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Silver City II [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City II [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:26 pm

A week ago, things didn't exactly work the way it was supposed to be. Not that it was a bad thing nor did anyone get injured, but unexpected situations occurred and until now, has been making Masami doubtful of fate. Just a few hours ago, he had his bottom lip cut by the corner of a metallic safe, and until now hasn't exactly healed. "That's going to leave a bad mark." he sighed upon talking to himself through the mirror, finally shutting it closed so he'd get on today's work. Although he didn't have a lot of things to do today, considering that he is in Myras and not Marigold, continuous jobs would still circulate for being a part of a guild. Masami believes that it would work the same if he had been a mere traveler, but at least being in a guild would teach him how to become more independent.

"I should leave this here." he mentioned after looking at the hannya mask, making a last glance before leaving it back to Goat's Beard Inn. There's no way that he could bring that with him, strolling around town with such a mask glaring upon innocent lives. There's no need for him to bring more tradition than needed, not that he would even walk around with that mask in Joya (he'd surely get scolded). It made him feel bad for leaving the new companion in one place, however. It may bring discomfort to other people, but Masami genuinely loves how the mask appears. If he brought it along, won't the aristocrats (the people he'd supposedly guide for today) feel uncomfortable? He has yet to know what the equipment does, apart from being a mere accessory, but he'd at least make himself appear decent as if being a product to serve for many. That said, Masami prepared his normal attire for an outside walk with the aristocrats from the Silver District.

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"Two for two-hundred-fifty-thousand jewels?!" Masami quietly exclaimed, whimpering to the aristocrat whom was about to purchase such product. To Masami, this was more than expensive. This was deceit! Only stupid people would fall for such bargain—and the aristocrat offered his money after receiving the product. To Masami's surprise (and doubt), he'd come argue with the aristocrat for wasting his money on such deceitful bargain!

"Sir..." Masami, trying to be humble, lightly pulled the aristocrat's cloth in request for him to speak, "are you truly sure of your choice?" The aristocrat would most likely get what Masami meant, as they are called 'aristocrats' for a reason. The blond boy could utterly not allow this as it was unfair and spiteful, the Lower District had their cocky merchants, too. The aristocrat, once again, chuckled at Masami and even placed a hand on top of his head. "They needed the money, boy." and answered such. Masami raised a brow and kept silenced in response to this, watching the aristocrat continue walking right in front of him. True, Masami was meant to guard the aristocrat, but not tell them what to do. 'Well.' the performer had no thoughts – this aristocrat was correct, to the boy's perception. If the Lower District got used to merely donations, they'd become dependent to it. 'But then they'd repeat the same cheap trick.'[/color] he wanted this thought to become audible, but he knew that if he spoke, the aristocrat's answer would simply counter his opinion.

What the aristocrat bought was just jewelry, perhaps even fake orbs and gems. Masami could understand if these were for only props, however... the amount of jewels used to purchase the product could almost make him gag. He'd never met anyone abruptly spend their money on such items, especially if that person is willing to fall for deceit.

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To Masami's surprise, there weren't any thieves trying to smuggle the aristocrat in this street. Perhaps it's because they believe that other than Masami, there were surely district guards roaming around and keeping the aristocrat in check. Of course, they were rich... why didn't Masami think of that at first? Surely it was the reason why they were generously calm the first time Masami took on this request – there must even be spies circulating around the same street, or even right behind Masami... or maybe in front of them?

The thought made the performer unnervingly hyper aware, and it felt uncomfortable. To be able to hear anything and distinguish most of the sounds, while listening to their own thoughts and dividing their minds upon different things. "Not now." he told himself, shaking such awareness out of his system – even if that sort of awareness would help, if Masami were to be anxious apart from it, then it wouldn't help. Just like what his older sister taught him when they were playing a game of shogi: "It doesn't matter if you were winning at the start. If you lost in the end, then you lost."

'Ah, how painful.' Masami's sister was a strict but rational fellow... sometimes overly and annoyingly rational, but Masami would admit that he misses her. Although Masami will never completely understand how it feels to be abandoned by his own family, Masami understood how things like these could affect the present moment. Perhaps this aristocrat was taught to become like this ever since the start, but that thought certainly wasn't music to Masami's ears. This Joyan performer could get quite picky, indeed, and sometimes even overly thrifty or overly frugal. "Sir, please at least let me help you pick the products." he finally told him, sighing afterwards. He had a face of doubt and indecisiveness, even slight disappointment. The aristocrat would happily accept the offer, however, and Masami will not let you down.

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