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Monthly Update: October

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Monthly Update: October Empty on Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:05 am


October Monthly Update

Major Changes:

  • Travelling now occurs Regionally rather than by location allowing for characters to roleplay without traveling as frequently. Characters still must leave the topics they are in a location before roleplaying in a different location within the region.
  • A new Experience Boost Program and User Referral Incentive system has been introduced into the site to allow for new, returning and pre-existing characters to catch up and gain rewards from getting your friends involved in the fun here at Fairy Tail RP.
  • The Fiorian Bank has adjusted their policies with Characters being able to make multiple transfers in the same month up to a maximum of 2,500,000 per month. The amount needed to transfer has also been reduced to 50,000 from the 250,000 previously.

Minor Changes:

  • Fights now require 5 posts as a minimum instead of 6.
  • Losers receive half of the experience the winner gains.
  • Light Mages now earn Jewels while Dark Mages receive double.

Magic Updates
  • Groot, Bastion and Coldheart magic now cause defensive-type spells to be considered normal-type removing the 2-post cool down and 20% Mana Increase Penalties

Class Updates
  • Starting Beastmasters may claim a two-stage companion upon approval of their character from the shop.
  • Starting Non-mage Classes may claim a common weapon and armor set upon approval of their character from the shop.
  • [*Hunters are now proficient with all swords rather than swords specific to their class.
  • Paladins are now proficient with Books.

Race Changes
  • Werewolves now have a minor resistance to physical and magic down from a moderate resistance, They are now required to have a class again also allowing them to equip and cast spells, note however that they can not equip gear while they are transformed.
    Existing werewolves are to post in the character review section to include their requested class.

Released Content:

  • The Nine Heroes Relic Weapons have been revealed for the public, to be released upon completion of the Nine Heroes Relic Event.

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