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Skyfall [Tarot Event][Solo]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Skyfall [Tarot Event][Solo] Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:21 pm

Juni Anastos
Ylva didn't think she would be coming back to Fiore from Stella. She was ready to call that place her resting ground. It was a miracle or some divine intervention that allowed her to live through it, and still be able to obtain the weapon she was assigned too. But there were pieces of her left behind there. Too many pieces lost for her ever to be whole again.  She couldn't look at the world the same, and she didn't like the new found fame she gained being apart of that horrible experience. Her life hung on the balance throughout that whole thing, and she was alone through it all. Every moment she tried to think about why she was so alone, and every moment the reason seemed to fog over in her mind.

" You want another drink? "
Ylva nodded, her face covered by the hood she wore. Too many people knew who she was, she didn't like that sort of attention and she had tried to erase herself from the public eye. For the most part she was successful, but she knew it was going to take alot more than some hood to do it. The voice that spoke to her belonged to a waitress, and she had been pouring Ylva drinks for the better half of an hour. Ylva liked the girl, she didn't question her and she did her job even when Ylva was sure she noticed her.

Not knowing what to do with her life all Ylva did was wallow in her own sadness and drink. She kept the spear by her side at all times, wrapped up to keep the target on her back down. All she wanted was a life of peace and to find her family, instead she was thrust into the spotlight after her life was nearly cut short..


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