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Spirit of the Wind (training)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Spirit of the Wind (training) Empty Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:29 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The air had changed around Crocus. Kaz found his way to the top of a building. The dark of night secluded him from the sight of citizens. It was a far cry from running free in the wilds but it would do.

He sat cross-legged on the building. His hands cupped one in the other and resting in his lap. His eyes were closed and wind flowed around him. It came in like waves lapping the sands of a beach.

The moment is upon you. The test of your fortitude," a deep voice whispered in his mind with the low rumble of a growl. "You are my vessel and it is time you took your place."

In the deep recesses of his mind, he stood before the great white tiger spirit. Their eyes locked on one another with a clear future. Together they stood in the eye of a great storm. The tiger took one step forward, a magic circle appearing at its foot. The great beast strode into the air on pillars of wind. Kaz analyzed the movements, how the circle formed, the direction of the wind. His eyes so squarely focused they took in nothing else.

Back on the rooftop, he opened his eyes. The wind continued to flow around his body, nearly lifting him from his seated position. The presence of the white tiger still prowled around him, nearly translucent.

He stood up, his feet felt lighter like he was already stepping on air. The feeling rushed through the rest of his body. A gust of wind pushed at his back, urging him to move. A smile crept upon his face when the wind whipped across his indigo bangs. "I see now," he whispered into the squall. His mind fully grasping this new change.

He stepped his foot down and a violent gust of wind blew out. The pressure tore streaks into the rooftop. He was sent soaring into the sky with immense speed. "Let's see if I ever have to touch the ground," he said as a challenge to himself, before kicking off once more and hurling outward. He sailed along the currents of the wind with jet streams of air behind him.

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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Spirit of the Wind (training) Empty Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:52 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The wind propelled him farther and farther. The ground and images that were once blurred, were now in focus. He could tell everything that was rushing by him. The wind no longer stung his face from the speed he had attained. He came close to landing and inches away he created another gust that danced him higher into the sky. He spun and flipped reaching greater heights. This new magic was less aggressive than what it once was but the freedom he felt was elating.

He kicked off again, pushing himself even higher. He had only reached those heights with the gryphon. Now it was time to figure out one last thing. He soared so freely that he had to make sure he could land with ease. He let his body hang in the air. A weightless feeling took over him in the second he was in stagnant before plummeting down towards the streets and buildings below.

He turned in the air to face the top of a building. He didn't level himself out. Instead, he aimed his side at the hard cement surface. Inches before impact he thrust his hand to the side and a burst of wind sent him dashing of sideways. With a twirl, he rotated in the air. His feet skidded across the rooftop, slowing his momentum.

With another kick of his foot, he dashed off again, sailing over the edge of the roof. He thrust his hand downward to create another gust almost right after he cleared the rooftop. This second rush of wind sent him careening across the street. His feet pressed against the wall of the next building. He bent his knees to disperse some of the pressure. With another deep breath filled with glee, he pushed both feet off the building and dashed outwards once more. With all the training and excitement of gaining control there was still the looming thought in his mind. The moment that they would return. The confrontation with his master.

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