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A Date to Remember-Valentines Event(Noyiah)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

A Date to Remember-Valentines Event(Noyiah) Empty Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:36 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Finally, they were able to have a day away from all the chaos. And to ensure that nothing crazy got in the way, they moved out to the seclusion of the wilds for a bit of camping. Perhaps they had more than just a day to spend away from the madness of the world.

The cold was blowing in and through the returning leaves that dotted the branches of trees. The prelude to spring creeping closer.

Kaz left the tent as the sun had only just risen. The forest was a brilliant view. They were still only starting out on a winding trail. One more day away from a small cabin left alone. An old property of the knights. But they'd enjoy every moment on the way towards it. Kaz's griffon had flown off already to hunt in the early morning hours.

Pulling a hatchet from his pack Kaz strode up to a small grove of trees. With a fierce gust of wind, he sliced some thick branches down and drug them back to the tent and the small stone circle for a fire.

He settled in a log flipped right-side up. Dropping the branches in front of himself he readied the hatchet in one hand. With his foot, he stabilized the branch. Brining the hatchet high he slammed it down on the branch one time after another. Chopping it down into usable firewood.

Sparking some flint together the pieces of wood lit up into a small blaze. The embers crackled in the morning lit. The smell of burning wood drifted through the air. He had spent a wonderful time with Noyiah so far and wanted to get a head start on breakfast.

He took out the only thing he knew well enough to make. His handy travel bag of pancake mix. With some quick additions of water, the batter was ready and sliding into a frying pan that he held over the flickering flames. This was their time to enjoy so he would let her rest as long as she wanted to. With how much time they had spent together it still didn't feel like that had many chances like this. And today was finally the day they could sit back with each other. Kaz had a smile on his face all the while that he cooked. He even caught himself softly whistling an old tune from his clan long ago.

#2Noyiah Dashi 

A Date to Remember-Valentines Event(Noyiah) Empty Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:35 pm

Noyiah Dashi
The Night brought dreams that brought about a feeling of uneasy,  A dark path in the middle of a void, and Noyiah walked it slowly,  each step taken as if she was sneaking up on a target,  suddenly she would feel cold and wet, the Water took place of the air and she was stuck in the void, unable to walk.   The water pulled her under over and over again, each time she grasped for breath it seemed  tougher with each breath.   Then suddenly it all Disappeared, and she was thrown into the void, the path spiraling out of view and the dark void stealing all objects, including the path and her.
Noyiah’s eyes opened wide as she  Busted out of her sleeping bag,  her fists unclenched and she could feel that she had been squeezing her fingers against her palms for quite a while,  Sweat fell from her brow and  splashed against he material of the sleeping bag, leaving a small wet mark.  Her breathing was heavy, and she didn’t immediately Recognize her surrounding which helped with the anxious feeling.

The Smell of Pancakes flooded her sense of smell though, which was the connecting piece that kick started her logical brain.   The light shined through the tents layer creating a low warm glow inside, and she laid her head back down and unclenched her teeth.  Her dream had shaken her but now the more she tried to recall the fasted the dream fled.  Before long she couldn’t recall anything but the path and the water.  The anxiety seemed to fade away.

The Smell of pancakes became a comfort and a soft whistling tune one of the factors in the melody that came with camping, the wind brushing the trees, the crackle of the fire and the birds chirping their song as well.  She laid there for a bit longer, attempting to feel the safety of where she really was, after all she was camping out the night here so they could head to a cabin in the woods,  a place Kazimir had to have suggested as Noyiah didn’t know about it at all.  But the idea seemed like a good way to get away from everyone for a bit.

Getting a more awake state she moved up in the sleeping bag unzipping it slowly, and leaning over to get her bag, which  was slightly damp from the morning dew and it having been against the tent wall. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, none of her cloths got wet, just the bag.  So she picked out a outfit and started to get changed for the new day at hand.

She would undo the tent once she was ready to show herself to the world or when Kazimir attempted to get her.  Either way she would come out with a Pair of Blue jeans and the purple Sweater she had worn the day they met, underneath was a white tank-top,  she wore her boots from work  and her hair was pinned up in a messy bun.  “Good morning darling” she would say in a singsong sort of way, before turning around to do the tent back up.  Her arms raised high in the air and then she tilted them and shimmied her body left, letting her shoulders Crack, before doing it on the opposite side. “how did you sleep?” she asked   now moving forwards to take a seat near the fire awaiting breakfast.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He heard her stirring in the tent. getting ready for the day and he kept on the same tune he was whistling until she emerged. She was as beautiful as the vastness of the forest. His eyes lingered for a moment before he snapped his attention back to the pancakes as they began to cook a little to well. A grin was still on his face that widened when he heard her call him darling, the same way it always did when she said it.

"Good morning, Noyiah," he replied sweetly with his eyes still on the pancakes.With a brisk flip in the pan, the delictable treats spun and landed back in. Their edges became a golden brown as he slid them out onto small plates he had brought. He held the plate out for her to take when she sat down next to him. "I slept well how. I always love being out in the wilds. You,"he asked her, not knowing about the terrible nightmare she had just awoken from.

Before she could answer thought, he leaned forward to give her a kiss. His mind raced to the moment back at the tower when the embraced each other and desired nothing more than to be lost in that hallway. He pulled away only inches and kissed her once more before standing up. He listened to her answer as he reached into his bag once more. Within it was a thick blanket made of cotton and a slick water resistant sheet. He unfolded the water resitant sheet and laid it out on the ground near enough to the fire for to enjoy the heat. Next he flipped the balnket out and laid it on top of the sheet.

He sat down on it and faced the tree line. The sun was still rising over the tree tops. Its lit only just now pranced across the canopy, making its way towards them in an orange and red hue. He nod back at Noyiah and reached his hand out for her to take it, "Shall we enjoy the rest of the sunrise," he knew they wouldn't stay there for a long time and had a hike ahead of them but they could hopefully spare a little to enjoy the moment. The day was all theirs and the cabin was only another couple hours ahead of them. "I love that sweater," he added. And it was true. Seeing it always brought back the most pleasant memory for him.

#4Noyiah Dashi 

A Date to Remember-Valentines Event(Noyiah) Empty Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:04 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah smiled instantly as he greeted her, as always, she just felt happier when around him, it was hard to explain or to say exactly what it was, but when they were around each other Noyiah just felt more at ease, a comfort that she experienced with no one else.  She took the plate as it was handed to her, taking a seat on a near by rock. Taking a moment to take in her surroundings, taking note of where the sun was at, having only, but  a sense of what time it was, she wasn’t sure how well she had slept.

His response was about what she expected, and she nodded along with his answer, looking at the ground for a second, but when it came to his question she found herself unsure,  the more she tried to retain from the dream the further it seemed to flee from her, the dream seemed unpleasant, but she felt rested, and now that she was awake and with Kazimir heading to a cabin in the woods for a getaway she was good.  Before she could answer she looked back and seen the attempt for a kiss, which she would most definitely  take, and then another as he drew away from her she would get a little red hue in her cheeks. Knowing she still needed to brush her teeth she made sure they were quick and close lipped.  but after his last kiss she answered with “I slept decently, I guess.  I feel good at least, a little stiff but I guess I have just been spoiled with a bed” she said Defusing her original answer with a bit of humor.  “thanks for making breakfast” she would say as he turned to get the things from his bag.

She watched as he laid out the blankets and took a few bites of the nice campfire done pancakes, at first, she wasn’t all the hungry but after a bite or two she felt her stomach indicate to her she was in fact quite hungry with an Auditable Growl.  She Silenced it with a few more bites and looked around to see if he had set up coffee or anything.   If it was there, she would get up and get herself some, if not she would just sit and continue to eat until she was invited to sit and watch the sunrise.

Standing up she would dust any nature stuck to her and head over with her plate (and possibly coffee) firmly in her left hand. Taking a seat on the blanket beside him she would lean closer and  bump him slightly with her shoulder before resting her head on his shoulder.   As he responded with his stamen about liking her sweater she would smirk and chime “ I know” She said very matter-of-factually before breaking away from his shoulder leaning a little more over to peck him on the cheek.
“ We are in for some rain” she said seemingly out of nowhere as she looked up into the sky.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The smile lingered even as he pulled away from the kiss. He relished in each moment they had together. There was an unexplainable joy he felt each time he saw the red hue in her cheeks. Being with her was the easiest thing to do. Opening his heart, never felt so right than it did with her.

Her initial answer brought some worry to the wind mage's face. Hopefully, he could do something to help her sleep a bit better at night. But her following, more humor infused response, put him more at ease, "I suppose so," he teased back. "But that's the only night we need to spend on the ground. The shack," he quickly shook his head, "I mean cabin has an almost regular bed." He didn't want to worry her but perhaps 'cabin' was too gracious a term to use for the place they were headed. It wasn't run down and the best word to describe it was cozy. But it did have its own charm.

"My pleasure. I just hope I remembered to bring something other than pancake mix for the rest of the trip," he said with a small laugh but in all seriousness. The blanket covered the ground just as he paused for a moment hearing the faint growl of Noyiah's stomach. "It's a good thing I made a few," he joked with a smirk all the while using one free hand to shove a pancake in his own mouth. His cheeks engorged as he tried to chew down the whole piece, not missing a bit from preparing a place for them to sit

Noyiah poured herself some coffee from the small pot freshly removed from over the fire. While Kaz didn't drink any coffee himself, he always made sure to make some for her. As she began to dust off the particles of nature on her clothes, Kaz gulped down the rest of the pancake and sent a small gust of wind whirlwind gently around her legs to blow of anything she may have missed, with an innocent smile.

Kaz faced her as she bumped his shoulder and scooted his butt closer so they were nearer and she could easily lay her head upon his shoulder. She'd be able to use the checkered patterned scarf she picked out for him. To this day he wore it every time he left the house.

Her smirking remark got a playfully raised eyebrow and a slight nudge with his shoulder. He was melted once more though as she leaned over and pecked his cheek. "Hmm," he responded to the thought of rain. He took in the sky and had to agree. That put a timeline on their moment for sure. There was still much to say and Kaz knew it was finally time but this wasn't the exact moment.

"Well. I suppose we had better get a move on then. On the bright side, the sound of rain will be delightful from inside the shac...Cabin." He replied, putting his arm around her, wanting to hold her for a moment as the first drops sprinkled their faces.

#6Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded to his comment with the Shack, it really didn’t matter to her where they were going the important fact was that she would have Kazimir all to herself, no job, no need to be ever vigilant and probably most importantly with no other purpose then to spend time with one another.

As her Stomach cried out for food Noyiah took a few more bites, his comment was enough to make her smile between bites, shaking her head slightly after she finished the bite she would reply with” I’m sure we will figure it out, it’s a short trip” she said more so to reassure herself, that she wasn’t going too long, after all Noyiah Did thrive in the urban life, everything she had built her life around was there, or needed it to function. Despite this she was still incredibly happy to be out in the wood today, after all it was less about the where and about the who she spent her time with that mattered the most to her.

Spotting the coffee, she would stand up and brush herself off, though a Quick gust of wind blew the carried the bit of nature-based debris away in a gust. She looked at Kazimir with a Eyebrow raised Remembering the kitchen Fiasco when he made her lunch. But she trusted that if he was willing to do something like that, he knew well he could control it and well if he couldn’t it would very quickly become no her problem any longer “ Thanks” She chimed in response, “ for the dust off and the coffee” she reaffirmed leaning down to pick a cup resting neat the coffee pot. Opting to drink it black to save what little milk they might have packed she headed back to the spot she was sitting but was invited to the sunset instead. Noyiah Smiled having noted he made extra she grabbed a second one for herself and another one for Kaz.

Taking a Seat beside him looking towards the sunrise. It had to be close to seven in the morning, or at least that’s what she figured out by the sun’s height. The vivid colors were quite nice, though she was thinking a bit as they watched the sun. She made the comment about the Sun Recalling a lesson her father once told her, a funny little saying that went something like Red sky at night Sailors Delight, Red Sky in the morning, Sailors take warning. She didn’t know how Accurate it was just it was something her father trusted and would say quite often when he seen it. Kazimir’s ~hmm~ brought her attention back to him as she looked away from the sky to him, seeing him think she couldn’t help but smile.

He made a good point, the rain falling would be nice in the Cabin/shack they were going to, somewhere warm away from most of the world, just the two of them with the energy of the rain. It seemed like a good moment, it wasn’t a rooftop after rubbing elbows with the king, but it would be good enough for her. His Arm Curled Around her and she scooted closer, shifting the pancake on her plate onto his with a smile. The drops of water spritzed them, and at first she didn’t realize what it was, but it was right on Cue, the Sun shower started rather abruptly, the Rain falling down Infront of them seemed like a bit of an Omen, but Noyiah smirked “ damn I am good” she said cockily “ kisses the bring forth the rain” she said with a Laugh before she finished off the last bite of her pancakes.

Taking a sip of her coffee she took a deep breath, the scent of the rain with her morning coffee were delightful. Embracing the rain as it fell a little heavier over time. She normally Would have run indoors or tried to protect her hair and makeup, but she was camping and none of that seemed to matter. She hadn’t even packed makeup, and her hair was just brushed nothing styled. “we should pack up before those come in” she said pointing to the West, where a large Dark cloud started to creep upon them, Luckily the wind was quite tame still and the incoming storm was at least a few minutes off in not hours.

They had been sitting there for bit, so Noyiah initiated the time to pack up. “ ill wash the dishes if you get the tent down.” she said pushing off him to get to her feet, smirking playfully before turning towards the fire, that had been fighting to keep itself going. Pouring the rest of the coffee back in her cup, before dumping the rest out, replacing the coffee with water in the kettle she boiled the water over the tiny flame to get it at least warm before she scrubbed the plate with a cloth. Packing them away in the bag. Finishing up her coffee she would wash out her mug and the Pan used to make the pancakes.

Kicking the dirt around the fire onto the flames she put it out, dumping the last of the water from the kettle into where the fire was she made sure it was out, packing the kettle up afterwards. She would likely take a little longer then Kazimir to pack up.

She would grab one of the bag and sling it up to her shoulder ready to head out for the cabin. The rain still a gentle shower, it felt more like mist at this point, but nevertheless Noyiah was soaked through her sweater. Her wet cloths hung tightly to her as she walked, it was a little uncomfortable but changing was out of the question until after they were under the shelter of trees, if not it would be pointless.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He couldn't help but chuckle at her cocky response, which was just like her. He rocked into her a bit to wobble her as she made it. "It's a good thing I'm not afraid of a few showers for kisses then," he teased back and laughed with her. The rain didn't scare either of them away as they stayed to watch the sunrise as it slowly came down heavier and heavier.

Drops fizzled into steam from falling into the fire and running down the wooden logs. Raindrops splashed gingerly into their coffee's urging them to move with haste that they ignored. He rested his head atop hers while she leaned on his shoulder. He could drift away back to sleep with how blissful he was even in the face of the rain. As usual, it had to be Noyiah to snap them to reality.

He gave a sigh through the grin on his face. "I suppose you're right," he replied as she pushed off his shoulder to stand and in response, Kaz laid back completely on the blanket, in no hurry to get up. He looked at the dark cloud in the distance and then closed his eyes. He wondered if he could ever be so strong as to roar away the storms. If he could bring them, surely he could send them away.

He loved the fact that even with the coming storm, Noyiah was still in good spirits. One of the qualities he liked most about her was she never got put out by things. At least no when it came to the times they could sneak away together, except for anything that came between it. Like having to run away from romance to save a king.

"Sounds like a plan,"
he answered, still laying on the blanket for a few more seconds before rolling to his feet. As Noyiah began to wash the dishes, Kaz rolled up the blanket and tucked it away in a waterproof bag.

Making his way over to the tent, he rolled up his sleeves. While he was a man of the wild he rarely dealt with tents. He mostly just slept in trees and caves in the winter. He wondered if Noyiah thought him more of an animal for it, not that it would bother him. Something he could laugh at a bit.

He stood before his true enemy and got to work, pulling pegs out of the ground and rods out that held the structure up. He groaned from time to time as a rode flicked away from him. His foot would step on the slick tarp yanking it another direction. But he finally tamed the beast and packed it just as Noyiah had finished up. "Done," he said triumphantly and dusted his hands off as vigilant as a man who had just built a house.

He threw his bag over his shoulder and saw looked back to see Noyiah soaked through. "We gotta hurry," he replied as he touched the ends of her sweater and moisture came off on his fingers. "You're drenched. We should have left earlier," he continued with a bit of worry in his tone. Despite his concern for her, the skin-hugging clothes she now wore were attractive at highlighting her physique.

Grabbing her hand he quickly hustled over towards the tree line for some shelter. Luckily they had not been far away. "The trees are pretty thick this route and will stay that way for most of the trip. Some areas will require a quick run through but I can probably blow the rain away from us when we get there," He said as he shook the water from his hair and examined the water-soaked clothes that he wore, although not as absorbent as Noyiah's sweater.

He pointed up a path that was covered with trees and light beamed through at various parts. Small pockets of rain snuck through the leaves but they could be avoided. He thought back to the time he stood in Noyiah's apartment and needed a fresh change of clothes, and looked at her, "Although, this isn't a bad look for you," he teased, but there was truth to it as much as it was to pick on her about the first night they had met.

#8Noyiah Dashi 

A Date to Remember-Valentines Event(Noyiah) Empty Mon Mar 02, 2020 5:33 pm

Noyiah Dashi
He Agreed They needed to start to pack up, and the divided and Conquered, taking a task each and packing the camp up in a rather hasty manor.  As Kazimir leaned down to pick up each peg Noyiah would glance over to him, spying in a sort of way,  the rain made his cloths tighter as well, and she was willing to abuse the privilege, taking a few looks and smirked,  suddenly she started to look forwards to getting to he shack that much faster. Each time if they made eye contact, she would look back down to the task she was doing.

The Triumphant ~Done~ had Noyiah looking up to look at what he had accomplished, a smirk crept to her face as she failed to hide the present dirty thought.  “You missed a peg, over there” she said pointing slightly further behind him, the plan was to make him lean over to look so she could get one last look before they left. Whether or not it would work she didn’t know.  If he called her out on it she would shrug and say something along the lines of “oops, must have caught a shine of the water”

The statement indicating, they had to hurry had Noyiah nodding in agreement before she slung the bag over her shoulder, as Kazimir Poked at her Bloated water Gorged sweater.  “ its fine ill ring it out once we get into the tree’s “ she said shifting the bag over her shoulder again to try and get it into a better spot,  the water oozing down the sweater  from the bags weight pushing the water out of the material.  She didn’t respond to his statement about having left earlier, though she enjoyed the time they had made for each other, and a little rain wouldn’t discourage that.

They made for the tree line hand in hand, he explained his plan to keep them less wet, which Noyiah didn’t mind the idea of blowing the water away from them, but at this point it seemed pointless. Not that Noyiah would have said it aloud, it was the effort he offered and Noyiah didn’t want to discourage his attempt at being gentlemanly, it wasn’t everyday you got a chivalrous man that was willing to look after you.

After they reached the dense section of trees, Kazimir would comment on how it wasn’t a bad look for her, Noyiah smirk slightly, sliding the backpack off her shoulder to the ground below and  pull her sweater off over her head,  underneath a simple white Tank-top, the outline of her black bra visible through the wet fabric.  “ but its better now though, right?” she asked sarcastically, while folding her sweater up in a way that she could Twist the water out.  Though she was often modest, she knew she looked good, even with the current wet look, the time spent with the Rune knights had only made her feel more confident, both Physically and mentally,  where once she doubted her appearance and her abilities She now just accepted herself and her talents.  After the sweater was less wet, she would  lift the bag flap,  stopping to dig through it a bit before she pulled her Usual Trench coat she wore for work.  

The Reason it was her go to was its Fabric had a waxy coating that helped push stains away and didn’t let water settle into the fabric, Though eventually it would get wet it was a far more water resistant then her absorbent sweater.   She would look at Kazimir for a Second holding the Coat up, before she motioned with her finger in a swirl as if to say turn around. “some privacy please” she said with a smile, it was mostly to tease him as he often did to her (though normally she provoked it) she didn’t really mind if he continued to look, she just wanted him to think she did.

She would Peel off her White Tank-top turning slightly away from him before ringing it out  like she had her sweater, though this material was not as absorbent so she  pulled it back on, it clinging to her each time she pulled,  Fighting through it she managed to get it back on and slide the dry coat over her damp shirt.  After she would push the sweater into a plastic bag and return it to the depths of the bag. She would have to dry it once they got to the cabin.  She wasn’t sure what to expect yet or what it would be like,  from what she gathered from what Kazimir’s reaction and his use of words, it seemed like it would be a small bunk house with Ratty window shutters and a leaky roof. She tried to remain positive about it, because she wanted to time away from everyone, a time to be selfish with the man she loved.

She would place the bag back on her shoulder and button up her coat as she started to walk again and smiled at Kazimir, who she couldn’t only imagine felt perplexed by her push and pull in attitude.  Pausing at the first break In the tree line in wait for him to blow the rain away from her before she would continue.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
With every glance that they connected eyes, Noyiah would look away and a smile would creep onto Kaz's face. As they continued to work kaz ws finally finished with his task only to hear Noyiah call out about a missing one. "What? Where?" He replied as he brought a hand to his brow and spun and looked around. Following her finger, he leaned over and ran his hand across the ground to feel for anything. "I don't see anything are you sure?" he called back, still searching for the peg a bit before standing. She then humbly said she must have been mistaking. Kaz shrugged it off, oblivious to her devious plot, and scooped up the tent.

As they made it to the tree line, Noyiah smirked at his comment. She slid her backpack of her shoulder. The bag tapped the ground with a light thud that echoed with Kaz's tumping heart. His heart raced faster as she slipped her sweater off. He resisted the urge to take her in his arms right then. A battle against the alure of the black bra tempting him from beneath her shirt. Even with how long they had been together for, it sometimes surprised him how much more confident she had become. He reply to him causing his heart to get stuck in his throat. He cleared his throat playing it off and buying precious seconds to think of a response. "I'd say so," was all he could muster as he thought they were about to make up for the lost moment in the tower's hallway only to have her begin to ring out her clothes. kaz smiled with a nearly inaudible sigh of missed opportunity, but like that flirty nature of it all.

While she fought with her own wet clothes, Kaz looked down at himself. Water suctioning his own garments to his body. he pulled at them to get them away from his skin but they snapped back to where they were or pulled other parts even tighter. He was no stranger to wet clothes but he didn't like running around soaked.

he replied, looking back up at her to see her swirling finger asking him to turn around. A request he thought strange given their history but he figured it would be odd for him not to. Her smile made it seem harmless and he supposed he had teased her enough to merrit some coming his way. He cocked a brow and then turned around."Of course," he said as he turned around. Before she turned completely around she'd catch him peeking over her shoulder making it obvious he was stealing a glimpse.

He heard the rustling she made and he peeked back again to see her struggle. He let out a small laugh and we cover his mouth if caught and turned back around. Once they were ready they began their walk. Noyiah was in a particullary fiesty mood it seemed. Both being flirty and pulling away to tease him. It only made him wonder what adventure the rest of the day would bring.

At their first clearing, Kaz rose his hand to create a pushing force of wind above like an umbrella so they could walk without water battering their faces. It wasn't long before they made it to the next clearing where the little shack was.

The shack was made of wood.It had a door with a single step leading up. The roof was pointed to fight off the snow with a silver pipe winding out of it. The gutters drained out water, splashing on the ground. There were two windows on either side with shut shutters. One was missing a piece of wood.

"Here we are," he said enthusiastically and rushing to the door so they could escape the rain quickly. He opened the door and within was a small living room about ten feet by ten feet. There was a small fireplace that connected to the silver pipe outside. A small side room had a bed,a bath tub and a small closet. Suprisingly the place was dry aside from one small spot beneath a window.

The floors were wood, and polished, but the first floor board creaked when you stepped on it. Lanterns hung on the walls and a table was in the center of the room with a candle stick.There was no dust or cobwebs as if someone had already come and cleaned it. The rain made drum beats on the roof. Two lounge chairs rocked in near the fireplace with a large rug in between the chairs and the fireplace.

Kaz gestured with a wide arm for her to enter and see her reaction.

#10Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
As she stripped out of her wet cloths, her teasing comment met with a response she had hopped for, her smirk twisted more into a smile as she rang out the fabric. Next she asked him to turn around, something she didn’t grant him when they were in her apartment, and she half expected to meet resistance or for him to peek anyways. But having the time together without anyone else meant that she could act a little more defiantly, doing her best to tease and create a mood that would be settled later that evening. As she turned away and pulled the tank top off to ring it out as well she caught the glimpse of him turning to look, as she faced away she smiled wickedly, her plan seemed to be working rather well, but she pretended like she hadn’t noticed him glancing her way, despite how obvious it had been.

As the fabric stuck to her in anyways it could she managed to peel it off, it getting stuck a few times, a chuckle rang out from Kazimir and Noyiah couldn’t help but laugh to as she had trapped both arms straight up slowly peeling it off herself, before ringing it out. after she got most of the water out she slipped it over her head and smoothed it out with her palm, and announcing “ you can look again by the way” with a bit of a snicker knowing fully that he had looked and she had caught him.

After she was all dressed and ready to head out, they walked for a bit, keeping relativity dry because of the canopy of tree’s as she reached the first spot where the rain was unavoidable she waited for Kazimir to shelter her from the rain as she crossed “ My hero” she would say with a smile, playing it up to be a great heroic deed.

They would walk towards the cabin with a refreshed vigor of someone who wasn’t weighed down by the extra pounds of water soaked into their cloths. As they got to the clearing, she would spot the cabin, a small and cozy shelter, nothing she wouldn’t expect of the Rune knights, though this wasn’t discouraging, after all Kazimir had been rather honest about how ratty it might have been. But that was the fun, who would come here willingly, well accept them, which is why it was perfect.
Kazimir rushed over to open the door for her so she could make a break from the trees to the cover of inside, a Roiling rumble emitted from the distant sky, one could presume it was going to be a thunderstorm.

Noyiah made it inside were her foot made the first board creak under her weight, she shuffled out of the immediate doorway to leave room for Kazimir taking a glance about the room she listened to the rain tap rapidly on the roof. A sound she hadn’t heard in a long time. In that moment she realized that the city didn’t sound like this in anyway, when it rained in a city there were hushed sounds, everyone silently rushed away to shelter, shelters where the rain touched at the flat roof tops and rained down, the sounds drowned out by the hustle and bustle of people fleeing. Here the rain was the predominate sound.

Noyiah would set her bag down beside the fireplace and looked around. The first thing she noticed was that it was rather clean for a place In the middle of the woods, and Noyiah shot Kazimir a questioning look with a raised eye brow “ did you come up here and clean this up or am I to expect a third?” she asked keeping a Serious face for only a few seconds before breaking down into a laugh that had her clutch the side for the stonework for the unlit fireplace. After she regained her composure she would smile and say “its wonderful, nice and cozy, and we can make those smores inside.” She said taking another look around, before find her way back to Kazimir to embrace them in a Triumphant hug, after all they had made it,

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The patter of water on the ceiling echoed through the cabin in a soothing tempo. It was heavy and slow, the kind of rain fall that saturated deep into the soil of the earth. Kazimir stepped aside with his hands clasped in front of him as Noyiah took in the sight. He followed her into the cabin and set his bag down near to hers. His clothes were still wet and he intended to dry them by the fire. As she looked around Kaz pulled at his clothes once more, getting ready to take off the jacket and seek warmth.

First thing first Kaz had to start the fire to give them some warmth. Times that he wished he could wield fire as well. But there was wood, steel and flint in the corner. Enough to last a week. When things mattered most to him he overprepared. It seemed he was caught. ever the detective, Noyiah faced him with a questioning stare and asked about the cleanliness of the place.

"Oh no...just us. No third. But uh...yeah,"
he was almost as serious as she was until she began to laugh. The wind mage playfully crossed his arms with a smirk, "I should have known a detective would notice. I may have scouted the place out a bit," once she was finsihed teasing him, he dropped his arms to his sides with a smile that she was content with the place. Kaz knew he was taking her away from the landscape of the city and wanted it all to be to her liking. This was thier first real vacation away together, but as long as he had the women he loved, nothing could go wrong.

"I'm glad you like it. Oh I should get to,"
he was cut off as she turned to embrace the wind mage in a hug. Kaz wrapped his arms around her as passionately as he did in the park. He pulled her close and rest his head next to hers. There was no other place he'd want to be and he couldn't wait to enjoy the next few days with just her. No distractions and no work.

"This is all I want,"
he would whisper in her ear about the thought of their little getaway. His lips grazing her ear and his breath upon her neck. He held it for a bit longer before letting his hands drift to her hips and he took a step back. "Let's get on some dryer clothes and I'll get the fire started," he said before giving her a peck on the cheek and moving to get the firewood. He hoisted up a bundle and dropped it next to the fireplace. One by one he tossed them inside and sparked the flint and steel to bring it to life. Using his wind magic he stooked the flames until they were hot enough to radiate warmth througout the cabin. One of the benefits of a smaller living space.

"Can you grab the stuff  for smore's out of the bag?" He asked as he removed his jacket and hung it on a coat rack next to the fireplace. The moisture had bleed through to his undershirt. He pulled at the wet cloth andslid it over his head. It still bound his arms and he shook the water from his hair. In some ways it was his small way to tease her back. His bare body was exposed now as it was when he came out of the shower. Nothing new to her though. She had seen it all before. He pulled the shirt down his arms and rang it out into the sink before hanging it next to his jacket. "That's better," he replied as he rummaged through his bag for another shirt.

#12Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah tuned out the rain drops, as she started to look about the place, the rain, though nice at times was the last thing on her mind.  She looked about the small room, looking at the bed and the facilities, it was certainly not a weekend get away cabin, but it was something that she cherished. With the life styles they held it was hard to get a long period of time together without feeling like they were letting others down or locking themselves away.   This time it felt different, like this time was theirs to share however they wanted.

As Kazimir Started to fix up the fire Noyiah continued to wander about the bunkhouse, pulling her coat off and placing it on the back of one of the rocking chairs, before asking about a Third jokingly. The fact that he had scouted this place out ahead of time seemed like such a signature Kazimir Move, he wanted things to be just right, and would stop at almost nothing to have them that way.  It was a cute expression of love that normally might go unnoticed but not to someone as perceptive as Noyiah, she silently walked the floorboards getting ready to hug him, a hug that seemed to stop his words dead in their tracks. A firm yet gentle hug that she held on him until he managed to sneak his hands behind her and pulled her closer, then snugged up, the sounds of water dropping quickened at water pushed out of her cloths and onto the floor. He got closer to her place his head next to hers as they stood in a still embrace, his whispers sent a shiver of excitement up her spine.  She wanted to find the words to response back but was left speechless and satisfied with the embrace. As his hands shifted down to her hips, she shifted slightly letting her hands move from his shoulders down his arms and held his hands at her hips before swaying from side to side in a happy motion.

Kazimir suggested they should get into dry cloths, and Noyiah nodded, it was going to be a few days of being here still and they had all the time to dedicate to each other, and the warmth from a fire would be nice. He attempted to peck her cheek, but having the time to react she turned her head stealing the kiss before breaking off the embrace letting go of his hand with a deviant smile.

As he set out to grab the firewood and start the fire, she went to grab her bag and placed it on the table in the center of the room, shifting things about until she found something more comfortable, it wasn’t as flattering as she might have liked but it was comfortable,   a pair of Grey jogging pants, and a grey and white striped  t-shirt with frilly v cut neck and two pairs of socks.   She would head into the bathroom to change, having a few extra undergarment Accessories scooped up and hidden in her bundled up baggy jogging pants.   She would remerge in a little while dressed, with her hair freshly brushed and placed into a ponytail with a black scroungy.

As she got back Kazimir put his jacket on the rack by the newly lit fire and requested the Smores form the bag.  She nodded and leaned down to grab the bag, dropping her boots by the door, which felt more wet then she realized now that she was in dry cloths.  She pulled the bag with the smores portioned off, and looked back to see him peel the shirt over his head and water droplets to spray onto the floor as he shook the dampness from his hair.   Her eyes wandered over his body again, it was a sight she quite enjoyed, though they had seen each other with less clothes it still seemed more magical.  The light from the fire flickered shifting the shadows that his abs casted, his skin seemed to shine with light from the fire, the water still on his skin gave a different allure to him.  She Realized she had been standing with the bag for close far longer then she had intended, having been distracted by his masculine features.  She almost didn’t respond as he commented ~ that’s better~   it took a good two second delay as she nodded and regained control of herself and respond meekly  with “ I’d say so” a playful smirk forming on her lips, as she watched as he leaned down to grab a shirt from his bag.

After a second she would place the bag of smores beside him and move the rocking chairs so they could sit beside each other and use the fire.  Before she sank into one of the chairs, noticing after she got off her feet how much they ached from the trip. She wasn’t used to as many uneven surfaces while walking.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He held her in a gentle sway, reminiscent of the other times they danced together, no matter how brief it was. A moment only magnified by the sneaky kiss she stole. As their lips parted she would feel the grin on his face already beginning to form.

They pulled away and began to get ready for a peacful night. Kaz slide the dry shirt on and stretched his shoulders. It felt nice to be in something warm again. Next he slide of his pants right by the fire and pulled on a fresh new pair. No sense in changing a shirt without changing the rest. He thought nothing off it and hung the garments on the rack as well. "Do you have anything that needs to be hung," he asked as there was still plenty of space to be used. If she did, then he would take them and hang them up next to his.

He gave another smile, just barely catching her hushed words in response. Every so oftern she still spoke softly despite knowing that he was all hers. Both his mind and his body. She only needed to smile i his direction and his heart would take flight.

The fire was warm and had already filled the room and into the bedroom. Now that there was light it was easy to see how delightful the place was. The only blimish was the small hold in the corner where water leaked in from the shutter. The floors were clean and the shelves were lined with trinkets and baubles. An old grandfather clock stood in the corner. The rocking chairs themselves were cushioned. The fabric was stuffed with cotton and softer than some beds were. The table in the center was a deep mahogany wood. There was a kettle in the corner for eating up soups and pans for cooking hung on the walls.

The new found light pouring through the room revealed the hanging curtains that ran around the sole bathtub, probably the cleanest thing in the home. There was a bucket next to it for heating water and pouring it in and a drain than ran to the outside from beneath it.

Noyiah returned with a delightful looking dress as always. Her sense of fashion as enticing as her blue eyes.

With the smores beside him now he pulled out two thin rods and pierced each one through a marshmellow. The metal skewer pushed through the fluffy treat with ease and popped out the otherside. As the rod pierced through, Kaz's mind drifted back to the last time he had smores. It seemed so long ago now that he stood by the great bondfire of the knights. All of them gathered after the demonic incursions. How many of them where gone now. The knights seemingly disappearing from service. The same night that he had met Baldanti.  

Snapping himself out of it he sat back in the rocking chair. The two of them still close enough to touch hands and shoulders. He reached over and handed her the metal rod so she could roast her marshmellow to her delight. Once she took it he would prepare the rest of the pieces and set the graham crackers and chocolate between them on the arms of the chairs.

there was no good time to say it so he had to say it now or never. Get it out of the way so they could enjoy the rest of their time. "I killed some people. When we went to the King's ball, I had to make a stop in the Worth Woodsea. To track down a man that broke  into the knights prison and freed people. The village...they wouldn't give him up and attacked. They were killing the pages I was with. I had to...to stop them. They fought hard, but I...Ieveled the village and took the lives of their warriors. Those that surrendered I took to jail," he spoke without looking at her. His eyes focused on the fire. The flames flickered in his eyes against the shimmer of sorrow.

#14Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
As Noyiah left the bathroom all cleaned up and ready for the evening  she was asked if she had anything to hang up, and she nodded  with a slightly confused expression,  realizing she had used the urban Solution her confused looked turned to smile, “  I left them hanging over the bathtub but I guess this is better” she said  heading back to gather her wet cloths,  they had been hand pressed to remove as much water  as she could muster the strength the repel.

She Sat in the chair after moving them closer, taking the pressure off her feet, exhaling a breath of relief,  her aching feet throbbed, but it wasn’t going to be an issue.  Kazimir prepared the marshmallows on the roasting sticks and handed one over to her taking a seat himself.

His tone turned more solemn as he said her name, Noyiah would look up from the marshmallow to the man she loved. “hmm?” she inquired with a sound before he continued.  She listened as he spoke, her logical brain going over what he said, from what she knew of him, and the fact that this seemed to weigh so heavily on him, she knew that if he could have done it differently, he would have. “ sometimes doing the right thing is harder then letting things go unchecked” she said softly  putting the metal rod down before leaning over  across the arm of her chair  pulling her feet up and tucking them under herself as she  leaned over and cupped the side of Kazimirs cheek with her hand softly pulling his gaze to meet her’s “ I know it hard, and it never gets easier, but you stand for the people and the good in this world, and you did as you needed to.  Sometimes people can drag the monster in us out, but remember that with the power you have  there is the responsibility to use that power without discrimination. “  she lost her smile somewhere along the say, matching the more solemn mood, her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she explained things in a way in attempts to make him feel better.  “ id like to say it gets easier, but I don’t think it ever will, when it comes to the lives of the people who are actively doing good, verses the lives of those who choose to be ignorant to the crimes of their people, for them to protect the people poisoning their population. . .   it’s a easy choice, but a choice you’ll have to live with and for that I’m sorry.”   She apologized sincerely as if she had done something wrong.  “ I hope that you can make peace with the actions,  I don’t think you did anything wrong, and if in the same position I think any one who stands for the good of people would have had to do the same thing” She rationalized now as she started  to rub the side of her face with her thumb. Her eyes never so much as glancing away as she talked with purpose and with the same determination and resolve she had when faced with the kings request. “ if you need some time to process this I can take a small walk and give you some time to think”  she offered   releasing his face and repositioning back to her chair with her legs still under tucked herself.

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her hand glided across his skin like velvet. her touch washing away his worries. She turned his face to meet her eyes. Once again he was lost in her compassionate gaze. Her words were filled with conviction. She didn't judge him in the slightest for his actions.

A smile slowly crept upon his face as he listened. He closed his eyes and put his hand over the one that she used to cup his face and held it against his cheek. He turned his face and kissed the palm of her hand. "Thank you, my love. You're right. It's what I had to do. It never gets easier. And both of us stand for something more. I just didn't want to keep it inside. I wanted you to know."He opened his eyes to meet hers once more.

"It's a decision that will weigh on me. But, I am as at peace with it as I can be,"
her words melted away any guilt he had. Pushed it further down. His heart felt lighter, carried by her words.

'No. It's okay. I don't need any time to think,"
he said with a smile. his words came out easier now. "Certainly not any more time away from you than we've already had. This time is for us. That's all I want," he said as his hand ran down her arm and reached out to brush her bangs to the side and cup her face. Strands of her hair drifted gently through his fingers. Her skin was soft and supple. Her fingers still grazed his cheek sending tingles through him. He pulled her in for a more passionate kiss than before. His breath was heavy. He pulled away only slightly after the intimate embrace, resisting the sudden urge to pull her in and disregard the smores, but he left it as a hint for later. The light of the fire softened her features even more. A beautiful red contrast to her blue eyes. He could spend countless nights by a fire next to her. The soft flicker of flames and her smile.

"Thank you for everything. You always know exactly what to say. You mean a great deal to me,"
he said, waiting to see her reaction. If she leaned back, he would do the same in his chair and lift her metal rod up. He said what he needed to about that. Something he needed to get out before being able to fully enjoy the moments they'd spend together here. With it out now, Kaz's demeanor returned to normal. It was still swirling in there but it was deep and further away.

The marshmallow would almost be ready now and Kaz stacked the graham crackers and chocolate bars, ready to catch it. He held his rod now after handing hers back to her. Setting his out of the fire he was ready to smoosh her marshmallow within the hard treats.

#16Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
With her hand cupped around her cheek she felt his hand move over hers, holding the warmth of her love and sincerity against himself for the duration of her comforting speech. He kissed her palm and looked back into her eyes, like a Weight had been lifted he thanked her.

Noyiah nodded as he spoke about being at peace with it, something that she somewhat amazed by, the ability to hold onto such guilt without blowing up all the time was nothing less then incredible. She expected a man of his nature to have bottled things up until they exploded off at nothing. Yet Kazimir had never been anything but Romantic, kind, respectful and chivalrous to her.

Her offer to leave him with some time was declined with modesty, though she knew he would feel a little better now that he vented she also knew it would take some time to not have the past events weigh so heavy on his mind. His words ended with a smile, a smile which she returned with one of her own, a sweet and sincere smile that she often had, though she still held a slightly worried look, notable to hid it as much. His hand swept her bangs to the side, they fell back into place, but were stopped by his hand, his hand cupping her cheek and guiding her to him, she leaned closer to him, the chair at the point of balance that could flip at any point, luckily their lips met and the chair stayed true, a sweet and savory kiss was shared between them before she pulled away. Her back and knees hurt from holding such an elongated position. The chair Rocked slightly almost tipping but Noyiah managed to Equalize the balance and sat back quickly, her feet pulling out from under herself and planting onto the floor. Once stable she replied to his thankyou “ it takes effort on both part to make things work, I’m happy that you share with me the things that trouble you, I might not be able to do anything more then share your burden but I’m happy to do so” She smiled a beaming smile, the type that she couldn’t hide despite trying to close her moth more and press her lips to hide her teeth, but it still shined through. Taking the moment to take in what he said she took a deep breath feeling somewhat breathless from his words. “ I have truly never felt this way for anyone before, you mean a great deal to me as well. . .” she paused for a moment as the smile widened at the edge of her already pulled thinned lips “ and to think this never would have been a thing if you knew that particular tea house was closed” she said reminiscing sweetly about more pleasant memories.

She put her metal poker in the fire and watched the marshmallow burst into a fireball, before quickly pulling it back to blow it out, as she put it back in the marshmallow would slide straight off the rod and into the embers of the fire. “ . . .well . . .damn” she would say with a sigh.

Before wiping the tip of the metal rod off the side of the fireplace and letting it cool before offering it back out to Kazimir with a smirk, a wordless way of asking for another to be placed on the stick. But continued to talk “ I guess it was fate, as much as I hate the idea of fate. It just seemed perfect how things worked out.” her sentence ending with a crash of lighting off in the distance. Nothing that was too close but there was certainly a storm coming in. “a storms coming” she said matter-of-factly. A indisputable statement unless you could control the weather and spite her. “ I hope the roof holds up” she said slyly teasing him now in attempts to pull him from his mind and try and push more pleasant and present thoughts to heart. “ I love the energy in the rain, the storms wind and how empowering a storm feels when your in it, its a lot like being in love” she said softly casting a glance his way with a smile.

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
They leaned back in their chairs with a few more words of encouragement from her. He smiled yet again upon hearing them. “You’ve already done a lot. And I’ll try not to be so heavy,” he joked back with a smirk, showing that he was truly in a better mood now.

It always felt his chest with glee the way she couldn’t contain her emotions from showing. At least in some of these moments. She reaffirmed her feelings for him, which made the wind mage actually blush a bit, hopefully partially hidden by the light of the fire. He put his hand on her arm and gave it a loving squeeze.

He looked away coyly at the thought of the tea house, "Seems like living with my head in the clouds sometimes pays off," he playfully remarked as he looked back at her.

Kaz's eyes flashed wide as the marshmallow burst into flames. "Oh!" he exclaimed and hastily grabbed the graham cracker and chocolate to sandwich it. He was ready as she placed the treat back into the fire. He breathed a sigh of relief, that he wasn't late and she just wanted to blow it out. His hands lowered with the two hard pieces of candy in his hands, ready to make a sandwich. His moment of bliss faded as he watched the marshmallow slide of the metal rod.

he let out like a panicked whisper while reaching the graham cracker and chocolate forward as if to grasp the marshmallow before it was too late. His hands stopped well before the heat of the fire. Noyiah's simple response gave him a chuckle, "Good thing we have plenty more."

As she wiped the poker off, Kaz pulled his from the fire. It was lightly browned and nearly falling off the rod. He set it on the graham cracker and sandwiched it in, then slid out the rod. When she was facing him he grinned at the wordless smirk she made. Instead of putting a marshmallow on the rod he took hers in his hand and replaced it with the s'more he had created it.

"I'll tell you my biggest secret..."
he said with a quick raise of both his eyebrows and reaching back into a bag to pull out a chocolate bar and graham cracker. He set the graham cracker on the arm of the chair and took a large bite from the chocolate bar. "I actually don't eat the marshmallows." He then put a marshmallow on his rod once more to stick it back in the fire while she ate the one already made, if she took it.

"it does feel perfect, doesn't it. I'm not big on fate either. But whatever it was that brought us together I'm sure glad it did,"
he added.

Kaz looked at the window when the crash of lightning flashed in the night sky. "Suppose so. I've always slept well in them." He curled his mouth jokingly at her teasing remark. "Probably not. I was hoping you would take the side of the bed with the rainy leak," he teased back, unable to hold back his joking smile.

"I never knew you felt that way about the storm,"
somehow even though he knew how she felt, those words rushed through him enthralling his heart with a warmth that spread over him. "It is. Both soothing and vibrant at the same time," he replied meeting her eye contact.

The wind picked up with yet another crash of lightning. A roar of thunder rattled the shudders. Then a sudden swoop rushed down. A mass of feathers zipped by the window, shaking the shudders even harder. A scuttle of claws whirled around the rooftop of the cabin as Kaz's griffon landed and frailed about against the wind and rain.

While Kaz's griffon was on the roof both knights within the cabin could hear the cracking of branches as if something barreled through them and crashed against the ground. Kaz stood up and faced the doorway. "What do you think that was?"

#18Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah’s disappointment lasted only a moment as she wiped the stick off determined to make another one, this time the right way. She had been to hasty and she needed to wait and cook it slower. As she offered the stick up for the marshmallow as she nodded to his statement. During her time cleaning of the roasting stick Kazimir had managed to put together a smore, but instead of getting the marshmallow she watched as she slide an entire smore onto her stick. Quickly shifting it back towards her so it wouldn’t fall she let the rod slide between her thumb and the side of her hand untill it was almost in her hand then grabbed it off the top just before it sagged off and fell. A look of Surprise still on her face as she grabbed onto the graham cracker with two fingers placing the stick on the side of her chair leaning against the arm rest. Taking the time to look towards Kazimir as he started to speak.

With a smore in hand she listened to him, watching as he pulled a bar of chocolate and took a bit of it. She instantly smiled again, as she shook her head before she protested “ so like any other person, you don’t have to even go camping to get a chocolate bar”. She took the time to calculate how to go about taking the first bite of the goopy smore, figuring it was best to go for a corner she took a small bite, enough to take parts of each component. Taking the time to savor the bite she chewed it slow, finishing the bite off she would continue to talk about their relationship and then to later comment on the encroaching storm.

As Kazimir reacted to her small little speech comparing love to a storm she started to get ready to lean in for another kiss, still holding the smore in her hand she shifted her chair closer knocking her smore stick down in the process. Her eyes glanced from the smore stick to her love, her greyish blue eyes looking into Kazimir’s. As she leaned forwards a loud crash hit the side of the roof and skidded off and crashed into the woods. Her eyes widened as she jumped, she felt the tension hold for a second longer as she shifted to her feet and looked at the window where the feathers had swished past. She heard Kazimir ask a question that mirrored her own thoughts. Her rational brain organizing the most likely of events. “a tree maybe?” she asked just as much as answered, thinking maybe a tree hand blown over in the wind. It didn’t take her too long to get to the door and attempted to peek out “ we should look, and make sure your Griffon is okay” she said as she opened the door.

Wind Blasted through the cabin blowing about loose cloth and causing the fire to dance wildly. She took a second to cock her head to the side and then she would walk out, a smore still in hand, holding it out so delicately “ what the . . .” she said disappearing from view as she wandered out into the rain.

She came out to the oddest sight she had ever seen. A Griffon suspended upsidedown tangled in vines. It looked like it was okay, its eyes frantically looking from her to the roof. She took the time to turn and look back to see kazimirs griffon on the roof. Turning back to the wild griffon a little more confused she gestured a confused expression with the hand still holding the smore. As she did she watched the griffon’s eyes watch the smore.

Cautiously she looked at the smore and then to the griffon, a bit too distracted to notice if Kazimir had made it outside yet. The rain soaked her a second time as she slowly approached to look at the griffon. Not being able to just leave it there she watched it as she patted her side realizing she left her dagger in the shack. She would shift to head back but the griffon Screeched at her and she immediately stepped back and faced it.

The Griffons eyes never seemingly leaving a locked gaze with the smore now as its tongue slumped out of its mouth and it licked its beak. Though still a little shaken by the screech in her direction she hadn’t quite put together that the griffon wanted her smore.

#19Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was ready for the coming kiss. The metal rod fell to the floor but his eyes were still on his beloved. He smiled in the warmth and the moment they were about to share when everything came crashing in. The sound caused them both to stand, but it was Noyiah that made her way to the doorway first. He nodded in agreement to checking on the griffon. They were not strangers to storms but the lightning was a problem.

Noyiah opened the door and wind rushed in, fueling the fire. The bag of treats rustled and tipped over. Her clothes waved like a flag in the open. Kaz approached and held out his hand. The wind stopped its intrusion into the home but outside it still roared with life. "Noyiah," he called out to her as she stepped into the downpour.  

As she disappeared, Kaz made his way to the door, his hand grasped the entryway. He peeked his head out into the rain. Water bathed his face as he squinted, barely making out her shape. "Here we go,"he said stepping fully into the dark wilderness. He could still feel her presence with each step she took and he came closer.

Kaz's griffin scuffled side to side and the roof, its beak pointing towards the trees with each movement the winged beast made. He knew his mount well. This was not something he was threatened by, but rather was pleading for the mage and Noyiah to help.

The rain outlined Noyiahs body and Kaz approached from behind. She turned towards him for an instant but was pulled back by the screech of an animal. As Kaz finally got closer, he saw another griffon tangled in the madness on the trees. A flash of thunder revealed the animal in all its might.

Kaz could only barely make out its head gesture and the tongue that licked its beak. It seemed griffons were not all that different. The wind mage crossed his arms and gave a small laugh, water still pouring over his face. "I've spent a lot of time living with a griffon and that face is familiar. I think it wants your s'more." He shook his head and if Noyiah acted surprised he would say something like, "They like what they like I guess," with a shrug.

If she fed the Griffon, Kaz would be looking at the tangle of limbs and branched capturing the griffon. He sized them up and waited for Noyiah to become more comfortable with the griffon. When that was done, with two carefully placed blades of wind he would cut the griffon free.

Whatever would happen next Kaz would give the two a moment before coming to kneel or stand beside them.

Kaz's griffon let out a squawk from the rooftop and dropped to the ground, waiting by the doorway and crawling over to a place meant for horses, to protect itself from the rain.

#20Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Didn’t respond as she left the cabin, her  confusion seemed to silence her as she approached without any real precaution,   Luckily it was not a dangerous situation as she quickly found herself with a tangled up griffon.
It didn’t take too long before Kazimir came out with her,  she had turned and seen him but the startling screech the griffin made was frightful enough to draw her attention back.   As Kazimir approached from the doorway he seemed to figure out the reason for the beasts unwavering gaze.    As he mentioned it might want her s’more she nodded softly still holding a slightly confused expression. “ it wants a S’more . . don’t you eat meat” she asked to no one in particular as she looked at the griffon still dangling upside down and licking its beak.  Nothing in any of the book she had looked into said anything about this sort of thing.  And how did it end up so tangled? She thought to herself before she slowly approached   offering the mighty creature  her palm, the s’more pushed up onto it, “ its all yours. . . thanks for dropping by?” she said, an attempt at comedy,  but her delivery batched by the confusion in her tone still remaining.    She couldn’t fault the logic Kazimir spoke, if it wanted her s’more it could have it they had lots left, and this one, though it was her first likely wouldn’t be the last.

Once the griffin managed to lick the S’more from her hand, Kazimir break the vines with a simple spell.   The beast had cat like reflexes and swung to its feet without much effort, a feat that was quite impressive.   Her teeth started to click together as she watched the griffin follow Kazimir’s griffin into the shelter meant normally for horses.

“ddddooooo  yu yuyou thhhiinnnnk tttttuuuhhhey wwwwillll beee fffinnne?” she questioned through chattering teeth and shivers.  A bodily signal that told her that she needed to go in, though the griffin seemed unphased by the crash or the cold.  Noyiah gave a slight wave to the magnificent creature before heading back to the warmth of the fire.

Once they managed to get back in she would rechange her cloths to her last dry outfit, keeping her secret lingerie on.  She hung up her wet cloths a second time and hopped they would be dry for the next few days to come.  

After making a few more smores,  ( sneaking some out to the griffon) she would get ready for bed with Kaz,  cuddling down with him as the night progressed.  Laying her head across his chest and listening to his heartbeat she would say “thanks for brining me out here its been a good day”  she said softly listening to the stead heartbeat.

After a few minutes she would look up at him with a devilish grin before shifting up into a crawl and pin his hands above his head, giving him a kiss on his check before she would smirk and blow out the last lit candle

[Fade to black] <3

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz smiled at her silly joke towards the griffon. One of the many things he liked about her. He stood as they seemed to bond with one another. He remembered when He got his griffon, it was so quick and simple. A small act that left him with an unwavering companion. it wasn't long before the griffon wandered off and Joined Kaz's in the horses stable. The two animals were unphased by the elements. One of the many aspects of a griffon was their resiliency.

After the griffon ate the s'more, Kaz realized that they were going to need to make a lot more to keep up with its appetite.

Noyiah's, teeth chattered as she spoke. Kaz stepped forward to wrap his arm around her and pull her closer for warmth. "Yes," he looked back at the two griffons. "I think they will be. Now let's get inside before it's us that freezes." They made their way back inside and Kaz once again took off his wet clothes.

Closing the door trapped the heat in the room once more. There was a small side door that led out to the stables from the inside. If the griffons were close to the door they could share in the heat, not that they needed it.

With so many clothes already hung up to dry they didn't have much left to go through. A thought that didn't bother Kaz in the slightest. It would just mean more days inside with Noyiah. The two of them made some more s'mores and had some light-hearted chatting. Kaz smiled as she slyly snuck some s'mores out to the griffons. All the while Kaz was making sure there was enough being made to feed them.

They made their way to bed as the night grew late. He put his hand on her shoulder as she snuggled up to him. "My pleasure. It's been a great day for me too." He gave her a small squeeze with his words. Her hair fell across his chest. his heart beating faster as she listened to it.

A few minutes passed and she crawled up to pin his hands down with a familiar devils grin. As she pinned down his hands, Kaz looked up at his wrists now held firmly in her hands. She kissed his cheek and when she moved to blow out the candle he returned the kiss to her cheek.

They spent their night together as their two griffons now rested for a new day of adventure to follow. One that would soar through the skies.

[fade to black]

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