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Wonder If We're Dead [Kaiser]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Wonder If We're Dead [Kaiser] Empty Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:56 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Long, dark eyelashes fluttered open, only to be greeted by the blinding white light that shone above her. Her body throbbed everywhere in excruciating pain and she couldn’t recall anything that happened before she was unconscious. She couldn’t think; there was almost like an electricity jolt in her brain whenever she tried to put it to work, as if someone was hammering down on her head.  

Where am I?

The room was as devoid of beauty as she was at that moment. Its walls are simply cream, not peeling or dirty, just cream. There is no decoration at all, save for the bed she was in and the tray of medical instruments lying next to her. Why was she even on a surgical bed to begin with? There was nothing she could remember. The stagnant smell of medicines and disinfectants wafted into her nose, it was so pungent she had the sudden urge to puke right there and then. Hospital? There was no way in hell she wouldn’t recognize the smell of a medical institution. But, how did she end up here?

”…Water…water,” her voice croaked, her throat as dry as a desert she could barely even talk.

Her legs were wobbly and weak as if they were rubber bands, bending every single time she took a step, whilst she attempted to stand, grabbing for the nearest item for support – the drip stand. As she made her way towards the only door that was located inside the room, she passed by a full-length mirror along the way. Staring at her own reflection, she remained frozen at the spot she stood. Her slender fingers reached for her long, silky scarlet hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She didn’t recognize herself. She didn’t even know her own name.

Who is this person in the mirror? Is this me? Her hand stretched towards the mirror, as if it would give her answers that she longed for.

How could she not even recognize her own self? She wondered, as she gazed down at her hands, her fingers, her body – none of this looked familiar to her. Panic rose within, there was nothing she knew about anything that was going on with her. Was she abducted? She needed to get out of the place as soon as possible, she thought.

Her clothes were damp from her sweat, despite being in the middle of winter season, clutching at her body like a child to its mother, and were unrelenting in the frigid, harsh gales that blew across the undulating lands of Crocus. She doesn’t know how, but somewhat, she made it to the exit of the building, leaning onto the iron metal doors for support, knuckles white as her chest heaves while she tried to calm her breathing. Where was she supposed to go now? She hardly even knew where she was, what country she was in, Hell, which planet was she on now? So many questions yet, none of them answered.

There was nothing she could do, except escaping from this place. She was planning to run far, far away even if it meant going to the other side of the planet until she finds her answers, she figured. How long would she last? – that she did not know. Every inch of her body writhed in agony yet, she continued to proceed towards a destination she did not even know.

Am I already dead? She might as well be dead.


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Someone had the audacity to make Kaiser get up this early in the morning for a job that she couldn’t care less about. The messenger arrived at the hotel she was currently staying at and made the hotel staff give her a call, saying it was an emergency. The vampire was awakened by a devastating ringing that continued to buzz in her head even when the noise was gone. When answered, the caller who identified himself as ‘Quince’, a name she had never in her life heard of, stated his business. Apparently he was here to deliver a parcel to Kaiser which was part of a job procedure that she didn’t even plan on starting today. Infuriated by the false urgency of this matter, the vampire screamed into the receiver and smashed the device against the wall. This prompted Quince to leave the parcel at the reception and leave without another word. Unfortunately, thanks to the noise that woke her up, Kaiser couldn’t go back to sleep and so she got up to start her day.

Stepping out through the busy entrance of the hotel, Kaiser wondered if she should rent an apartment next month wherever she was because every time she went somewhere, she ended up staying there for over a month and it was too costly to stay in a hotel all the time. She made a mental note to consider this the next time she traveled. Even though she was a criminal, she didn’t like to do things that would destroy her image in the way that crashing at a ‘friend’s place, for example, would. She was independent, and would never let people think that she was one of those lowly criminal types. Anyhow, today was one of those days on which she had nothing urgent to do and could chill the whole day if she wanted. Of course, the latter was her preferred way of spending this day, that is if the following events didn’t occur.

A few blocks down from the hotel was a well-known hospital that was normally the first choice for anyone who got sick in this neighborhood. Kaiser had never been there, not even to steal blood bags, nor had she visited anyone there. She never even paid any attention to it until this day, when an erratic patient with auburn hair came bursting out of the establishment. Without any physical contact, the vampire would have minded her own business and walked away, but the stranger bumped straight into her like she was completely blind. Kaiser’s reflexes led her to catch the girl by firmly grabbing her from her forearms with both hands so that the both of them remained upright and didn’t go crashing down to the hard cement. The bump accidentally unclasped her necklace, the Millenium Eye, and so the vampire quickly picked it back up and fastened it around her neck while mumbling the words, “Sick blind bitch...can’t see two inches in front her…” that were barely audible. But the moment she stood upright and glared at the girl directly, the frown on her face slowly softened. Not only did she recognize the panic in her eyes, Kaiser could sense the enormous pool of mana that the girl possessed with the help of her magical necklace. Her instincts led her to remove her coat and wrap it around the stranger.

“Shouldn’t you be in there, in a hospital bed or something..?” she asked, cocking her head towards the hospital. It was evident that she was unable to think of an appropriate way to start a conversation in this very awkward situation, although she was interested enough to get involved in her business.

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#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Venus looked as if she had just came out of her death grave, her face as pale as the snow that flurried past her limp figure. The woman was in her gown – the most ugliest of all, white with a horrible stench of chemicals and medicine. She wobbled in her steps, hardly even able to keep her legs straight as she stalked through the thick blanket of snow, barefoot. It was strange how her body was unaffected by the cold, despite wearing the most thinnest of clothing: it could’ve been due to the medications she was on, she wondered.

People gawked at her awkwardly before they turned towards their partner and whispered into their ears, silently judging her being, but none offered to help. She didn’t know where to go, or where she was walking even. Her legs had already grown numb from hours of walking without any destination to follow and they weren’t working as she told them. Neither were her hands, or her fingers. Somewhere, deep within, she knows her brain is sending signals telling her what to do – whether or not her body was listening was a different story.

It wasn’t until she lost her balance and bumped into the person right in front of her. With the medications she was on, she could hardly even see who it was, but she caught a glimpse of long chocolate-coloured hair. A female. Venus didn’t know if she was here to save her or kill her, but at least someone noticed her. She felt something warm on top of her shoulders.

What a kind stranger, she thought.

It could’ve just been someone seizing an opportunity to abduct her, but she would prefer that rather than walking around endlessly for hours, not knowing where to go. But then, even if they were to do that, what would they gain from her when she could barely walk or talk?

She heard some kind of mumbling from the stranger. ”…Hospital…”


All she could hear was the loud shrill of icy gales that blew across the land and the deafening sound that keeps ringing in her ears. ”I’m…not from…there..” she moved her lips soundlessly, trying to keep the conversation to the bare minimum to reduce to pain from the abdomen. ”…Laboratory.” That was the last place she was in before she escaped. She didn’t know what that sort of building was, but from the scent, the appearance, the tools, it looked as if she was inside someone’s expansive laboratory.

”…Help…me.” She managed through her thin, cracked lips, her voice hardly audible.

Perhaps if the stranger knew what she was talking about, she would offer to help. She didn’t want to get her hopes high, thinking that the female would save her albeit, if she was well enough, she would share her side of the story – if she was willing to listen. Somewhere along the lines of her sentence, she found herself drifting back to sleep, her vision growing hazy by the second until she was engulfed by the darkness and fell into a deep slumber once again.


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Kaiser wasn’t the kind of person who helped people; at least not for free. However, in this case, she was highly fascinated by the girl and naturally, and was coming up with all sorts of ideas about how she could cultivate her massive magic potential into something useful for herself. She seemed to be completely lost and unable to utter more than a few words at a time...it was pretty likely that she was high on some drugs but the pungent odors coming from her body made her deduce that the drugs were probably administered forcibly into her being. Being the quick-witted person she was, the vampire knew that taking her back into the hospital wouldn’t yield the results that would be favorable to both the girl and herself, but mostly for herself. While she was convincing herself in her head that it was fine to help this girl, the redhead started to lose consciousness, right after telling her to help her. Pressing her lips into a thin line, the vampire made sure the girl didn’t fall flat on her ass.

“Alright if you want my help you better not pass out because if you do I am leaving you, believe it,” she said through gritted teeth. An internal conflict of ‘Kaiser what the eff are you doing?’ and ‘It’s alright to help someone once in a while. The number of people you kill each week makes you evil still’ was going on in her head and it was more than what she could handle. Kaiser had never done something like this before, so of course her mind was racing at the speed of light while she brought the redhead further away from the hospital. She had an idea of how to handle this. First she would take the girl to one of her connections to bring her back to her senses, and so she hired a carriage and directed the driver to a neglected corner of town where her ‘friend’ resided. “You’re gonna have to trust me on this,” she told the girl in case she was scared or something.

Once brought into the small home of Quince the uncertified doctor, Kaiser gestured for her new friend to sit in one of the cushioned chairs by the entrance while she talked to Quince. The doctor came out from the back, holding a palm sized animal that resembled a kitten. Going by the expression on his face, he was in a good mood, and that was really relieving to know in this case. Having to ask a distraught Quince for a favor? Not today, not ever. “Wow, is this your way of saying ‘thank you’ for my previous favors that you never even hung around to thank me for?” The vampire laughed heartily at this, but returned to seriousness almost too soon and that alerted the doctor. “So uh...what do you need this time?” he asked, evidently anxious about her request. Kaiser cocked her head towards the girl.

“Bring her back from the dead.”

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#5Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Scarlet eyes fluttered open through thick, dark eyelashes and Venus found herself, yet again, in a different room compared to the place she was at prior to this. It was lit up by warm, dim light; candles flicking on the bedside table that was located on each side of her bed. It was not a hospital nor a clinic, but perhaps a private workplace of someone who was studying the practice of medicine.

Peering over the window that was located on her side, it had only come to her sudden realisation that it was already nightfall. How long has she been unconscious for? Perhaps the woman she’d met in the streets had saved her and carried her here, and she couldn’t remember anything that occurred after she passed out cold in the middle of the city, but at the very least, she was relieved at the thought that she was no longer at the laboratory or a hospital.

The woman attempted to move, only to have a sharp pain jolt through her abdomen. Her wound was still fresh and bloody, though it seemed that someone had already cleaned up the mess and treated her, considering how her injuries were wrapped in bandages. Her vision finally restored as she blinked and let her eyes inspect the room, taking everything in her sight. Two unfamiliar figures lingered at a short distance from her bed and if they’d noticed her consciousness, she’d ask, ”Where am I?” Her throat was still as dry as ever, but due to her recent treatments, she felt better than before.

Her gaze shifted over to the alluring dark-haired woman, studying her carefully. As beautiful as she was, there was something about her that almost warned her to be vigilant and not succumb to her beauty. She remembered the colour of her hair and her scent from before she became unconscious from her wounds and heavy medication. It was only then Venus had a proper look of the woman ”You saved me. Thank you.” she began, a pause to recollect her thoughts before adding, ”Who’re you? Why did you save me?”

It was the question Venus was most curious about. Unknowing where she was or who was involved it, the redhead needed to be cautious approaching strangers. People were selfish creatures; they wouldn’t help another of their own kind unless there was something to gain for themselves.


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It seemed that Kaiser’s new friend couldn’t go a full three minutes without losing consciousness, but thankfully Quince here wasn’t busy and had all the time in the world to help Kaiser today. Even if he didn’t, Kaiser would make him find time for her anyway. Without another word, Quince handled the redhead professionally despite his lack of certification. He carried her swiftly to the room in the back where he carried out his business. The vampire followed after him, wanting to know every detail of the whole process. It wasn’t a surprise the girl couldn’t stay conscious for longer than the attention span of a goldfish, she was bleeding heavily from a pretty deep wound. Fortunately, the vampire had her filling just a few days back, because that amount of blood would definitely rouse a hungry Kaiser and the redhead would have become her lunch.

While Quince worked his magic to stop the bleeding and bandage her up like a mummy, Kaiser made herself tea. After knowing the self-acclaimed doctor for some time, his home felt like her own and she would go in and out of it without needed his permission most of the time. Bringing her tea back into the operation room, she took a seat on one of the chairs next to the bed. The questions were undeniably there. Who was she? Why did she have such a massive mana reserve? Where was she from? How did she get that wound? And most importantly...why didn’t she want to go to a hospital when she had a gaping wound that needed urgent treatment? There were no answers at the moment, but she would find out. Raising her teacup to sip some warm peppermint tea, Kaiser calmly speculated Quince’s work of art.

After taking care of her injury and putting her on an IV drip, Quince began to explain to Kaiser that she needed to take a rest for like a whole month before she did anything physically demanding, and that she would have to keep coming to him for follow ups, wound treating and removing stitches. “Did you find anything interesting?” the vampire asked, since that was what she was more interested in, compared to the well-being of the patient. Quince shook his head, because he immediately understood what Kaiser was asking about. Biting down on her bottom lip, she sighed. One hand rested on her hip as she ran her fingers on the other through her hair as if that would help her understand the situation better.

“If you don’t need her anymore I can switch up the fluids in the drip and make it easy for you.”

“Shut the fuck up, Quince.” Kaiser was really thinking about this one. The doctor raised his hands up as if to admit defeat. Almost right after this, the redhead stirred, surprising both the vampire and her doctor friend. It was too soon, but it was probably because she had as much strength to match her mana reserve. Quince turned to face his patient as well while the vampire placed her tea on a table nearby and walked a bit closer to the bed. Of course the girl also had questions of her own and a small smile crept onto the undead’s lips. “I’m Kaiser, and this is Quince,” she said, gesturing to the doctor who gave a nod, “This is his home slash workplace, I guess.” The question of ‘why’ she saved her...even though the first thing that prompted her to do it was the crazy amount of mana she sensed, just that alone wasn’t the reason for sure. Kaiser couldn’t answer this. It seemed that Quince was even more curious about the answer to this question than the redhead.

“You were running away from a hospital when you had a gaping wound...I want to know why you did that. And...like who are you?” she asked. The look on Quince’s face said ‘What the fuck?’ which was quite appropriate in this situation. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered in this huge mess.

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#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Wild Rose

Kaiser was her name, and Quince being the savior of her life by treating to her wounds. ”Kaiser,” she repeated to herself, as though it would give her answers and the brunette only made it more difficult for her by answering her questions with questions.

”That’s what I want to know myself.”

The woman breathed out a sigh; out of exasperation and fatigue, unknowing how she should explain her situation. The only thing she was certain at that point was that she was saved by a stranger who also sought answers from her when she couldn’t remember anything prior to when she found herself on a surgical bed. ”I don’t even know how I got there,” she began, instinctively brushing off a few strands of her unkempt scarlet hair. What were they expecting from a person who hardly came out of the building alive, bewildered and intimidated?

”I was scared when I woke up – I didn’t know where I was or why I was there. It could’ve been an experiment, or anything. I didn’t choose to find anyone inside the building either, they could’ve been trying to kill me. I just can’t seem to recall any memories at all, it’s like there’s this big chuck of block in my brain.”

The young female brought her face into her hands; she wasn’t crying, she was just exhausted of everything that’d occurred up till now and she couldn’t help but wonder what she’d done to deserve this. Her recollection of her memories was always accompanied by a sharp jolt of pain in her head, that keeps pounding, as though it would explode any second.

”I don’t even know my name…” the woman trailed off, staring down at her pale, calloused hands: she didn’t even know why her hands were in the shape of how it was.

So many questions, yet none of them answered. She’d shift her attention to the reflection that was casted on the window beside her and the only thing that crossed her mind was: who was she? At one point, the pain within her had already grown numb that she couldn’t be bothered about it anymore. What was the point of trying to recall her memories when she couldn’t remember it?

”I just want to rest.” She spoke to no one in particular while she continued to stare out of the window and watched the scenery unfold with the sun setting over the horizon. ”Thanks for saving me. I won’t be able to do much, but perhaps I can do something to make up for it."


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Two things. There were two things that Kaiser surmised could have been the cause of this. “Maybe you overdosed on something and hurt yourself,” she began. The second thought was close to impossible. “Or maybe you were actually kidnapped.” After saying this, the vampire sighed and turned back to get her cup of tea and downed it. She was ready to leave, even though the treatment wasn’t exactly done yet. Kaiser was known to be a pretty impatient person, and right now she was feeling a bit impatient because she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted.

“Wait you can’t—”

“Alright dear, we’ll continue resting at my place. Quince will bring any medical supplies over there and help you have a speedy recovery,” she said, emphasizing on the part about Quince providing treatment at Kaiser’s place. It wasn’t anything fancy since she wasn’t here in Crocus for a very long time. She rented one of those villas that humans used to have holidays in and such. Being the only person who occupied the space, she felt like a bird, having infinity to explore with so much freedom.

Unclasping the little bag from which the redhead was getting fluids, Kaiser held it carefully, signalling with her eyes for the girl to get off the bed while Quince just stood there bewildered and wishing to interrupt but not daring to. “We have to leave. This place is too public, we’re relocating to my villa,” she explained so that her new friend knew what in the hell was going on. Bringing her to the entrance while telling Quince everything she wanted him to do for her—and also telling him she was paying extra for his services so that he wouldn’t ghost her.

A carriage arrived to pick them up and take them to Kaiser’s villa. It was one of Quince’s buddies who kept secrets. They wouldn’t have to worry about people finding out where they went or anything. Kaiser told her doctor friend to follow later just to make things go smoothly. She didn’t want people poking their noses in her business.

Once they were on the carriage and headed to the villa, the vampire turned to fully face the redhead while holding the drip bag. It reminded her of blood bags and the times she would raid hospitals for them. She took a good look at her, wondering if she could be one of those daemons in a human body—a disguise. But she gave her the benefit of the doubt. “If you don’t have a name, let’s give you one. Rosé,” her speech faltered as she quickly tried to come up with something more unique to cover up her very first (and very lame) attempt at naming people. “Venus Rosé…” she decided, with a satisfied smirk. She came up with the name Rose for obvious reasons (her hair), and added that little accent to make it fancy. But why Venus came to her mind, was because it was undeniable that the girl was a pure beauty and reminded Kaiser of the Goddess of Beauty herself, Venus. She thought it was a perfect combination, but because of the way she was, it was a take it or leave it. If the girl didn’t like the name she gave her, she had the freedom to change it into something else. During the ride back to her villa, she would let the redhead rest while making sure they were safe throughout the journey. If the plans that Kaiser had came to fruition, it was almost certain that Venus would be a part of them.

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