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The Death Tarot

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The Death Tarot Empty on Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:15 pm


After the rumble with Alistair had closed and finished, Erebus decided to get back to the studying of his fellow ghostly apparitions. In his lonesome, he sat at a bar. Ideas had sewn themselves in his mind, to see if he really was something that someone would consider between Life and Death. Downing a shot the Zombie stopped to stare at his pale hand. He then looked at the surface of the bar. As if on cue he pressed his hand against it. Feeling himself turn to mist as the first centimeter of his flesh  passed through, intangible to the hardwood. It rang clear to Erebus that his condition was advancing, and soon he would have all the answers to this reality and then the next.

Picking his drunken sluggish self up off the chair the Spellhowler walked outside. Thrust his hand towards the dirt as he whispered words of encouragement. Pulling his hand up and down. The gravel began to crack as if something wished to be plucked from the dirt. Growing flowers perhaps? No, something more morbid.

Erebus danced around the gravel pulling upwards against gravel until a 4centimeter diameter of a skull was apparent. Erebus was beginning to learn the power of Necromancy! Life over the dead. His eyes lit up, he was so invigorated by his new level of sophistication he managed to start laughing. And laugh he did as he pulled the whole head from the flooring, where it began to hum with energy.

Until all of a suddenly... Erebus hit the ground, choking on blood yet again. Blasted! This was a difficult and crucial time of challenge apparently. Nonetheless he laid there in the dirt, channeling his regeneration. Unlike before, his Abyssian powers had grown as well. Hand in hand, this could be learned, and Erebus vowed upon it.


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