back and they both agreed that it was best for Kurisa's guild to maybe take control a little bit if not most.



Simple Pleasures [Conquest] Sigme10

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