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Nature Gone Wild [Quest][Solo]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Nature Gone Wild [Quest][Solo] Empty on Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:38 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe stood before the entrance to the farmlands, seeing before him a forest where there should not be. Was it due to simple neglect, or perhaps something more sinister? The answer could be easily answered once Tomoe saw the vines and sprouts twist and wriggle: there was definitely something sinister occurring. The Joyan could vaguely remember a word or five from Farmer Jim about overgrowing vines taking over the farmland and about how dangerous it'd be if it got to the city.

Blah blah blah, thought Tomoe as he forcibly shoved the man's words from his mind - such things were obvious in the end, and why would he trust the words of somebody who knew nothing of magic?

No, Tomoe would need to find his own answers. His mind fell to thoughts of the blade on his back. Kusanagi, the grass-cutting sword. The compatibility for this quest was not lost on him, as he let out a chuckle realizing that there was no one more suited for the task than him. Aside from maybe a fire mage, of course, but the Joyan would not sweat the minor details. Rather, he would begin his journey into the vines that already attempted to grab at him.

With accurate slices and no unnecessary movement, Tomoe began to make his way through the dense vegetation. He thought of the fact that he could destroy this entire area if he felt the need by using Kusanagi's magic, but he didn't want to risk any damage to property. As Penumbral Guard's "guild master", he was held to a higher standard - a standard that could be brought down easily if his reputation were damaged by harming innocents. It was annoying, but he would need to hold back in this mission. He wouldn't hear the end of it from Aegis either, who Tomoe was certain had grown more demanding and imposing since his... change. Nevertheless, it wasn't the worst kind of change. Just the kind that would leave many with obvious questions that Tomoe was not particularly one to ask; small details, and all that.

He thought these things as he hacked and slashed away with no emotion on his face, as if he were a home owner cutting Summer grass.

That was, of course, until he felt his body stop. Looking down, he saw his feet tightly bounded by incredibly strong vines. His eyes sharpened as he gazed at the green noodle-like appendages below him.

WC: 408/850 [15% reduction]

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

Nature Gone Wild [Quest][Solo] Empty on Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:31 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe tugged on the vines around him, but with every rotten piece torn away, more sprouted to bind him. Being the kind of person who had experienced far more threatening things than this, and in part wondering why he even took this job at all, a slash of his blade left a gold streak across the vines. Another weaving strike for his other foot, and the Joyan had freed himself just enough to jump away before more could burst from the soil to grab him. Despite being a grass-cutting blade, Tomoe found himself annoyed at having to use it for such a menial task. Labor was never something he particularly enjoyed or was enthused by, and thus he could barely take this situation seriously. The vines were the equivalent of street cats nuzzling themselves against a passerby's leg, and Tomoe treated them as such; perhaps with more cutting than he would do with cats, though, as cats were sacred creatures that were not to be harmed.

"People should look after their own goddamn yards, I swear.", Tomoe muttered as he landed once more on fresh soil, taking care to avoid the slowly spreading vines with his sword now remaining unsheathed.

The ronin would cut a path through the darkness - quite literally at times, with the growths being so vast that they would eclipse the sun from view. Such things would not deter the Joyan though, who still saw this as a leisurely jog or a morning exercise routine. To a lesser warrior this would be the sort of thing that defines their life, but to Tomoe it was Tuesday. Greater things than mere vines have tried and failed to kill him in the past and failed, so why would this situation be any different? It wasn't as if this played any role in wanting to help the farmers, either. It was purely for the reward, in the end, wasn't it? There was no way that he saw this as a threat regardless of how he felt about those weaker than him. It was for the money and nothing else. Those were the thoughts that the samurai repeated to himself as he slashed vine from root like so much finely chopped garlic on a cutting board.

The thought of garlic made the crimson cutter hungry, and began to hear his stomach rumble. After this was taken care of he would require a lunch break; he'd have earned it, after all.

It was at that point as he cut away at everything within sight while moving forward that he finally found something different. In what appeared to be the center of this fatal forest was a shining blue orb embedded in the ground. The fact that the orb was clearly magical in nature, combined with the visual evidence of vines wrapping around to protect it, brought Tomoe to the conclusion that it was the source.

"Trying to defend yourself? That's adorable."

Tomoe would lunge forth, and in a single motion, pierce through the veil of vines and straight through to the other side of the orb with his sword. Vines that were ready to drown the Joyan in layers of soil fell limp, and soon the entire area's vines began to wilt and crumple to the floor, lifeless.

The farmlands were beautiful in the morning and without magical interference. Anyone could admit that, even halfheartedly. Tomoe cracked a smirk as he sheathed his blade, content with the knowledge that this would be an end to whatever odd problem had surfaced here.

"I need lunch.", Tomoe spoke aloud as his stomach grumbled in agreement.

With that he was off to report to Farmer Jim, and afterwards to browse Marigold's shops for a new food to try.

WC: 850/850 [15% reduction]

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