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Wolf in Wolf's Clothing [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Wolf in Wolf's Clothing [Quest] Empty on Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:09 am

Jan Ren
He'd noticed that before too; Farmer Jim's livestock count was slowly declining, and not because the old man had decided to butcher a bunch for a feast. From what the farmer has testified, this was the work of a stray white wolf, who would occasionally come and feed upon the sheep. And it was unfortunately up to Jan to take care of it.

By now, the Sinese had already come to accept his status as the head assistant (of sorts) to the farmer's job. Which means... This was part of the deal too.

Keeping an eye out throughout the day, being provided food and water by old Jim - just to keep working if he could, he waited outside until at dusk, the wolf slowly showed itself, coming out of the woods. The same woods the two deer from before came out of. Couldn't it stay content with hunting deer?

The white wolf was a magnificent creature to behold, really. Red eyes and white fur, as bright and shining like the moon. Almost reminding the Sinese of his own precious fashion statement of a top. Though he'd easily come to admire most things that he shouldn't have, it seems.

The wolf was rather smart. An experienced hunter, indeed. As the human prepared himself, breathing in to draw magic power through his body, the canine leapt forward. Dashing, to strike at the human or scare it away, as it would reach for the sheep right after. At its sounds, the livestock began to scatter, giving the predator more targets to follow. But first, "Liquid Leecher!" the wolf had to deal with the primary obstacle.

Jan was aware that the wolf probably relied on its agility to chase its prey. Having come alone, the wolf must have had its way to catch something; while wolves normally tended to hunt in packs, this one was alone. It had to have more stamina than a regular wolf, and if his hypothesis was wrong, there was still the fact he literally saw the beast coming. It was quick on its feet, if anything. Though with the lumps of water weighing at it down, how much it would go would be questionable. "Unfortunately, you're going to have to stay down." Jan said, preparing yet another spell as the magic circle appeared in-front of his hand. "Water Slicer!!"

With the vicinity in which he was, Jan figured it'd be an easy target, especially with the wolf's trajectory suddenly being interrupted. But he was wrong. The moment the Sinese swung his arm to slice at the wolf, it moved out of the way and with a snarl, leapt forward at Jan. "!!" Catching him off-guard, clawing at him. Not the best of experiences, honestly.

The Magic Circle continued to spin slowly around Jan's hand, though the human staggered as the wolf jumped away, then leaping again to bite at Jan's leg. To which... "Yah!!" ...He pulled an improved kick, booting at the wolf's upper jaw; sending it back some, before shooting out a bulet from his finger. "Shot Drop: Qang!!" With the unexpected kick and the bullet, the wolf took serious damage. Stomach pierced and bleeding, the wolf struggled to stand up and turned tail to run.

This wasn't over though. If Jan allowed this wolf to escape, it would just come back later and hunt the livestock again. "Wait!!"

Even with the Leecher weighing the wolf down, it was still a little faster than the Sinese was prepared for. As he chased shortly, the beast suddenly turned around; surprising Jan once more as it bit straight at his arm. "Argh!!" It stung, badly. Blood gushed from his forearm and drenched his sleeve red, as the Water Mage barely managed to hold a tear back.

Just in time however; as from this up-close, it was an easy win. "Shot!!" Another drop shot pierced through the wolf's body as with a whimper, it let go; losing all its strength and falling to the floor. Victory goes to Jan Ren.

Panting some as he fell on his behind, clutching at his arm with his free hand now that the menace was down. "Ow...!!" He'd have to get this checked. Hopefully it wouldn't hinder him too much in advance...

For now, carrying the canine's body to the farmer would finally end this request. And then, medical care. Fast.

WC: 745/500

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