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Unfinished Business [Ren]

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Unfinished Business [Ren] Empty on Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:24 am

Era had become a much more interesting place for Odin to be. He was beginning to make a name for himself, but not for the morally best reasons: pillaging the houses of those who had been lost in the war against the Seraphim and making some profit on the sides. He was seen every so often, not that he ever tried to hide himself, by the authorities, or the few brave civilians that reported him onto the Rune Knights. Due to the houses he was hitting, and the amount of money he was taking from them, he had gained himself a nice little bounty. It wasn't much, but it had the potential for great growth, and Odin could already see the effect it was having on people.

He was used to the reactions his appearance would evoke from people: confusion and fear. But now, those looks had slightly changed. Word had gotten out that a Lich was terrorising some of the rich folk of Era, and from that the looks given to Odin had changed. The fear was still there, it was unlikely that one would ever leave, but the confusion had become recognition, a much more powerful feeling when coupled with the terror he brought. He was now a harbinger of evil, a bad omen that not one could expect or escape.

Today, however, Odin just sat in the outside seating area of a cafe on the streets. He didn't order anything, neither needing to eat or drink, but he knew no one in the shop would ask him to leave, partly because he had threatened the lives of each and every staff member and their families. It was likely one of them would summon the knights to try and deal with Odin.

They were welcome to try.

But they never came.


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