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That day will never escape her mind as she felt like she will never get to act like herself in front of people again. She was both sweet, but also chaotic and she felt angry. She hated the nobles who were corrupted. There were rare good people out there that were nobles, but they get mixed up and they get their end. The examples of corrupted were the nobles from the war and the ones she met at Marigold. Caius, she wondered if he was corrupted as well like the others and what his guild was. SS for short as she couldn't remember the full name. She has never heard of it till now. Would someone from her guild know?

'You don't know anyone even from your own guild besides the leader.' Ana spoke as she flipped her white hair. It was true enough that she didn't know anyone. Maybe she should meet someone finally if she could find anyone that is. She sighed sadly as she wanted to see him again. Even if they don't turn out more than just acquaintances it was okay with her as her luck was pretty shitty anyway. The man didn't seem the type to settle as the way he talked to the noble, he too was a corrupted man who wanted a lot of money and women.

As she was thinking it, she heard footsteps walk towards her, making her turn to see him. Omen as he stood tall with his silver hair and golden beautiful eyes. "So you were here." He coldly spoke to her. If she was just some other person, someone could think he was unhappy or rude, perhaps mean, but that was just how he spoke. Slowly, Kuri appeared as her shadow figure stood in front of him. He couldn't see her and it was sad.



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It was the first time Kuri herself could see him as she rested her hand against his chest. "Omen?" She frowned and spoke as if she was about to cry. Her hand went through as she pushed more forward. Her eyes closed in pain as Omen continued to gaze at Arisa. She didn't know what was hurting more, that she couldn't touch him or that he was gazing at Arisa. While knowing that he couldn't see her, it was still hurting. Was there a chance that he knew that Kuri was within Arisa? He was there when Kuri and Ana were together, sharing a body and all.

"So where have you been? Been about a month." Arisa questioned innocently as she tried to not get sad over Kuri's feelings. It was getting hard since they were really close. Omen looked passed Arisa as if he was gazing at someone else. "I had other things to attend to." He closed his eyes even more than usual. She did not want to poke fun at him any longer than she had to so she felt like maybe they should just go ahead and leave towards town. She was just in some flower garden that made her feel at home.

She listened to Omen more as he was then talking about how his travels went. He supposedly went to find some historic books that meant so much to him. It talked about the Exis, things that should just be left in the past. Sadly, it did not seem like he wanted to leave it there though. He talked about then a woman he met that meant the world to him. He did not get to do much for her other than give her some love, even though she deserved much more according to him. Her eyes cornered to look at Kuri.



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Kuri felt like she knew who he was talking about. It was as if it was directed towards her like she knew she was there listening. It was because she was listening that he was talking about her and not some other woman. It was driving her angry as she lowered her gaze, clenching her fist. It was pissing her off that she could not say anything to Omen. Slowly, Omen shrugged and gazed in the water. "I wish I could've given her more, but I feel like she is still here. Her spirit is around you." His golden eyes gazed towards Arisa. Arisa was sort of shocked that he assumed correctly.

Was he finally told her his actual plan, his intentions all from the beginning as to why he was in all of her missions in the past? "I hope to have her split away from you to join me. You hear me?" He started to sound determined as much as one with a cold voice could. His head turned to have his eyes look right at Kuri. Her heart felt a struck of electricity and face painted with red. She suddenly felt hot as she looked at him. That beautiful man was here for her, Omen came to find her all this time?

She nodded, "Someday my love, we will be together..." she whispered as she knew he could not hear her. Somehow he knew she was there though, but how? Was it by the power of Exis that he was apart of once upon a time ago? It was a mystery as Kuri just crouched down and arms were embracing her own body. She felt like being alone, but then she felt some warmth. "We'll get strong enough for the both of us to be free. Do not worry." Arisa said with a faded smile towards her.



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Kuri smiled as she stood up. They had things to do and missions to complete as well. "You're right." She chuckled and swept the dust off of herself. She walked towards Arisa as she looked up at her husband. She thought he forgot about her and moved on till death. It was now that she realized they were soul mates till the end of time. Kuri raised her hand towards Omen and to her surprise, he raised his own towards her as if their hands would then touch. It was the time that Kuri continued on this mission then and perhaps move on after helping Arisa.

There was now silence between the people. Only the sound of the water stream of the miniature pond and the bamboo whacking against a rock making music. "We should go then." Arisa instructed as they both left the small park. The blossom trees had flowers flying around as they felt grown enough to leave the parent tree. Someday each flower will grow up into their own parent tree, but she knew that not all of them will make it. Maybe that was how love was. Not everyone will find it. Was that her own future?

There was something that was bothering her and maybe it was the fact that she hasn't seen Ana's past lover. Was Omen that special that he was able to come and find her spirit? She wanted to understand the mystery of her past. There was something wrong with him just doing that to her or maybe that was how ruthless men were. Odin literally slapped her and walked off, acting as if she was already dead. Noel went to prison, didn't bother sending a letter, and then once he was free he retreated away from her as if they weren't even a thing in general.



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They silently walked the path of cement that lead to the path of the mission. She knew that this had to be done and truthfully, Arisa didn't know the details. Kurisa together with Omen went towards the location that they had to go. The weather was beautiful, but in the location itself was darkened by the buildings that were squished together, only being separated by the path of cobblestone. Within every few feet were there lamps to lighten the path that was filled with darkness and silence. People did not have their window open as they were shut by shutters of wooden plants.

People seemed to be afraid to even look outside, but why? Was it that dangerous to where they did not want to see? The business she was going to had some trouble of their own and maybe the same people who were giving them trouble were also giving the rest of the people trouble. It was unknown to her since even though Kuri was Sinese, she did not come around here that often. She hopped that Lei was going to be fine without her for a day or two as this place wasn't the safest. Was it?

She had Lei stay at a place with the old ladies that helped with her clothing as they were the safest bet. The girl was somewhat naive due to being caged away from the rest of the world. "Hopefully, they kept her clothed and safe." She talked to herself as Omen cocked his eyebrow. "Nothing." Her eyes noticed his expression and responded. They walked towards the building that was finally in front of them. It was all closed up like all the other houses. "You first?" She questioned. He shook his head no as she then approached the door herself.


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Knocking she finally seemed to have gotten an answer. The little cubby in the door opened as eyes appeared. They squinted at her and Omen. "What are you here for?" They wondered in their accent. "If you here for trouble then leave this instance." He was about to close the door, but Kurisa spoke. "Here to help with the lords that are giving you trouble obviously. Do you think we would waste our time to come all the way down here to mess with you?" She questioned and glared. "We have better things to do man." Sighing in relief he closed the cubby and started to unlock the door.

She could hear about five to seven locks be unlocked as each one was different. She heard chains, slides and even keys being turned. There was so much to do just to keep one safe. Slowly, the door opened as he hurried them in. "Come come now." He then hurried to close the door and looked at them. Her lilac eyes gazed around to see that this man was a jewelry merchant who liked to make things out of gems and metals. She could see some things made out of special wood and other nature elements as well. She was not sure as to what he wanted from her since he had all those locks.

"You see, they come to my store. They wreck everything and then they take if I do not pay a ransom for protection. They want it all for themselves. I'm not the only one though. No no." He began and went to get some paper. "This is the location of those hoodlums. Their boss name is Ross as he does nothing for himself. He fat. He needs to go." He spoke in his accent as he then handed them the paper with the extra info. "You get rid of them and I reward you good time." He nods.



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Kurisa nodded at him. "Okay okay, man. I get it" She chuckled. He looked at her like he did not know why she was laughing. Just the way he said 'Give you a good time' was making her laugh. To some it could sound wrong, some normal and some just weird. She did not care in the end as she took the paper and looked at it. "Alright, we will start leaving now." She waved bye to him and walked out the door with Omen who was silently following. It did not matter to him either as maybe he just enjoyed following her.

Her as in Kuri as they were together in a sense again. Their soul was together, aura and all as now all that was needed was for their physical beings to be together, someday. They both looked at the paper who had infomation on the guy.

S rank
134 Strength
12 Speed
23 Endurance
100 Con
1 Intelligence

Well, she could tell that he was dumb as hell. She knew she was good now that she knew that all of his stuff was all in his strength. All she had to do was stay away from him which was easy for her. All her stuff was range as she did not bother with things that were upfront. Her eyes cornered at Omen who was the opposite. Kuri was in her shoes at a time where she was range and omen was both, but he didn't mind being in someone's face. She smiled as she hoped to find someone who will love her as much as Omen loves Kuri. They walked towards the building and wondered now as to what to expect. Her mind felt a little cloudy though as she was continuously thinking about all that has happened.



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Kurisa looked forward as she and Omen walked towards the building with all the baddies. Were they really that tough though since the boss as only physically strong? He wasn't tough at all it seemed. The two walked beside each other as they then saw the tall building. It looked like a large house with a tiny house as they get smaller the higher they went. It didn't bother her, but it was an interesting design. "So I guess we should go in?" She shrugged and assumed. She walked towards the bridge to see two men just standing there. They did not look so tough though.

"Just get out of the way already." She threatened. Her eyes glowed and they ran off. She walked in with her hands in her pant pockets. Her lilac eyes shined like moons while gazing at the people that worked here. Some of these poor sods only work here for the money. She understood the hardship of surviving since money was everything to everyone. It controlled people, as much as the media did. Silently, she went upstairs and yawned softly while she wondered where the fat guy was. She at least assumed he was since the owner of the shop said he was.

'The business better be booming after I get rid of this guy.' Ana thought coldly. 'It is not like you do all the work anyway.' Kuri argued back to her. Arisa just continued on as she then turned right as Omen went left. The hall had so many rooms, it reminded her of that Castle she roamed with Caius. Do all rich people always have to have all these rooms and halls? It made things confusing and truthfully, it made her tired. Rather or not they were going to find him was questionable, but she had to anyways.

So far she hasn't found many more of the guards. Was he that cocky? She yawned once more, covering her mouth like a lady. Her eyes were sheepy as they were getting tired of this crap. She lifted up her hand and fisted the air, summoning a wave to wash out anyone within it within the halls. She heard some screams and yells. Shrugging it off she turned away after beating up the main guy and went to the business owner to get her reward.




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