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The Easter Bunny [Aegis]

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The Easter Bunny [Aegis] Empty on Sun Apr 12, 2020 5:43 pm


-Do not fret the Night-

"Together, we will arise with the morning light."

Aegis came across it while walking and patrolling outside of the guildhall, and doing his rounds outside Marigold. He wasnt sure of its origin, but a weird misshapen humanoid rabbit appeared before him. Both he and the creature had a very cautious approach, but his seemed more so. The creature reached behind itself, almost to grab into a bag that wasn't there. Without saying a word, it motions to Aegis, like it wanted him to take something. After a few seconds of pondering and waiting, Aegis slowly finished walking the distance towards the creature. Upon getting close, it took its hand out from behind its back and offered him a large coloured egg. It didn't seem like any creature's egg that he had seen before, and it had very strange colouring and patterns covering the majority of the egg. After examining it thoroughly, he looked back up but to his surprise the creature had already vanished. The egg seems normal enough other than its size and coloration, there didn't seem to be any malign Magic coming off vets, that wasn't moving at all so it didn't seem ready to hatch. He wrapped it up carefully in part of the cloak he had on, and placing it gently in his pocket. He would definitely look into it more once he finished his rounds and headed back home. Although his interest had grown, just on this creature that seem to be in is zone of protection and the guilds, but also for the fact that he had not heard of such a creature being around this area. Let alone one such that gave out gifts of creatures eggs. Definitely something he was going to report back once he got to the guild, and research would need to be done on the eggs origin and what it contained within.

PG Quest -15%

WC - 306

The Easter Bunny [Aegis] DKk2Mwd

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