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Underground Associates [Solo]

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Kurisa gazed at the stars as she was at the hotel she was staying at with Leika. The place was quite amazing as it had a hot tub on the roof. She wondered how Leika was doing at the moment since she has not seen her since she brought her here. The hotel was sure a nice change for her since even at the hotel she could sleep at the hotel's outside area. It had a hammock, greenery, and the hotel she brought up earlier. The stars and nice cool winds made it all worth it. The little firepit was a great place to have smores. Her eyes cornered as she saw Omen arriving right on time since they had a mission to do together. It was going to be probably almost the same as the last one, but different people.

It felt like a broken record when it came to the missions. It felt weird in a way that it was all Daja vu. "We should eat before we go." He told her as if Kurisa hasn't eaten all day today. Truthfully, it felt more like he wanted Kuri to eat as she was apart of her. Arisa felt like a third wheel here. Was that how Kuri felt when she was with Noel or even Odin even if it lasted a short time? It did not really matter at this time since she was in control here, not Kuri nor Ana. "Agreed. Let me get ready." She told him as she stood up. She needed to shower, get dressed and then write a letter with symbols and things that Lei could agree to. This was not a date, oh no as she had her eyes on someone with her curious eyes already. Will she ever get to see him again? Probably not...


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She left Omen's sight as she went inside. He followed her like a puppy, one that was cute and silent. Slowly, she turned her head enough to look at him. "You can sit on the couch or something. It will be a little bit." She told him tiredly. Kurisa turned to go to her bedroom. She and Leika did not share one since she felt like Lei should learn to sleep in a room on her own if she ever decided to sleep inside a closed space. It was not near like a cage since the room was large enough to have a party.

Cornering her eyes behind her, she closed the door instantly but slowly so it was not slammed at all. Once it was closed she dropped it all, her nightgown slowly slid off of curvy body whilst letting the small spaghetti straps slide off first by having her arms straight down. Her eyes coldly gazed at the bathroom as she wondered what it was like to be held again. The lust was devouring her and the simple hug she received by Lei did not help at all. A man's embrace, their warmth was something she desired and so was their love and loyalty to her. Most men though did not want such a thing. They wanted all the women to themselves, selfish pigs they were.

Was he like that? Her eyes cornered at the floor as she then looked up so she knew where she was going. The shower was calling her name. With her body ready for the cleansing of the steamy water she walked in. The floor was shiny cobblestone with marble walls. White walls were a rather Greek-style while the ground reminded her of being outside under a waterfall. Her mind went to so many places.


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Turning on the water she let the water trickle down her curvaceous body. She never felt so clean till now as the waters from Marigold felt rather rough. It made her hair more trickly to make feel smooth as her body was not cleaned rightfully. This water felt rather rich and pure whilst it made her body feel smooth and beautiful. Slowly, she grabbed the soap that was pink with blue swirls. It smelled like berries as she grazed it against her skin. The suds were popping as she scrubbed her body quickly and carefully. She could smell the scent of flowers. It was like waking up to a berry bush creating flowery berries with the scent of both worlds.

It sounded weird, but it did not matter. The smell of it was divine. She only wished she could smell the scent of beauty with someone else. Her hand rubbed slowly against the marble wall as her chest touched it slightly. She misses the touch of a man embracing her body, sharing hot warmth in the same cage or so-called shower. She felt so cold, so alone as she closes her eyes. This felt so tiring. She was so tired of falling in love. Why could she just not fall for people? She desired it a lot...

So much


She heard a few knocks on the door. "I'm almost done," she spoke loud enough for them to hear. Rather or not that was Lei was unknown, but she did know that they needed to wait. Her hair still needed to be washed. Her head tilted up as she grabbed her shampoo. "Grow, like a river let it flow, three times fast shall you grow. Let it be, let it be." She spoke while her other hand grasped onto her own hair. It was intoxicating. The love she wanted. Tears could be seen if the shower was not hiding it. The smell of coconut, the rest gave it a total supreme Tropical smell. It was as if she was on an island covered in coconut and flowers within a nice cozy jacuzzi.


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Her head motioned left and right as a dog does when they shake the water from their fur. Kurisa turned off the water and stood there as the last bit of droplets fell onto the cobblestone floor. Lilac ocean eyes opened as they mirrored the door that she locked. Her heart could not trust it at all, trust anyone as she was almost afraid to. Her soft hands grabbed the door and opened it to next grab the white fluffy towel. She coughed while drying her body and next to her hair. It was almost as she felt sick, but from what?  

Her beautiful skin had shimmers on her shoulder, stomach and a little on her face as the light lit up her skin naturally. It was a cream color as she wasn't outside often nor was she suntanning as many people feel like doing. Maybe that was her problem. Kurisa did not really look out in random places enough as she kept a close group together. Even then people disappeared from her life. Was that all she was going to go through? Embracing people for them to just end up leaving anyway? Slowly, she put down the towel and cornered her eyes to stare at the clothes she decided to wear.

She saw that she picked her clothes ahead of time without realizing it. When did she pick out her outfit for today? She approached them as she picked up the blouse first. It was white, light like some soft thin fabric. A ruffle-front white blouse that was to be tucked into whatever she wore for bottoms. She decided to wear bell-bottom dress pants that were black as the night. Around her waist, she wore a loose black cloth that was attached to said pants. Slowly, she decided to put them on as she lastly looked in the mirror to get the rest done and ready.


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Her eyes gazed at the mirror as they reflected each other's image. She really gazed into her own eyes as they were showing mini images of things that were not there. Sometimes they were scary and sometimes they were things she could not simply have. Kurisa was not sure if it was just things that could be or things that were in the alternative universe. Her head started to hurt, hand reaching on the left side of her upper skull area. Her eyes winced in pain while leaning forward against the countersink. Her right hand kept her balanced as she felt like she could even possibly fall.

Her tear started to fall from her right eye as she then slowly stood up. She felt like she had no energy to keep ongoing. She had to though as she wanted to help people and this mission was close enough to it. Slowly, Kurisa grabbed her brush made out of bamboo and thistles made out of nature. Today she just felt like not using any animal products today. Small scratches suddenly were heard from her door. "Let me in," Momo spoke as she then got herself in. She looked at her worryingly as she could feel it. Kurisa was becoming ill.

"I will be fine." She told Momo who then snuggled against her shoulder after climbing up. They should go to eat as that could possibly make her feel better. They both left the bathroom door open as droplets lastly fell from the showerhead. Her eyes met Omen's who was now looking at her. She simply nodded to him which hopefully he knew it was obviously time to go. They both silently walked into the elevator. The music in there was piano as it was beautiful and peaceful. Not many can say that they play magically when it came to piano or violin. It was not always peaceful as some played lively, but she found that rather annoying.


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Her eyes watched the elevator doors as they both waited to leave. The place was silent as the modern design, the prices were too much for a lot of people. She went to the waiter at the desk and stood there silently. Their eyes met causing him to become nervous. He was at first nervous to ask what she needed, but he came up with courage and questioned her intentions. She simply just told him that she was going to be back and to not let anyone go into her suite beside the wolf girl she was taking care of. He knew exactly who she was talking about.

Leika was coming together when it came to taking care of herself. She did not want to release her to the horrid world that corrupted herself. Not till she was ready that is. She wanted to teach her about people, love, and all the feelings that could harm her or make her feel better even. Kurisa will also most likely warn her about some people and encourage her towards some others. Softly, she sighed as she turned away from the desk man. He made sure to write things down as he knew that if she messed up, things were going to go down sadly.

She followed Omen as he had food planned for them both and perhaps a conversation. They went to a simple cafe that was obviously for those who enjoyed the simple things in life, but she wanted to avoid the tea place she re-met Noel. She felt like in her heart that he moved on by the looks of it. The fact that he was gone, he was in prison for all those years, but did not even bother writing her something made her feel this way, sadly.


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They walked together as if they were a couple. People gazed at them like they were married with their giggles and pointing. It bothered her a little bit and somewhat Omen could tell. He did not touch her, he did not, he perhaps felt like it was not Kuri he was touching, but instead, it was Arisa. It was a little cute. They went towards a different place that was not a cafe, but instead, it was a simple place to pick up something to eat. It was always like that when it came to missions. Softly sighing, she approached the opening door that had the menu inside the building. It was a small building.

She wondered what she should get since she did not want to eat too much. "I will have a pineapple-Mango smoothie and a chicken sandwich on the side," she ordered. She was going to be a little simple. Her eyes cornered to look at Omen and waited, wondering what he was going to order. She did not hear him order anything as he turned around to look at her. "Is that all you need?" he wondered as they were to then leave. She sucked on the straw as she tasted the fruit mixed all up from the blender. There were not many things that were added to it as she did not want it to be too unhealthy. She felt rather off as maybe it was because he was gazing at her. She felt nothing like she should, or maybe she should not and it should be Kuri who does. Did they not share a heart though? How did this all work in the first place? Her eyes lowered to look at her sandwich and wondered how badly the chicken was beaten to kill.


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Kurisa ate her food and even started to finish her drink as they walked towards the path that they needed to go. Apparently, it had to do with some clothes market. People were messing around with the owner between bullying them and telling them what to do with threats. She wasn't going to let them threaten her people at all since her guild was starting to become in control of this area. She wondered if Omen was thinking of probably heading out after this since he liked to randomly leave out of nowhere. There were cases of it like all men. They enjoyed leaving out of nowhere.

They got to the store with the owner waiting by the door. They were happy to see her and him as they were about the break mentally. She assured them that it was going to be okay as she was happy to destroy those that we're giving them and her people trouble. The owner pointed the way and then told them the rest of the instructions. It was pretty obvious as she patted them on the head and left. There were times that she hated doing this, but sometimes she enjoyed it. She was random as her heart is in different paths.

Kurisa took Omen towards the large building the big man was in. She looked at him with her icy lilac eyes and then back at the building. "This will be simple." She instructed him. She walked inside as she was going to get up towards the rooftop to drown them all out of there. Her wings formed, her eyes glowed a brilliant light as she thrust upward into the air. She went on the roof where the door was unlocked. Her palm, finger point, and all formed as she created a large tsunami into the building. It destroyed everything and one. That or they left the building so Omen could be there waiting. Once that was over, Kuri waited for them after flying down to fear them into submission.





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