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Dahlia to Oak [Mount Travel]

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Dahlia to Oak [Mount Travel] Empty on Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:19 am


It was time to move yet again, and this time there was word of Liches in Oak, surely! Odin himself, Erebus’ friend, was a lich. He even owned a pub there! Oh what fun, to go killing with Odin, it would be. Erebus rode his horse onward.

Erebus decided he’d go there then, and see what all the fuss was about. If anything, free booze! On Odin. Erebus kept the candies collected to take back to that strange vendor he’d spoken too, ensuring he be able to get some kind of reward on his shoulders. If he could manage it, he’s aim to get ten more and purchase something wickedly impressive.

For now, his only goal was to reach the destination predefined to him by a map. Licked it off the Inn’s bartend lady. She was a dirty girl, but not a bright one. Never fall asleep first in your own bedroom when you’re one-night-standing kids. Firstly Erebus needed to remove himself from East Fiore. So out of the shady forests of Dahlia, the Zombie trudged for the next town over so he could take a boat towards Central Fiore next. The town over was called Magnolia. The place where those soft ass Fairies hibernated 9 months out of a year only crawl out every summer and pretend they were the hot new wizards around these parts.

Buncha Jokes.

“Not a single Fairy i’ve met to this point was anything beyond the point of a cockroach. Miserable lackeys, nothing more, lesser than less.” The Zombie scratched his cheek, tweaking a bit. He hated and envied them. For being nothing but polite, no advancement to strength. Success was a blossoming welcome to them all over the world. Yet Erebus painted armies under blood paint and all he got was chopped liver and a cult following. Stupid- stupid- stupid. Irregardless, nothing unusual. The journey would continue!

Through Magnolia and into Era, Erebus’s birth residence. A town of lies and illicit behavior, people just don’t get caught there. That’s all. Those streets crafted a genius, the Abyss just released the monster. Overall, Erebus dreamed to somehow take his town and make everyone slaves. It’s in the 1000 year bucket list for sure.

Then came Crocus, the Rune Knight playpen. Pansies!! Erebus hated this place even more than Magnolia, if there was any one creature as repulsive as a Fairy Tail member it was a Rune Knight. Bile, corrupt, fake; i mean seriously. Erebus was bad, but at least he owned up to himself, instead of hiding behind a King like some coward. It was a weak status, played out and lame. He just couldn’t, no he refused even, to ever be a Rune Knight. Erebus swept the town of it’s Homeless, as a message of ill warning... Not intentionally, but when you kill two on your way in, you wanna entertain yourself on the way out... So you kill around sixty. But who the fuck cares right? Population Control!

Astera — nothing was ever going on here, the whole walk was boring.
Baska - Erebus had some wild memories here prodding that Celeste girl years back. Maaan... With Bianca, and Nastasya long through the grave, and no signs of Ylva in months. Erebus was about ready for a new plaything... Maybe he’d find it in Oak?

Oak. He’d arrived.

572 words.

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