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Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:12 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was set to train with Shimura. The young knight had definitely impressed Kaz with his ambition and combat prowess in Era. Now was an opportune time to hone the man's skills and perhaps he could come up with some other spells.

He headed out beyond the great walls the surrounded the city of Crocus. They were immense in size and insurmountable for most. Kaz gazed at the grand structure but something about being out in the wild felt so much freer.

The sun was shining high and made the chill of winter much more bearable. The light shimmered off the snow that covered the grass and trees. It piled up on the sides of the street that led into the city. Foot traffic and hundreds of carts had carved a path into the road.

With a deep breath, Kaz walked up the path. Some of the officials in town had told him about a house in the mountains that was free to use. It was rented out in the summer but no one used it when the snow began to fall.

He left instructions for Shimura to meet him there and how to traverse the path. There was a small signpost the pointed up a winding path.

It was mostly clear aside from a few fallen branches. The further he marched the more this place seemed like where someone would go to escape the pressures of the world. It was more than an hour's walk until he arrived at the small shack.

It had a thatched roof with a wooden door. A small pipe ran through the roof for a single metal fireplace within. It was big enough for three people and had three cots on the inside to sleep on.

Around the home were stacks of uncut logs for firewood. Trees surrounded the home and behind it was a drop off for the side of the mountain, leading down into a valley.

He walked around, examining all the things they could use for training and then he found the warning post to the side of the house. It read

-Beware Danger beyond this point-

"That will work perfectly," he said to himself.

#2Shimura Shigaraki † 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:15 am

Shimura Shigaraki †

For some reason, Shimura felt different. He felt stronger, faster, and smarter. With that power, came a spark of creativity and a will and inspiration to act on that creativity. He had gone to Kaz days before to tell his friend of this sudden inspiration and surge of power and requested that the two could go out together to fan the flames of growth. Much to his surprise and fortune, Kaz agreed to train with him some and to feed into the flame, Shimura couldn't help but smile and feel butterflies when Kazimir-sama agreed. Of course, those butterflies were because Shimura was excited about growing in power! And not anything else......

Shimura woke up to instructions placed down on his nightstand, detailing the location as to where they would meet up and train. It was a shame, Shimura wanted to travel with Kazimir-sama, but it seemed that the knight had already left. When he was done packing and taking a shower, Shimura left the HQ, passed the winding streets and safe walls of Crocus, and into the harsh wilderness. The wilderness was relatively peaceful, out here he didn’t have to worry about anyone, and he could simply be himself.  The sunlight shimmered and reflected off the snow, and the cold winter winds bitterly bit at Shimura’s cheeks. He paused for a moment to simply bathe in the sunlight, seeing as that wasn’t really helping, Shimura pulled his cloak closer to his body and continued up the trail.

After what seemed to be an age, Shimura managed to come upon a signpost that pointed towards a specific path that Shimura was forced to take, honestly, he thought the walking was over but it seems like he was wrong. Eventually, Shimura came upon clearing that was littered with some broken branches, and after a couple of hours, Shimura came across a small shack with a thatch roof. He cocked an eyebrow upwards. It certainly wasn’t as lavish as he was used to. Shimura would explore what was around the shack, tree surrounded the home and behind it was a drop off to the side of the mountain that lead into a valley, for some reason, Shimura felt like Kaz was going to have him go down there.

When he was done exploring the outside, Shimura pushed the wooden door open, and stepped in. "Kazimir-sama?" he called out


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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was placing a few pieces of wood into the metal fireplace. The flames licked across the wood slowly until they emitted a gentle heat. Kaz held his hands in front of the flames and then rubbed them together. The door to the shake opened as the man he had waited on arrived.

He was going to remind the man that just Kaz was fine, and there was no need for such a formal name. But he left it as just the kind of person Shimura was. He stood from the fire and slid his gloves back on. "Hey, Shimura. So this is where we can come to take breaks." He spoke as he grabbed a small hicking pack from his cot and slung it over his shoulder. Kaz approached the man with a smile, "excuse me," he said stepping past the man and out into the snow once more.

"We'll begin training with the cliff. The goal will be to get to the bottom by any means," he spoke as he got closer and closer to the edge. "How has your magic been coming along?" He dropped the bag at the edge of the cliff and reached inside to retrieve a long piece of rope and set it down followed by a metal grappling hook. He slammed the claws of the hook into the ground and tied the rope to it. Grasping the rope he tossed it over the side and let it unravel half-way down the cliffside. As he set things up he kept listening to what Shimura would be saying.

Once Shimura finished talking or asked about what they were doing Kaz would stand up straight and step his toes over the side of the cliff. "Down there looks like a valley...but its the reason I chose this place. That's the eternal frozen lake. You focus on fire and I focus on quick movements. Water and Ice should be a difficulty for you and accelerated movement will be tough for me on ice," He let the whip of wind hit his face, "Should be exciting. Don't land too hard when you get down. Only the top layer if actually froze. Land to hard and you'll fall right through."

He gathered wind around his body, it bundled around his legs. With a powerful stomp of his foot, wind shattered bits of the ground at his heel. The force shot Kaz 40 meters straight out in less than two seconds. He was hovering over the grand frozen lake and felt weightless for a moment. His hair wafted upwards, and he plummeted towards the lake but he seemed unworried. As if he was lost in the currents of wind.

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#4Shimura Shigaraki † 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Sun Jan 26, 2020 5:44 pm

Shimura Shigaraki †

Shimura had noticed that Kazimir-sama had placed some wood onto the metal fireplace and lit the logs so that the flames would lick across the wood and ignite a gentle heat that would keep them warm. He folded his arms over his chest and walked closer to the fire. He wasn’t really cold, at least not as cold as Kazimir-sama was, and he had simply joined his mentor at the fireplace to be near him. Even if Kazimir was to beat his nickname into him, Shimura would still call him in the formal manner. Mostly, because Shimura admired the man and his strength, and Kazimir was still his mentor and higher up. Until he and Kazimir-sama was on the same level and rank, Shimura would still use the formal way of addressing Kazimir, but it would seem like his increase of power would come sooner than expected.

“A little too romantic don’t you think Kazimir-sama? I would expect this to be a place for you and Noyiah-chan.” Shimura would taunt in somewhat of a cocky manner, and they were mostly empty words. Well, that and he wanted to see what kind of reaction he would get from his mentor. An eyebrow was cocked when he noticed Kazimir-sama slinging a small hiking pack over his shoulders, he didn’t trust that smile, it was filled with mischief. Feeling like Kazimir-sama wanted him to follow, Shimura stepped out of his way and then pursued after the wind mage, needless to say he was not too excited as to what his mentor had planned.

With a small scowl on his face, Shimura watched the wind mage drop the bag down, retrieve a metal grappling hook, slam the hook down and toss the rope over the edge. Shimura could easily piece two and two together and quietly groaned under his breath, his uncle did something like this with him, and hated it; or was it his aunt? He couldn’t remember anymore, honestly, he missed them right now…. Shimura quickly shook the sadness away, 

“I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed and insulted that we are doing cliff training, I’ve graduated from that since I was seven.” He would taunt and glanced over the edge, “Or is there some sort of trick that you have not shown me yet? Eh Kazimir-sama?”

“I’ve have grown in power, with my magic, and I am eager to practice these techniques I’ve been thinking of.” Shimura would listen to what Kazimir-sama had to say about the ice and wondered if the main reason why they were climbing down the mountain was to get to the frozen valley. Though, he honestly felt like that was a bad idea, the lava would surely melt the ice if he were to practice some more techniques. Though, it could have helped him learn how to control his abilities a bit better.  “The magma would instantly melt the ice, but the water may cool the magma into obsidian. I’m not sure.” A long sigh would escape Shimura’s lips as he started to slide down the rope. 


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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:23 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz couldn't help but smile as he thought about Noyiah when Shimura brought her up. He stayed fixed on the fire and prodded it with the iron poker. The light of the flame danced across the contours of their faces as Shimura sat next to him. "I suppose I should one day. although," he stopped to look around the shack at the walls and the roof. "Perhaps somewhere with a bit more solid of a structure," he replied with a playful smile before standing up.

As tossed the rope over the side of the cliff he peeked over his shoulder, thinking he had heard a silent grumble. it would be well placed, especially once the real training began. Kaz put his hands on his hips to admire the view and answer Shimura's inquiry, "You know me all too well already. It's good you've already done some cliff training. Because that's the least of our worries. But no matter what happens I'll do my best to make sure you don't get SERIOUSLY injured," he put an eerie emphasis on the serious part but said it with his usual calm and relaxed demeanor.

"I wouldn't want to disappoint you. So let's see,"
he shrugged and listened to Shimura as he kept speaking. "I can't wait to see it in action. That would be some really impressive progress if you've grown already since we last met." The magma posed an interesting thought about the ice that was below them. Kaz knew it would be disadvantageous for him, but he wanted to see how well Shimura could react to and deal with an environment that was opposite of what he was and how he fought. "Let's get this started then."

leaped off the edge and spiraled downward, riding along with the wind. Shimura grabbed hold of the rope and began his descent. Kaz was floating downward and kicking of the wind at different angles to keep in line with the speed that Shimura climbed down at. The gusts sending him rocketing from one direction to the other and at varying distances.

Once they were halfway, Kaz brought one of his arms back and swiped it forward creating a tornado of wind to clash into the cliffside a few meters from Shimura. Debris burst out and fell towards the lake. "You ever hear of diggers?" Kaz yelled out.

In a matter of less than a minute, the side of the cliff began to rumble and pebbles were shaken off. Suddenly giant worm creatures exploded from the cliff sides. Mouths big enough to swallow a man whole with pincers on the sides. They let out a hissing gurgled sound and dove back in and headed for Shimura. They moved by weaving in and out of the rock wall towards their target like huge dolphins diving in and out of water.

Kaz dashed across the sky just as one emerged and sent a blade of wind ripping into its hard leather-like body. "The real training is taking these out while not letting them send you falling to your death," Kaz hollered out between flinging gusts of wind and evading the green spital that the diggers spat from their mouths.

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#6Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †

Shimura noted the smile on Kazimir-sama’s face at the mentioning of taking Noyiah here. For some reason, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and his breath hitched a little. But it wasn’t noticeable and out of anger and confusion, Shimura choked back any emotions that threatened to occur (other than anger)  and ignored the smile. He should have known, it was obvious, but even with his common sense it still affected him. “Indeed, more solid structure” he would echo back with a note of bitterness and rolled his eyes at Kazimir’s ‘ego’ or so he made it seem.

“You forget Kazimir-sama, I was made to be a warrior and fighter. Bred for it one could say.” He paused for a moment and grunted, more accurately, he was bred to be his brother’s whipping boy. To hold no titles or fame for himself, no, he was born to live under the shadow of his brother to be his servant to be his slave. No longer. “I am insulted that you would go easy on me Kazimir-sama, you act like I can’t take a hit or more.” He gritted his teeth and started to slide down the rope as Kazimir-sama glided down with ease.

“Show off.”
He would scoff as Kazimir-sama floated downwards like some pretty bird or nanny with some magical umbrella, though he did cause Shimura some problems as he slide down. For one,  when Kazimir kicked off the wind, the gusts would cause the rope Shimura was on to wiggle and squirm much to the magma mage’s dismay. This officially pissed the magma mage off, and he was cursing out Kazimir-sama with all forms of curse words. Some he made up on the spot, nonsense angrily spewed out as quickly as Kazimir delicately glided down the cliff.

Then Kazimir-sama did something that Shimura would never forget or forgive for that matter. “What?” Shimura would call out when Kazimir-asked him the question about diggers. Even if Shimura did hear the question, he would’ve never heard about such a creature, they didn’t have them where he came from. Therefore, when Kazimir collected a tornado in his hand and flung it towards him, Shimura was not a happy camper. “What the hell are you doing, what do you think your doing” and he continued to curse at Kazimir out.

As soon as the tornado hit the side of the mountain, the cliff started to violently rumble, and pebbles and debris started to roll down the cliffside. For a moment, Shimura thought that Kaz had started an avalanche, but then he saw the monster bursting from the side of the mountain like some monstrous baby. Shimura cursed Kazimir-sama once more and held on tightly onto the rope that wildly swung. The creatures came at him, and swam through the earth like dolphins, resurfacing once in a while to taunt its prey. Quickly, Shimura thought of ways that he could counter his situation, one of them revolved around melting the entire cliff side. But then again, that could create some problems with the ice….unless he could make an obsidian platform…..

Actually, Shimura leaped off the rope and crossed his arms midair. A magic circle appeared behind him, “Yogen Yorochi” he would call out as magma coated his body and a burning aura surrounded him. “Come now, come to me.” He would remark as he free-fell for a couple of minutes, until one of the beasts erupted below him, aiming to gobble him in one bite, but before the worm could look up Shimura landed on it’s ‘head’. Shimura then held his arm to his side and clenched his fist, “Yogan Ken” his arm expanded in size during the process.

There was a loud explosion as Shimura drove his fist into the creature’s hand, and an eruption of magma burst out from his arm, the creature screamed in agony and went back into the cliff. Shimura was not free falling again, but this would be as expected, and he waited for more worms to attack him. He would preform the same operation, but without the magma arm technique, instead relying on his magma coat.

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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir glanced from his peripherals at Shimura when he heard the bitter snap in his voice. He wasn't sure what it was or where it came from but would be something they may need to circle back to later.

As they made their way to the cliffside and Shimura gritted his teeth once more, Kaz knew there was a misunderstanding. He shook his head with a smile, "I don't think you are weak at all Shimura. On the contrary. My words were for anyone I would travel with. I chose this place because I think you are strong and we'll need to watch out for each other's lives." And he meant those words. He knew Shimura was strong. And with what the wind mage had in store it would threaten the life of any mage.

He fell through the sky and smirked to himself at being called a show-off. He was only just getting used to the new magic. Falling was easy, but it took every bit of his concentration to control himself when he dashed. His vision became blurred and he could barely make out the precision of stopping. He dashed to the side and smirked smiled at the spewing insults but then saw the swaying rope that Shimura held onto.

"Sorry about that, still getting used to it." he would say before he launched the tornado.

After the flurry of cursings hurled at Kaz, he watched Shimura leap from the cliff and spiral downwards engulfed in magma. It lit a fire in Kaz's soul seeing his fearless resolve.

The diggers sprang from the cliffside and Kaz dashed towards one. He overshot and went past it nearly crashing into the wall. The digger launched forward to bite Kaz's leg. With another dash, he shot himself downward as their maws closed without latching onto him. Shimura was below him ripping into diggers with his magma covered body.

Kaz lifted his head and let out a loud roar. A white tiger appeared behind him roaring with him. The sky turned dark and the wind whipped to life. A dozen tornadoes descended on a 32-meter area, engulfing part of the cliffside with diggers swept away in the attack. The spell was miscalculated and dug further into the cliffside than expected. "Well, that was off,"He said as the spell dissipated and the skies cleared.

Rocks and boulders began to fall and Kaz swung his arms forward to send blades of wind-shattering them so they didn't fall back on Shimura as he fought off the other diggers.

Kaz kicked off the air and sent himself hurtling down towards Shimura, the two of them almost reaching the base of the cliff and the ice-covered lake below.

Shimura rushed through the enemies as easily as Kaz would have expected. He couldn't wait to see what else he had come up with, in his arsenal of spells. Kaz hopped that Shimura didn't think he was still a show-off, he wouldn't have done so if it wasn't a spell he was still perfecting.

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#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:21 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Debris fell around the wind mage. Small rocks cascaded toward the magma mage. The heat from Shimura's lave disintegrating them as they grazed his molten exterior.

Two massive boulders broke free from their earthen restraint and rushed towards them. The storm had shaken them free and they threatened to bury the two mages beneath and send them to the pits of the ice-covered lake.

Kaz spun around in the air. The wind continued to rush around hos body. His focus was fixed on the rocks. The bodies of the diggers fell by him motionless and bloodied.

He felt a roar in his soul, bringing him to life. His blood pumped through his veins. The wind felt like a small pocket of calm air around himself, enveloped in a savage force.

The collar of his jacket fluttered and pattered against his neck. He lifted his arms. One hand facing each of the rocks. His mind flashed with the vision of all the techniques he had used in the past. This magic wasn't completely new. There was still a single moment. A single current felt. just harnessed in a different way.

The wind raged around his arms and focused in the palms of his hands. Thrusting both hands forward, a column of compacted wind shot forth, one from each hand. The columns spiraled through the air, following the path that Kaz's palms faced.

The columns of air collided with the boulders. The impact sheared the hard exterior of the stone. The force of the strikes tore into the boulders with a great concussive and slashing force.

Bits of rock flung wide like a forest canopy covering them. The spell decimated the boulders high above them. The columns of wind still roared and twisted in the air like snakes on the hunt. Waiting to be directed at something new.

Kax swung his arms and palms downward and the wind spell followed along, crashing into any stry boulders that were getting away.

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#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:22 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The rocks and debris cascaded around the two knights. The boulders now turned to pebbles, speckled across the frozen lake. The two mages landed and Kaz tucked into a roll, skidding across the ice as he caught himself.

Rocks and debris rushed past his face and his sleeved arm shot up to shield it. The pebbles still rained down across his sleeve and he squinted through the onslaught. Once the dust cloud was settled the mighty bodies of the slain beast burst through the ice, leaving giant holes and sending cracks reverberating across it. Kaz stumbled to maintain his balance. Kicking into the ground once more he sent himself hurtling backwards and off to safety. Wind pressure caused small cracks in the ice from the force of his magical push. he dashed dozens of meters backward. Farther than he had ever moved before, but everything seemed to be in focus now. He could see clearly, what once was a blur of speed.

His feet slipped on the ice, his body arching back to find someplace for balance. His hand shot out with a small burst of wind in the opposite direction to bring back some stability.  

The ice was much thicker than he initially thought and the cracks only spread out a few feet from the thunderous impact of the diggers while water splashed from the cold depths and drenched the cold icy top of the frozen lake. Pneumonia inducing cold waters showering the two mages through the tiny rainbow of shimmering light that was cast.  Kaz blew a mild gust of wind to knock away the falling waters and keep them relatively dry.

He crossed the small distance between himself and the magma mage. Their first test was behind them now and it was time to embark on the next. He braced himself for a world of complaints to come his way. "Well. Off to the next stage then. Right?" He spoke casually as he gathered his mana for the training session to come.


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#10Shimura Shigaraki † 

Fan the Flames of Growth[Training][Shimura] Empty Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:27 pm

Shimura Shigaraki †

Honestly, it was insulting that Kazimir-sama would even think that these worms were a challenge for him. Alone, Shimura could have handled them rather easily, especially with his newfound powers, admittedly, Shimura felt like he was unstoppable with the ability to produce and control magma. But, that was no doubt the youthful arrogances common among people his age. Granted, free falling while in the sky did provide him with a bit of a challenge, as he could not control his movements as easily. Combine that with Kaz’s air magic pushing him around wildly, and Shimura couldn’t control his direction at all. More diggers came thrusting forth from the mountain side, and Shimura dropped onto it. The creature cried out in agony, and suck back into the mountain side hiding from Shimura’s burning body.

Now it was onto the next digger that would decide to rears its ugly head out of the mountain. He felt like a meteor or comet crashing down wildly through the sky, if anything this gave him style points. Kazimir-sama seemed to be having a difficult time control how he moves through the air as well. But unlike Shimura, Kazimir managed to have better control over his body and direction. Stupid Wind Mage. “Next time we train, I am choosing the location and task.” He would call out. Something told him that Kazimir-sama would have difficulty listening to him, mainly due to the shifting wind that surrounded the other, and well the occasional sound of worms screaming in pain and agony form having Shimura on top of them.

This training exercise would be something that his uncle would have him do, or well close to something like this. When his uncle wasn’t sparring with him, he would have Shimura preform many bizarre and awkward tasks that tested Shimura both physically and mentally. During one training situation, Shimura’s uncle left him in the middle of the wilderness with nothing and simply told him to survive. He was told that no one would come and save him if he was to get attacked or go hungry, but Shimura doubted that. Then again, Shimura actually wondered if his father allowed such rigorous training sessions in that hope that his brother (Shimura’s uncle) would accidentally kill or mortally wound him. Now that he was thinking about it, Shimura would not put it pass his father to do something like that.

Stupid father, one day Shimura would return him and exact his revenge on the man who gave him this blasted scar and doomed him into exile. Though he did have to admit, if it was not for his father, Shimura would probably not have this magic and therefore he wouldn’t be as strong as he is now. He wondered if he would be able to talk his father’s throne and his brother’s rights with this newfound power. But then again, Shimura held no interest in being a ruler and simply wanted to carry out his duties within his guild. Call him single minded, or whatever, it didn’t matter.

Another digger came rushing forth from the mountain side, and once again Shimura used his magma coated body to discourage an attack from the wild beast or to harm them upon contact. Surely, by now the beast would understand that eating or attacking him would be an unwise idea. He turned to see what Kazimir-sama was up too and noticed a beast had erupted from the earth and attempted to swallow him. Shimura was tempted to help his mentor and friend, but actually wondered what he would do. He understood that Kazimir-sama was in no way weak, and that he could create tornadoes. But he also knew that the two of them grew in power within the past couple of months and wondered how exactly Kazimir-sama had grown. Therefore, Shimura did not make any attempt to help his mentor and friend, instead, he trusted that Kazimir could defend himself.

Just as he thought that, Kazimir did jump into action to defend himself. The wind mage let out an primal roar, surprising Shimura at the primitive method of activating a spell. As Kazimir-sama roared suddenly and without warning, a white tiger roared with him and in perfect sync. Shimura eyes widen as the scene, as the sky darkened, and the winds seemed to have become full of violent life. From the sky came pouring down onto the mountain side a dozen of tornados engulfing a large area.


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[Mana: 675]

#11Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †

But it would seem that his friend had miscalculated the distance between he and the beast, and the howling tornadoes suddenly tore into the mountain side tearing it to chunks. Shimura’s eyes widen as a dozen or more boulders and rocks came rolling down his way, he gave a dirty look to Kazimir. He guessed that it was time to show off his power, and how much he had grown. But as he was fixing to launch a defensive attack, Kazimir-sama shot wind blades to tear up some of the rocks. Shimura scoffed and wanted to show Kazimir-sama that he did not need his help. He clenched both of his fist, turning his hands into molten lava, and raised them towards the oncoming boulders. “YŌGAN-RYŪ” Shimura shouted two fists of magma were launched from his arms and collided into the boulder and with a loud bang an eruption tore the boulder apart.

Shimura would call out at the success of his own spell, and then swing around so that he was free falling with his stomach faced down to the ground instead of his back. He stopped sustaining his spell so that his arms would return to normal, but his magma armor still cloaked his body. Shimura managed to land down onto the ground, after he forced a digger to dive bomb into the ice. Before the digger could sink into the lake, Shimura leaped off onto some sturdy ice. The ice hissed as steam rolled off his feet, not wanting the ice to melt Shimura stopped his lava armor. It seems that the diggers would not give up, disappointing and stupid seeing that Kazimir and Shimura were unstoppable together.

As digger erupted from the mountainside and dive bombed into the ice, swimming it erupted forth form the ice directly below Shimura; he managed to leap back before he was swallowed. He turned to see that Kazimir-sama was doing his stuff, tearing them apart and whatnot. It seemed that Kazimir-sama’s landing went smoothly, and as he finished calming or curving the avalanche that he caused. Shimura would finish up some diggers that were causing them some trouble. He would clench his fist again, turning it into magma, and slamming into one of the diggers- causing a painful eruption. While calling out “YŌGAN NO EIKYŌ”

That digger would no doubt not be giving them anymore problems. But then there was the issue of the others, Shimura would need to swiftly and quickly put an end to their issue. He gritted his teeth as he minds tried to devise a plan to put an end to these digger’s pestering and show off his power. Secretly, he had been working on a powerful technique, one that would cause massive damage. But his attempt to perfect and use the technique was unsuccessful and he had trouble controlling them. As Kazimir took care of the  boulders that were raining down on them, Shimura bit down harshly on his lip. He knew that he needed to use this technique, he knew that he needed to perfect it. 

Clench his right fist, Shimura stepped forward towards an oncoming wave of diggers. He would close his eyes and focus on his anger and inner deep seeded hatred. Memories of how his father called him an failure, and how his brother treated him like a servant rushed through his mind. The thought of becoming his brother’s second filled him with rage and anger, and his arm combusted into magma. Shimura needed to control the magma, force it to do his will, shape it into his desire. Therefore, Shimura continued to focus on his rage and anger, and the memory of that battle with his father flashed before him.

‘I am no longer that weak little boy’ Shimura thought bitterly to himself, remembering how his father gave him that aching scar and threw him out of his home. Things have changed and he possess the power to exact his vengeance against his father and cleanse the world of injustice and tyranny. The magma started to shape into a supersize arm and pulsate with raw chaotic power. A smile formed across Shimura’s face a, and he opened his eyes as the diggers raged onward towards them. “This is the end for you. DAI FUNKA!” Shimura called out and pulled his supersized magma coated arm back, before thrusting it forward.

There was a loud ‘boom’ as a giant magma fist was launched from his arm and rushed towards the raging diggers with equal violent intentions and malice. The ground below the magma fist hissed, and steam rolled off the magma from the cold and as the magma fist slammed into the diggers, and the cliffside, there was a loud boom, like a bomb going off, as the magma erupted. The sound of diggers screaming and the ice hissing as magma dripped onto it filled the air. Shimura smiled at his handwork, the smoke cleared, as a pit of magma had dug itself into the mountain side. The magma mage arm returned to normal, and he wiped his hands clean in satisfaction. “Now that is how it was done.” Shimura would call out.

Shimura turned to Kazimir-sama to see that he was done with handling the boulders and diggers, “What is next Kazimir-sama?” he questioned and walked over to the other male. Another cocky smile formed across his face as he nodded in agreement. “Indeed off to the next task, the question is can you keep up?” he teased and joined the other male in the next session to come.


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