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The Trade [Reputation Quest]

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Her eyes gazed at the sky as she wondered what she was supposed to do today. The times were dire as people are needed more than ever. The sky was darkened in this area as if the abyss was falling, the trees were old, withering away all while there were not many people creeping around. Her red scarlet hair flowed in the back as her golden-brown eyes wandered about wondering where the person she was supposed to meet was located. Her partner for the day was unknown as she didn't get to hear anything about this predicament. The introduction was not in place as of yet. She was not sure if it was someone she has yet to know or already know.

The place was quiet like there was some big virus out and no one wanted it. The people were afraid to come out or maybe it was just the fact that there was going to be some serious business happening. She was unsure about what time it was. The sun was blocked so the time couldn't have been told that way. Her eyes wandered to see the nearest business was a bar. The wooden window covers were half broken off as if the wind could smack it off. The glass was cracked, but still intact. The building itself was big enough for twenty people at most as it seemed like a small business.

'Perhaps our partner is in there.'

A raspy voice spoke that only her ears heard. Revana didn't seem very amused at her doing a mission with anyone. Slowly, she walked towards the door with her palm outward to press against it. The door had no knob as it was one of those pushing ones for either side. The only thing she had to be careful of was the small chance to get a splinter. Of course, she didn't want to chance that, who would want a splinter. Her red firey hair flowed back as she walked in. The people in there seemed sketchy as some were huddled up and whispering. They wore robes of black with some unknown symbol. Another table had some men and females in leather coats with tore up pants. Their hairstyles were wild as it was easily told that they never heard of a brush nor comb. It was quite alright as she didn't even need to know any of them.


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Revana wore a scarlet dress with a thin sash of silky black. Her hair was left alone as it flowed long and beautifully. Her shoes were high heel boots with her feet embraced by long white thigh-socks. Her plump lips were lavished in lipstick that reminded people of freshly spilled blood. She didn't bother with any other makeup as she felt it was unnecessary. The one thing she did wear was a necklace with a ring on it. It was her past wedding ring. She felt as if she should have gotten rid of it, but Arisa couldn't let it go. Not yet at least. It was a simple little thing, but it meant to her by a lot as it reminds her that someone once loved her. If one could call it to love since they left each other.

Her lips motioned into a frown as she pinched the necklace towards her face so her eyes mirrored the ring. 'He obviously moved on.' She made a small side smile as if all was hopeless. 'Oh well, till I find out  I will search.'. She thought naively towards the whole situation. She dropped it so it rested against her chest and looked forward towards the barkeeper. The man motioned his eyes towards her so she walked forward the engage. "I was told to come here for a business talk. Where are they?" She wondered, crossing her arms against her large chest.

"Business meeting? I heard no such thing." The old kook spoke in a tone that was obviously sarcasm as he looked towards the table where a man was waiting. The man was not just a man, but the man she has been doing missions with. How did he find her here? Could it just have been a coincidence? She didn't know what to think about it.


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His silver lining hair was shining from the light like the moonlights, bangs were parted from each other and his eyes were golden. He was a cream-peach skinned man who was taller than her. His body wasn't lanky as he was surely built under all that clothing. Revana didn't pay much attention to his clothing as she just decided to engage him. "Well, if it isn't Mr. Straightface." Was how she spoke to him first. His head tilted and looked up at him with a somewhat unamused look on his face. ''Hmph, like you have much to talk.". He had the most smooth tone, but it was quite cold. He looked away from her and he just seemed to be gazing at the window. They were currently at the back of the building, right of the bartender area as the counter was in the middle. His chair was positioned against the wall.

Her arms rested on the backside of the chair and acted cool. ''Are you here for that business trade thing too?" She wondered quietly. It perked his interest as he cornered his eyes to look at her. ''Possibly.'' He spoke in his cold tone. The people around her were being too loud to where no one else could hear them. She smiled softly as she could somewhat tell he was teasing her. It was that or he was just being a typical guy who was trying to be mysterious. Revana moved her hair behind her right ear and then wondered if perhaps he would like to get out of here.

"Want to go and find them? I'm sure they wouldn't come in here."

"Oh, really?" He responded and slowly moved out of his chair, towering over her in height. She quickly moved out of the way so he could get out and lead the way.


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As she walked out of the door the wind rushed at her, making her hair wack her partner in the face. She turned towards him making her hair cover her face by the pressure of the wind. Randomly, the wind stopped as her messy hair slowly drifted down against her skin. Swiftly, she moved her hair towards each side they belonged to. "I'm sorry, I didn't think the that'd happen.". He just had an unamused face and moved along. "Let's get a move on." He simply spoke and went on ahead. She rushed to catch up after picking up one side of her dress so Revana didn't trip. Maybe he knew where they were. It was quite an unsure thing as she didn't get many details on where the people were located. This was possibly the most the two have talked to each other. She still doesn't know his name even and they've been through a few missions together.

"So, do you know where you're going?"


Well, she tried at least. She could tell he was really looking to see if there was any way to find their path. Soon enough it was easy to find as some shady men with black jackets were watching them by the door they stood by. "You look like the two. " One of them spoke. "Come with us." They both spoke in sync. She just followed quietly as they walked in. The hall was dark and the floors creaked as they went further into the last room straight forward. The only room that was lit was that very last room as they finally entered to spot everyone there. The man that escorted them here shut the door behind them as if they were now locked in here with a bunch of leaders and their sons or side bitches. There were many words for those types of men.


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The room smelt like lavender incense that wasn't really strong, but enough to cover any bad stench. Some men were in robes of black and the other group of people that were in the same jackets the guys wore outside.  A larger man snapped his fingers to get a servant's attention. ''Get these two something to drink. They have a long day." He spoke in his raspy voice you'd hear from a man that smokes a lot. He indeed had a pipe in his hand as it was one that was stick shaped. He puffed it a few times and the other man who seemed to be the leader sat up and offered his hand. ''Thank you for coming, forgive anyone that made it difficult." He spoke with a calm voice that crackled like an old man.

"I'm going to assume the Cheif of your village isn't here and you're his son. So how do you think we can make this work? Any like... information?" She wondered curiously as her elbows grazed against the sides of the table while crossing her arms against her chest. The men gawked at her in different mannerisms. Some in lust due to her dress, some in questioning and the others just because everyone else was doing it. It was silent while the two sides were questioning each other by just looking at each other. It was like they knew what each other was saying without even saying anything. After a few minutes they all nodded and looked at Revana.

"Well, you see... he is still angry from a long past of disagreements."

"Yea! We talked and realized how much we actually have in common. We just want to live and be friends. We shouldn't be at war with each other."

"If we traded with each other and to others with help from another... We'd actually make a profit and not waste so much time."

They kept going back and forth. It was rather or not she could talk to the big guy who was not here and make him agree that was the problem.  


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She took a sip of her tea as she discussed what they were planning to do before she and her partner decided to appear. "So we were just going to put on a show, right? Then, we were going to show him how much we're friends with each other. Finally, we were go -"

"Wait, stop right there." She spoke and pointed her two fingers towards them as she had her hands entwined with each other. "First, that sounds like a clown show that he won't approve. This guy sounds serious and we have to be serious with a serious guy." She started to state the obvious. She started to think of an idea that wasn't going to harm any of them because she knew anything about people, serious people don't like having others do their business for them. Sometimes it's nice, sure, but they decided to talk about it for a few hours. It got to the point where they had to have the lackeys get some food for everyone. She wasn't sure about what food they were going to grab for them. There were not many choices due to the fact they were in the woods where there were mini villages out there, but nothing big.

The tea had a small taste of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a smell of red roses. 'Ugh..' If there was one thing she hated, it was red roses. It was a little unsure about why she hated them, but it most likely had to be because of men. The typical flower a man got their women were red roses. They were a sign of lust, 'please forgive me', I messed up and everything as such. There were too many colors so why were men picking red when they should mean the most? Her eyes half-way closed as her mind drifted off. Her nose could only spell the incense of lavender.  


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She remembered the times and time again that a man would give her a red rose or just plan out telling her that they were going to yeet out. It was a tragedy really, but who is the one really laughing? She was here still while their bones were breaking and their skin was eaten away by maggots. A small chuckle escaped her lips as she then felt a nudge against her shoulder. ''H-huh?" She spoke like a space cadet. Her head turned to look at her partner who then looked towards the food by her. ''Oh, thank you.". Her voice was gentle and motherly with a smile towards the men. Her head bowed and opened up the container that was filled with pork, rice, and vegetables. The container on the side had chicken and teriyaki sauce.


Her stomach roared a noise that alarmed all men that were in the building. ''Y-you should eat, Ma'am." Oh so spoke one of the traders. She nodded and smiled while opening the box. Slowly, she started to eat and enjoyed every taste. The pork must've come from a farm that treated their animals well. It wasn't a tough taste as most abused animals taste rough, tense and not good. The rice was very fluffy and not hard. She hated it when people ruined rice. The chicken tasted well done. After they ate in silence she looked up noticing some of them were gazing at her. It was like they never ate with a woman before. Her partner coughed and their attention went back to business. ''Well then, we should wrap this up and go to the Cheif." The other Cheif spoke as he then looked at the son. ''Well, how about we tell him exactly how it will benefit him then yes?" She questioned them.


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She got up as well as everyone else did. It was like they were following the lead, even her partner. It was strange as her partner was like a solo wolf. He seemed like he wanted to be alone. She ignored his antics as she went out the door and waited for the Cheif's son to take the lead. She didn't know where they were going. Revana followed as the woods made the area dark. Each member carried a lantern that made a path of light like some minions of the reaper leading the dead to the end. Once they got there, they went within the building that was like a hut made of hay and wood. There was no stone in this building other than perhaps the stove.

They all sat in a circle formation as Revana and her partner gazed upon the main man. ''What in the world are these men doing here and who are these two, my son." He roared in an angry old man tone. The son smoked on his pipe a few times and signed. "Will you just listen, old man. It's for your own good as well as the village.". The son reported. "If you allow your people and their people to make a bond, not only will you make a profit, but what if war comes? If you make allies, you'll have more able bodies to help your people. You won't live forever and you need to put your village into your son's hands someday anyways. Shouldn't you see where his views go? Test him with this." She spoke as if she had past experiences with leading. Perhaps she did, but in the end, the old man agreed. They celebrated and went off to their merry way. She walked out with her partner and looked up at him. "Will I see you again?" Arisa wondered softly. His golden eyes cornered and made a cold small chuckle. ''Possibly." Was all he said before he also left.



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