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Enchanting the Amulet[quest][Amen'ra]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Enchanting the Amulet[quest][Amen'ra] Empty Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:48 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz began his walk towads the mage's tower. A page had brought him a letter more like a sumons than a request. He tucked the perfumed letter away in his pocket.

The step of the tower spiraled upward with windows at every few intervals that looked out over the courtyard. It was kept pristine without a single cubweb or gathering of dust. Making his way upwards with every step he heard faint skittering behind him. Taking a quick step up he whipped his head around to see tiny faint glowing creatures wisking through to clean up the dirt left by his footsteps Hm, he muttered before climbing the rest of the way until he reached a wooden door with an intricate rune carved into it.

As he reached for the door the rune glowed and the door swung open wide before his hand could touch it. Inside was a woman sitting at a desk with her legs crossed. Sh faced the doorway and a large tome rest across her legs. She shut the book without a sound, Welcome.

Kaz stepped in and the door lingered open. The sound of more footsteps echoing down the pathway. Lady Merlin I presume,he said with a curious glance around the room at the shelves and piles of books.

The woman stood up with a prideful bow, "The one and the same. We have the wind now we wait for the flame," She said as her eyes veered towards the doo ready for the arrival of another.

The wind mage pondered who this second person was going to be. If it was someone he knew or a new face to become accustomed to. The room had the smell of flowers and rain despited being completely dry. The books were of a large variety and their were many strange apparatuses scattered about. This woman had the knowledge to live up to the claims made about her.

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Enchanting the Amulet[quest][Amen'ra] Empty Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:55 pm


Amenra has no problem helping a fellow mage out in his spare time. Sure he assumed he was better on a battle field but he was also daringly intelligent and now would be a test of his brain power. He’d taken a quest to help Lady Merlin to enhance one of her amulets and it sounded interesting enough, so he figured he’d get it over with.

That was until he saw the stairway to the upper level and cringed, his own fear of enclosed spaces nearly haunting him. Without even looking, eyes closed and behind the black material from his sweater he would dash up the stairwell; uninterested in any sight seeing and hurrying to the top. His blue jeans stressed under his quickly moving legs, his spiked choker ever present on his neck and his spiky hair swaying in the speed of his movement.

It was a minute or two before he’d reached the top and finally took the time to breath and let oxygen fill his lungs. Amber eyes looking to an open doorway and he composed himself before walking through, black boots making his presence known and nearly introducing himself before stopping. Eyes fixed on a friend he’d met once or twice before.

”Kaz, what a pleasant surprise,” Amen’ra mused before stopping and looking to the woman. So this was Merlin! ”and an honor, lady Merlin!” he greeted to which he nodded with a solemn smile. Now that everyone was present she would continue on to speak of their task at hand.

Obviously they were going to be enchanting an amulet but it was for a gift. For longevity and perfect health, and if Merlin was giving it to someone he KNEW it would work. Without further instruction she was handing the amulet off to Kaz and telling them that everything they needed was in the room around them, perfect!

Making a swift exit Amenra would look to his companion and give a small chuckle and place a hand in his shoulder. A friendly gesture between the man he’d helped in the past. ”Well, it’s great to see you again. We’d better get started or we’ll be here... all day” He jested, motioning to all the tomes around them. It may have been a joke but it still rang true unfortunately.



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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
coming up the stairs and entering with a pair of familiar black boots was a face he had seen not too long ago. His eyes met the amber ones of the man he called an ally. Kaz smiled and gave a friendly nod with a slight chuckle, "Amen'ra! A pleasant surprise indeed." He returned the man's greeting before they both turned their attentions toward Lady Merlin who explained the rest of their task. Simple enough and after what the two of them had been through this would be a breeze.

Afterwards, she handed Kaz the amulet and Amen turned to face the towering stack of books. Kaz felt a hand on his shoulder as Amen spoke. A simple gesture building on the friendship they were forming.  "Great to see you without us running for our lives," he jested. Kaz let out a joking sigh with both his hands on his hips, "Yeah...we have our work cut out for us. But think of all the knowledge," a flicker was in the wind mage's eye.  

Kaz walked to a shelf and lifted book after book from tables and the floor briefly reading their titles. The woman called from the other room, "Do take your time...you may just find something of interest."

He kept digging through what seemed to be like endless tomes pouring from stacks and rolling like waterfalls from the shelves. He mumbled the title of the book as he scoured the literature. "So what have you been up to since we last met?" He called from around the side of a large bookshelf, but once Amen gave his answer Kaz had no reply as he found something. He ran his hand across the top of the book dusting off the title. It would be up to Amen to uncover the book they actually searched for. But Kaz held his book up between them, "Look at this,"

The book read, 'The unison of fire and wind magic,'

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Kazimir was always a lovely spirit to be around, he was friendly and charming not to mention he could hold his own. It wasn't always the case with other mages in the world but Amen'ra felt the two of them had a natural chemistry that was nothing short of platonic love. Which was a thought only reinforced by Kaz's joke that made the sun mage actually chuckle aloud in the quiet room, all because of how true it was. Their first meeting was on odd terms and it seemed like their adventures would only continue from there in such a manner. After all, Amen'ra wasn't sure if Kaz had gotten rid of those wind mages for good.

A small nod would come with his companion mentioning all the knowledge they'd come across, and despite Amen'ra being a spellsword he was very interested in magic. The fundamentals, the advancement, the theories, they were all things that simply fascinated him to the core and it showed. Especially in the glint of interest in his eyes with his friends words while they began their search.

Amen'ra didn't even look over to his friend while he spoke, instead continuing his search through the stacks while replying. "Oh you know, slaying demons, potentially finding love, fighting cursed children...nothing too interesting." He spoke in a nonchalant tone while his eyes darted around the room and laying eyes on a key word he was looking for in the title, moving to lift the book and finding it. However he didn't inform Kaz yet as he was called over, and instead clasped the book behind his back; walking over innocently to see what the fuss was about.

There was an intense flash of interest from the sun mag who scanned the title over and over again, realizing the two of them were destined for unity. "I think i've read about this before, it's called an.. uh... unison raid!" He snapped his fingers as he thought up the term and continued explaining. "When two mages unite magics of similar nature, creating an even stronger attack..." He'd finish while rubbing the hardcover and whistling with an impressed tone.

"Lady Merlin, do you mind if once we're done here we borrow this book for a while? I promise to leave it in mint condition... speaking of books, I believe this is what we were looking for." He'd reveal the item behind his back titled 'Enchantments for Longevity & Perfect Health' with a coy smirk. patting the book as if congratulating it on a job well done and moving over to a small round table for them to sit and work at.


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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Enchanting the Amulet[quest][Amen'ra] Empty Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:01 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Amen'ra's chuckle put a grin on the wind mage's face. It reaffirmed a strong friendship that would only get stronger. It had been some time since he made a friend outside of the rune knights and this was a pleasant turn of events. He already owed the man a lot from helping him with his clan. Amen'ra didn't ask anything in return. A person with as true a heart as that was hard to come by.

Kaz tilted his head to listen to Amen'ra, while he pulled more dusty books from shelves and place them back. "Huh, Just the typical things," he replied with a playfully sarcastic tone as what Amen'ra listed was anything but casual. Then again in their line of work perhaps it was. "Congratulations on finding love," he replied with genuine excitement for Amen'ra. "I hope that finding love was not caught up in those other two things."

The sun mage crossed the room as Kaz held out the book for him to see. The wind mage had an idea of what this may lead to but had to have confirmation. He waited as Amen'ra excitedly read the title. Kaz's own intrigue was growing and then eagerly nodded when Amen'ra made his proclamation. "A unison raid. I've only heard about them faintly in theory. Something I had forgotten...until now," he said looking back at his comrade for the rest of his explanation.

"I see. A united attack between two mages,"
he repeated with intrigue and thought about how the two had only just met and already this was upon them. It couldn't be a coincidence that Lady Merlin had brought them both together this day.

Amen'ra without hesitation asked the Lady if they could borrow it. She leaned back in her seat with a devious grin. "Oh. Of course. Please do. It has been a long time since anyone has looked at that tome," she replied.

When Amen'ra revealed the book behind his back Kaz simply put one hand on his hip and shook his head. The sun mage was a sneaky and coy one indeed. Lady merlin congratulated them and gestured towards the table for them to continue their work.

Flipping open the pages of the book revealed that several ingredients were needed for the ritual. Kaz thumbed over half of them. "Nice job finding the book. I'll take these half of the ingredients. And then after this is all done," he began to speak with an emblazoned gleam in his eye," seems we have some interesting work to get done ourselves."

With that, he rushed off with more focus than before to hastily find the ingredients. He darted from side to side, luckily all the items were scattered around the study. He scooped them up and held them tucked into his bent arm. Piling one atop the other and hurried back to the table. The items were spilling out of his arm and he slowly placed them on the table before they tumbled out.

The two managed to arrive simultaneously. Next the spell called for two mages to unite their focuses magical power to activate the amulet. No doubt a prelude to what they would need to do for the unison raid.  

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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Enchanting the Amulet[quest][Amen'ra] Empty Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:42 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Once their powers combined to enchant the amulet, it hovered in the air and crackled with magical energy. Fire and wind stormed around it before it settled back down in the tight nestings of its box. Lady Merlin stood up and wrapped the box in a neat bow then handed it to the both of them.

She instructed them to carry it to Luciel who would be ecstatic to receive such a fine gift. They moved through the halls, taking extra care not to drop the box. Kaz held it with both hands beneath it like a ring bearer watching every step he took.

They soon reached the other library where a young girl sat, buried beneath books. They were piled around her. Mountains of knowledge at her disposal and she sifted through them all. The two mages approached the girl, who slowly turned away from her studies to meet them.

"Here ya go,"
Kaz said as he extended the box towards her. The girl tilted her head, unsure as to what the meaning of all this was. The fact that it was her birthday hadn't set in yet, with all the immense studying she had been doing.

"A gift from lady Merlin."
with that, the girl's eyes nearly popped out of her head. She squealed to life and leapt from the pile of books. large tomes tumbled to the floor. Their pages flopped open and bookmarks scattered about.

She grabbed the box with a wide smile filled with glee and sat down to yank off the ribbon, "THANK YOU," she exclaimed.

With a smile on his face Kaz turned to Lady Merlin who had the reward in her hand. She nodded towards the book the held the knowledge of the unison raid and wished them a safe and prosperous future with it.

With a mission done. He patted his friend on the back and headed down the long stairs of the tower. They had a lot more training to do now.

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Merlin's allowance of the tome in question was met with a playful raising of his fist as if he were an excited kid again, bring it down as if elbow himself in the rib. With that they were getting back to work, the book splayed on the table with the duo rummaging through it's contents. It wasn't but a few seconds before they were on the right page and they were splitting the ingredients into a scavenger hunt. "Sounds good to me, the sooner the better!" He beamed back at the enthusiasm for their unison raid.

It was rare to come across someone as charming and friendly as Kazimir in a world full of dark terrors and mentally unstable mages. Not that he was judging, more so noting that not many people believed there was something worth fighting for anymore. But the two of them knew, that things were only darkest before the light shone through.

It was a feat that was rather difficult but he knew the two of them would have no issue getting it done. How could they not breeze through it? Their personalities were extremely compatible, as were their magics, and both were more than powerful enough to get the task done.Those monks who'd spent their lives and failed at it just didn't have it in them, a shame really.

Moving into a frenzy to grab everything they needed, the two men met back at the table where the ritual would begin. Focusing the sun's divine magics through himself the two mages powers would mix to bring life to the amulet which raised into the air between them, as if symbolizing the spiritual tether. A small dance of fire and wind around it before it was back in it's box and gift wrapped from Merlin herself. Even the smallest of touches helped when gifting someone he supposed.

With the task nearly done, Amen'ra moved beside his companion to find the young girl this gift had been for in the first place. The two of them moving in a optimistic stride, knocking the girl from her stupor caused by the piles of books she was working through. Kaz handing over the gift didn't do any better in clearing her mind but he eventually told her it was a gift from her mistress. That seemed to bring life to her eyes without much more explanation needed, thanking them and tearing open the package.

Moments like this brought happiness to the sun mage, it was the reason he was doing this in the first place. To make others feel happy, safe and at peace and with that in mind Lady Merlin had appeared behind the duo. Her eyes moving to the book for a moment only to then wish them luck on their travels and in their endeavors, something Amen'ra truly appreciated. It wasn't often he was wished well by others after having done a job well done, but Merlin was a lady of class so it was to be expected.

Amen'ra felt much safer in the stairwell with Kaz beside him, so it kept him from freaking out and going into a claustrophobic frenzy. Instead they made small talk and discussed their plans for the unison raid attempt, after a little bit of practice he figured. In no time they'd be raining down hell on any evil doer or other-worldy being in need of a good ass kicking.

Continuing his journey alone now as the two of them had gone their separate ways, Amen'ra had begun thinking of more ways he could help Lady Merlin. She was a powerful sorceress and he could only think of the ways she could help him expand his magics to new heights, so he could be more useful in the long run. Maybe she'd help him expand his sun magic to where he might be able to create an actual sun! it was doubtful but a guy could dream couldn't he.


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