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Travel to Era(foot)

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Travel to Era(foot) Empty on Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:23 pm

After morning meditation Judina would prepare for this next adventure. To return to Era because everything had been wrapped up Judina had to return to Era, well not had to return but truly wanted  to since now she realize how far gone and how much time had passed since the rune knight title and working with them.

It would take some time and various cites most likely various stops but Judina was super ready for this, So far in thought she was ready for this. Getting on Lyria, Judina took off at a normal traveling pace since she wanted to keep good time to Era.

Travel day one seemed pretty normal to Judina, It was rather peaceful and settled, Some how skirting around various cities to cut forward as quickly as she too, she was kind of exhausting Lyria a bit which means she knew that she would stop soon. By that it means Judina would have to stop at some kind of city. Not better then Orchidia, It would allow her mount to rest and Judina to remember some kind of past memories.

It was a rather nice evening Judina even spent up to early afternoon resting, knowing it took a fair bit of time. Using the time to get trough the mountains at a good pace Judina was progressing nicely.

So in going to the main city of Crocus, Judina would stop their for a little while longer, Judina seemed to be the stop Judina needed to take a bit more time when resting in Crocus. she had stressed Lyria a bit too much. Resting in Crocus Judina would spend some more time resting there quietly thinking to herself on what to do when she arrived in Era.

What else could she do in the moment while waiting just in a town away from crocus? Judina had to pondered that. Crocus was not exactly some place she remember much about but Judina was not in a rush in currently to do much else either. Casually Judina would find yet another spot to meditate and clear her mind since so many thing where on her mind while being there and traveling about. Judina seemed to now just become in control of it. lingering doubt yet again inflicted Judina harshly. But slowly clearing it away Judina would let that day and doubt pass much like she always did. To hold on to it made her figuratively worthless.

The two days she spent resting in Crocus Judina now was ready to finish her travel it would be short but some travel anyway. Hoping on Lyria with out much effort Judina seemed to feel content and rather happy with herself with how she managed.

Then again it was a lonely road by herself, It allowed her to think of a few things and clear her mind of others. entering Era was like returning home, not like she had one aside from here that kind of left her mind in this moment, remembering where she needed to go.

Judina would find some random Rune Knight that was most likely some one who had joined while she was gone and asked him a few questions. Eventually leading to."Wait...what do you mean some one fitting that description is here?"What that was referring too was in that moment a conversation between them with out that context it would left to wonder who it was about."And who else? I have spend way too long away from here it seems."Judina would eventually depart not forgetting her thank yous in return to this random faceless knight.

{exit to Era.}

Word count 602/600.

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