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Woodsea To Magnolia [Foot]

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Revana and Arisa were ready to leave Woodsea as there was really no point to stick around anymore. The stranger wasn't there anymore and the people didn't exist. Her children are probably worried about her since they left them at the hotel a little bit out of the woods. She walked towards the hotel and towards the old granny. She has been here since she has known Dahlia existing which has been quite a while. They both knew the old hag from their own times. "Here for my twins now." She spoke and looked at her like any woman would look at their grandmother.

"Mmm? Huuuh?" She put her hand to her own ears. Her hands were shaky and her voice crackled like an ancient woman. "I can't hear you, deary.". The lady sure knew how to play with her patience. "I NEED MY KIDS, YOU OLD HAG!" Revana yelled and snarled. "Oh, why didn't you say so." She said with an innocent smile. Slowly, using her cane she got up and ran the old bell with a werewolf head on it. Her arms crossed and wondered if she will ever see her quest partner again. He seemed pretty chill to be around as she didn't feel too nervous around him. As she was about to think too deep into the subject she heard piddles of footsteps that were coming from children running down the stairs.

"Ma'ma!" Screamed in sync as they jump hugged her. ''Yes, yes.~ How was your time here?" She wondered as Revana gathered their stuff up together and put everything in their bags. "It was great. Granny made sissy learn how to plant flowers and I learned how to make a fire. We also learned how to cook certain things like fresh BBQ chicken." Spoke her beautiful dark-haired daughter. The light-haired daughter brightened up as she smiled happily. ''Are we adventuring out again?".

''We are.~ We're tripping to Dahlia." She told them both. "I remember there... when I was a little girl." She smacked her old lips as if trying to get moisture to talk more. ''Yes, yes grandma. I know. You use to live there." She said and scooted her girls out. They left in a hurry and went out of the woods. They were going to pass all the places once again. She wondered if her children even enjoyed all this. "Do you two enjoy adventuring with mother?". The two good girls smiled towards her mother and nodded while twirling afterward. ''We love to go adventuring with mother.~" They spoke in sync and skipped off slow enough so Revana herself didn't have to run.

There was no way she was going to run. The body may be young, but her soul did not feel like going off. A sudden surge went throughout her body as she fell forward. ''Ugh..." Her hand placed itself against her chest. Her eyes winced as she felt pain. ''What is this all of the sudden?"


"I'm not sure. I didn't feel it till after I felt it was time to 'go'. I doubt that's the case since it's way too soon." Arisa reassured Kuriana. She stood back upright in time as she walked the rest of the way with her children. The howls within the night was a sign that Magnolia was close. Her eyes glared towards the way and looked for any hotels or even motels. ''There has got to be somewhere for us here." She spoke as she then suddenly felt a sudden urge to pass out, but before she did, they made tent close to Magnolia and slept.


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