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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel]

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#1Leah Black 

Magnolia to Marigold [Travel] Empty Thu May 07, 2020 12:34 am

Leah Black
Magnolia was a wonderful city for Leah. After spending just a couple of days there, she could describe it as somewhere that made you feel like home. It did not matter from how far you came, you will be surrounded by a friendly environment when having nowhere to go. A city that is always lively and ready for the festivities coming.

Leah would have loved to stay a longer while, however, she made sure to seize her time accordingly to her objectives. The silver-headed girl explored all of the main spots of Magnolia before deciding where to head next. She really enjoyed going to the baths, strolling through Kardia Cathedral, and lay around South Gate Park. Olly's Cake Shop became one of her favorite places on the planet since her arrival in the city. She even went to pick some pastries for the road before heading to Marigold. Nothing like a delicious dessert could make her morning better.

A warm breeze rushed through her face when she reached the entrance of Magnolia's station. The job rewards she had taken some days ago made her able to pay for a train ticket to her new destination. Apart from the girl's normal serious and curious expression, a sense of tranquility was placed on her heart. Leah loved the time she had to spend here and was determined to come back again later.

The train took off with a resounding whistle while the Stellan rewinded on her mind everything she experienced up until now. Could she guess what came for her in the future? A smile was drowned in her face when her gramps came to her mind. "Damn old man, you should still be here", the young lady said to herself at the same time she rested her head on the window of her designated cabin. She felt asleep until she arrived in another unknown city. She stood up and carried her things down the train, Leah was starting to love the thrill of arriving to a new place.

She hummed a cheerful melody when she officially arrived, "Surprise me, Marigold".

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