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A page in the diary [Q]

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#1Edith Liddell 

A page in the diary [Q] Empty on Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:12 pm

Edith Liddell
Edith's hair brushed, tied up and ready to go. She completed her evening rest, before the sun lowered its head. Despite minimum light appearing and darkness began to take its form. The young girl broke out with the case of fresh energy. Her shoes clicked and clacked, through the monotoned halls of her confinement. Guiding her right hand towards the golden, cold handle that belonged to the front door. "Dont be out too long" The flat voice that belonged to a male, would reach Ediths ears, as she twisted and pulled the door open. The air blew a slight chilly breeze. "Yeah, Yeah" She sighed, before closing the door behind her. Edith almost didn't realize the time, when dusk hovered over the horizon. "Damn, I should fix my sleeping habit. Hope she hadn't waited for too long." A few hours ago, in the middle of the day. Edith had taken her first job. A job that would allow her to climb herself up and make a living. It was time to kiss the wealth of her parents goodbye, as she demanded to live an independent lifestyle. It was nice to bathe in her family's riches and the amount of treasure they've collected throughout the years. But the time to step up her game is now and to do that, required a job. Edith didn't care about the context of what she's required to do. She would spend the remaining of her days, fulfilling her clients wishes. Edith met up with a few of her friends, before she would be able to become acquainted with a handmaiden, who had belonged to someone. Edith was forced to break out of her conversation with the two girls who had accompanied her. Once she was alone with the handmaiden, Edith would scratch her hair before walking to the designated location. Her golden eyes faced the entrance of a hotel. The handmaiden led Edith to who she was planning to meet for the evening, which a silver haired woman stood in the hotel room. "Apologize if i may have interrupted your sleep, but i do have an urgent request. You see...My son may be in danger, and since you look like you are free. I would like for you to watch over his activities. It would put my heart at ease, to know that my son hasn't been harmed" A brow raised at the silver haired womans request.Eh, so long as the moneys worth it. Shouldnt be a problem. Edith casually accepted the request and once she left the hotel, she started her job to make sure the silver haired womans son is save.

Edith took out a notebook and pen, in order to record the time and other details of her son, that went by the name of duncan. Edith moved around the city with an average pace, but made sure she wouldnt get spoted. Each time duncan would stop at a discreet location, Edith made use of the environment and took cover behind, trash cans and hugged against the walls of buildings. Throughout her time she had tailed this guy, she was forced to match up with Duncans pacing. Edith would easily break into a sweat, whenever he moved quickly. There were times when her cover was almost blown, thanks to the meddling animals snooping around dahlia. Each time her job had to be interrupted by the them, Edith would respond with a kick or a throw. Edith jotted down the details in her notebook, before finishing the job. Edith wiped the dirt and sweat from her body and returned to Elaine, in order to report Duncans activities to her.


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