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Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF]

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#51Kazimir Seiryu 

Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:58 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
One giant down, two giants down. A final giant down. The three carved their way through the monstrous new Kobolds with grit. Amen'ra flipped with fiery fury and cleaved them and Judi quickly bounced up to her feet to cut through her own enemy.

The shaman was left standing with a snarl. His hand clutching the staff. The Phoenix Feather guild members marched onward to the final foe. Kaz dashed with wind and Amen'ra with fire. The shaman held the staff close to its body, and red magic circle appeared around its feet. Before it could speak it was Judina that covered the distance with a glint of steel. The blade was smeared in red the next instant. Blood dripped from it and the shaman was split in two.

Kaz breathed a sigh of relief until the Shaman's body glowed red. It exploded in tiny balls of fire. Each one falling into the lava pools. Once they contacted the lava, geysers burst out and the rivers rose higher. Lava rushed in towards them.

"Up there!"
Kaz called out and pointed to a small plateau that was now revealed to them. The bodies of the Kobolds were taken by the flows of lava, but they were all defeated. Not one kobold remained. The only threat now was the lava itself.

Kaz dashed across the air up to the ledge. His feet kicked up long since settled dirt. Looking back he quickly scanned for his teammates and was ready to help either one that needed it. Something told him that Judi's mount could make quick work of such a jump.

There was a dark path with steam radiating from the walls. Kaz brushed the sweat from his brow. At the end of the hall was a large door made of iron. There was a singular large brass handle. Etched into the metal was something written in a foreign tongue.

The wind mage opened the door to a flash of light. Cool air blew across his face. "We're free." he opened the door for his team as the lava was beginning to touch the top of the ledge leading into the path.

Once they stepped out, Kaz joined them and shut the door behind.

Wc 350
Total 3500

Round 10- Exit-


Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:58 pm

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'Dice 100' : 60


Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:59 pm


Amen'ra was proud of the trio of wizards, each showing their own skill and versatility in battle. More than deserving of valor, with honor as gold as the suns rays. Despite the incredible odds again them they stood firm in the molten earth beneath them, true soldiers of light and order in the corrupt mortal coil.

Making fast work of the last kobolds, fiery wings would carry him in a final dash toward the enemy shaman, skewering him with his blade. Flaming steel eating away at his body before pulling it the opposite way of Kazimir for a full on bisecting effect. And now it was time to get the hell out of dodge, easy enough for the mages in question; Amen'ra swooping after Kazimir with a flaming contrail behind his wings.

Flying beside his friend and guild mate, Amen'ra pumped his wings as fast as they would take him until finally the door was opened. With incredible speed, the sun mage would go soaring through the escape route; straight up into the air. Creating a diagonal loop similar to a swooping bird, and land on the ground in an elegant kneel. Flaming feathers batting in his descent before fading away into floating embers.

Now that they were out, it was time to celebrate, with a nice round of drinks!


WC: 220
TC: 3,436/ 2000

she wants to
dance like uma thurman
bury me til i confess


Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:59 pm

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'Dice 100' : 30

#55Judina † 

Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Empty Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:52 pm

Judina †
Finally it was all over, so she heard anyway this
had been quite an experience. It did not take much to finish the job, If anything the hardest of the last few moments of this situation were taken care of long before she really had a plan. Nonetheless, one less worry.

They could leave now, They where done here, just what exactly would go on now? Judina would eventually join the group by getting on the back of Alistair, Eventually reaching them. She felt an need to kind of just leave and get a new coat. But as well take a shower to clean off the blood she had one her, as well start treating the burn she had since it was something she did not want to be much of a annoyance for her later on.

The colder air was a nice relief for everyone, Which was at least a positive for the entire time. At least the door was not a trap, Her mind was paranoid to that.

After all said and done Judina seemed to have not joined everyone else for whatever after mission gathering they where going to have. Judina as much as she liked the other members of her guild

Also had other things in her mind she really wished to do, So she would go do them. Alistair and Judina would just go home, Judina wanting some peace and quiet. An area around her were nothing seemed to be of a worry for her.

Judina had gone home and cleaned up as well had gone to sleep, Alistair not to far away as always. Normally watching over her at night, Alistair was sleeping as well. Not many people had seen or her much from her since then, But then again that use to be normal of her, questionable if it use to be but was now.




Floor of the Warrior Kobolds-Hard [PF] - Page 3 Alexss10

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