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White Imp [W.I.P.]

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White Imp is a close knit family of friends and people who seek a common goal of defeating evil and detering criminals using fright. They are hard on crime, but forgiving of any small criminals willing on starting a new life and join White Imp. They are a rowdy bunch who enjoy drinking and gambling and other reckless activities. However, with a strong sense of morals, White Imp supports each other and is very open minded. They are charismatic and love messing with criminals and villains.


  • The users may only take Good quests.

  • Anyone who are friends of a member may join .

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about White Imp to any others for as long as they live.

  • The user may not harm other members of the guild, or innocent people with intent.





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White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 WHITE IMP

This is where you put the general description of your guild. It is the overarching idea that formed you guys; It is your goal; It is your credence. This is your chance to explain to anyone who knows nothing about you what your guild is about. Please include within your description what alignment you would classify your guild as; Good, Evil, or Neutral. Try to be impartial! Once S3 starts, the Royal or Noble factions may change your guilds alignment at any given time due to what is occurring IC, and it is better to reflect who you are early rather than have it changed on you.

White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 REGULATIONS

  • This is where you place your regulations for your guild. These should be the rules and laws in which your members must govern by.

  • Users may look at any of the guilds that currently exist, or other WIPs, in order to get an idea of what sort of regulations they would like to use.

  • These regulations can be relatively relaxed, or extreme. Remember it is up to the creator. If you'd like a strict guild with severe consequences, that is fine. However, keep in mind you must appeal to your member base.

  • The regulations must be things your members are required to do, or are expected to do. There can also be punishments for those who fail to meet the criteria.

White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 BUILDING

A once old and ruined house in the outskirts of Astera, but now renovated somewhat, it has been turned into the guild hall for White Imp. With a stable for horses, pens for chickens, and a range for cows, this guild hall is not that comparable to the buildings in the city of Astera, but perhaps more akin to a country house from Baska. Regardless, it manages to catch the eyes of people in need of help with the White Imp symbol plastered on a sign at the front of the guild hall. It is located on the outskirts of Astera on the side of some rolling mountain plains, but close enough to the city to be considered part of it. It has a guild hall job board and some well kept rooms for key members of the guild who wish to stay.

White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 MASTER

This will be the current, acting Guild Master. Should the Guild Master ever change, this part of the page will be updated to reflect that change. However, the old Masters will be recorded in an index, so make sure to describe yourself.

White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 TITLES

  • Title: This is where you can create up to 4 titles for your guild.

  • Title: These titles can grant little bonuses to the members who hold them.

  • Title: These bonuses can be in the form of stats, resistances, maybe even spells.

  • Title: Do keep in mind they will need to be approved though!

White Imp [W.I.P.] Webp_n10 PERKS

Level 0:

  • Name: This is where you decide the perks that come with your guild, based on the level an individual has reached within that guild.

Level 1:

  • Name: There can be multiple small perks per level.
  • Name: Or larger, single perks per level. It's up to you!

Level 2:

  • Name: These are some of the things that will truly separate your guild from the rest. So think about what it is you wish to offer!

Level 3:

  • Name: Those joining upon guild creation will start level 3.
  • Name: This includes normal members as well as the guild master.

Level 4:

  • Name: Keep in mind, some current guilds have better perks than others. So please don't think that just because one of the S2 guilds had it, your guild for S3 is entitled to it.

Level 5:

  • Name: That said, we suggest coming to some sort of theme and sticking to it!


  • User 1: This is your guild. These are the members that are making this whole thing possible.

  • User 2: While you can start with more than 3 members, it takes at least 3 to actually be able to submit your guild for creation. These 3 are separate from the individual who has been listed in the "Guild Master" section.

  • User 3: While the minimum for a guild is 4 members with at least 1 being A rank, there is no limit to the other members. They can be higher or lower; It's all up to who is interested!

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