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Rush to the Base - Hargeon to Oak [Travel]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Rush to the Base - Hargeon to Oak [Travel] Empty Fri Mar 13, 2020 11:47 pm

Kenzo Valens
The morning was quite bright. A lone figure walked with haste through the road that connected Port Hargeon with the capital of Crocus. Kenzo was making his way once again to the heart of the country. However, his destination was not the grand flower capital. Rather, he was to make it as soon as he could back to Oak. He had made a rather risky move. After arriving at the city, he noticed that the guild meeting that Finn had summoned was still a couple of days away from starting. Since he received a job proposal from the lord of Port Hargeon, Kenzo took his chances and decided to quickly travel to the coastline, get the job done and come back before the date of the meeting. In his mind everything was perfectly calculated. Except… he was off by one day. Kenzo had never taken into consideration the extra day he spent at Hargeon chasing pirates. Even if he now had to almost run all the way back to Oak he regretted nothing. It had been an experience that made the whole trip worth it

Taking a couple of short stops here and there, Kenzo finally made it to crocus. He was now right back on schedule. However, he didn’t stop at the city. Instead, he simply went to Batra’s Inn to say hi to the owner, get some things he had forgotten in his past room and instantly made it back to the road. He still hastily made his way through the paved roads that crossed the countryside. Little by little, the merc made it closer to his hometown.

Before he noticed, Oak was in sight. He had barely made it.


Rush to the Base - Hargeon to Oak [Travel] IgtZBYS

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