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Pillaging (1) [Solo/Mini Event]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Pillaging (1) [Solo/Mini Event] Empty on Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:40 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Shichiro was about to make his way back towards Era now with the man he had escorted to the minor settlement. He wanted to wait for the man to give him a ride back initially but instead he decided it was best if he just walked back on his own. Remembering the ride from Era to this place was already nauseating enough. It was either walking back or riding back with strenuous discomfort. In the end, he decided that he would just walk back even if it would take him a lot longer than riding on the wagon. Shichiro estimated that it would take him at least three days to make it back to the town of Era on foot. Well, at least he would get a good workout doing this. He thought about stocking up for the trip but remembered that he didn't bring anything that could hold serve as a bag for his journey. He was stumped but he decided he either figure something out as he traveled or live off the land. Well, he decided it was time for him to head out, he bid farewell to the man he had escorted and walked back to the town of Era.

Making his way out of the minor settlement, Shichiro decided to at least get a meal before he got going. There wasn't really anything like an Inn or a restaurant he could go too but there was at least something like a food stall near by. He picked himself up some meaty stew although he wasn't sure what kind of meat they used. Honestly, it tasted pretty good and that was one of the things that matter. The only other thing he could hope for was that he didn't have to use the bathroom on his way back to Era or he would be screwed. He then got himself some sort of dried salted meat. He figured he could have this for at least a day or two before he would go hungry. He paid for the meal and snack he purchased and went on his way. Leaving the settlement, he started to walk back towards the town of Era on foot. He followed the main road and made some turns from memory when he was riding in the wagon. It wasn't far but it was still going to be a long trip. Eventually, night had fallen and Shichiro decided he would sit down and make camp for the night. Gather a few twigs and rotting log, Shichiro started a fire.

He thought about heating up a piece of the meat he had with him but decided against it since it was dried and wouldn't taste too good. In the end, he decided to save it for another time. After that, Shichiro decided to put out the fire and shortly, laid down on a bed of grass and some leaves he had gathered and drifted off to sleep. That marked the end of the first day of travel. When Shichiro had awaken, he had awoken to the sounds of birds chirping loudly and cicadas making a loud racket. Wanting to sleep a little longer, Shichiro covered his ears and turned to the side where he thought he could hear less noise. It didn't work. With that, Shichiro had no choice but to continue his journey. He got up, brushed himself off and placed his hands into his pockets. He then started to continue his journey, backtracking from where the wagon had taken him. As he walked, he began to day dream a little bit about what he wanted to do upon his return.

Making the usual twists and turns, night had fallen once again for Shichiro. As usual, he had gathered leaves and some grass to make a makeshift bed for him to make his sleep as comfortable as possible. He then gathered some twigs and a log to start another fire. He then pulled out the rest of his snack to enjoy something to eat before he drifted off to sleep. As he enjoyed his meal, he had heard some rustling like he did before when guarding that wagon. Shichiro took note of it happening but didn't reveal that he was onto it yet, just continued to eat his snack normally. After awhile of listening for the rustling again, he heard it a second time but not as loud as before. With that, Shichiro decided to just out the flames and lay on his makeshift bed. He laid down down but he didn't fall asleep. Not with the looming sense of danger nearby. His plan was to wait. He would wait until it seemed like he fell asleep.

He laid there for what felt like hours before deciding that he would make false snoring noises in an attempt to lure out his assailant. At first it didn't seem to work, but then a few minutes he heard foot steps approaching him. When the footsteps got close enough, Shichiro jumped up and swung his arm at the shadowy figure behind him. His swing had seemed to connect with what he assumed was the neck. The figure had stumbled back and fell into a sitting position. Shichiro edged closer to the figure until he got a good look at them. Wait, he recognized this person. It was one of the trio from earlier that tried to rob the wagon. It was one of the males. He assumed they didn't learn their lesson. He didn't feel like wasting his mana at the moment and from what he can tell, this person wasn't exactly adept in magic or even seem to have a shred of it. Shichiro clenched his fist getting ready to punch the man a second time before them an had yelled "Wait, don't hurt me! I've come to make a proposition!"

Shichiro then lowered his fist slightly, waiting on the man's offer to see what he wanted. The bandit had started to get up to which Shichiro responded to by putting up his guard while stepping back. The man then said he wanted to rob the guy he was guarding because he had done a great injustice to his family and friends and conned them out of some valuables, jewels and money. He was from another nearby settlement that eventually had been known to be a low key bandit camp instead which is why the rune knights hadn't done anything about their village so far. Shichiro nodded and decided that it is all unfair and all but they'd still be breaking the law. He asked why they hadn't taken it up with the knights themselves. He was told that since the merchant sold his wares cheap to certain corrupt knights, they would put their grievances on hold every single time until it was time to take matters into thier own hands. Sighing, Shichiro had heard enough of his sob story and agreed to help.

The man seemed ecstatic and beckoned him to come along with him to the other two. Shichiro warned him on the way there, if this was a set up,  he'd come after them and his settlement in the future. The man agreed but didn't seem too worried. Together the four of them devised their plan, the man would fortunately travel back to Era within the next day or so and when he does, they will strike. Shichiro and the man who propositioned him began to dig a small ditch in the road with some shovels they had in order to hinder the wagon. While the other two decided they would be the ones to hold him up when the time comes. After that, all they had to do was wait till morning. Shichiro, one of the males and the female had all went to sleep while the last one kept watch. Soon, morning came once more and Shichiro was woken up by the man keeping watch. They all then hid in a bush and waited. After two hours, they could hear the sound of a wagon coming by on the road.

Eventually, it came into view. They then waited for a wheel to get stuck in the ditched that was made last night and when it pulled up. The wheel fell in. That's when it was time to execute the plan and the male and woman and jumped out and held up the wagon with threats and makeshift weapons they had on hand. They made sure to conceal their faces too so they wouldn't get their settlement in trouble. Shichiro and the man he had attacked last night had snuck around the back and began to unload the cargo from the wagon. The man begun to turn his head to see what was going on but was threatened by the female that had a weapon in her hand not to turn around. The man complied, cursing and threatening to make sure the rune knights heard of this. Shichiro and the man began to carry of the stolen goods into the forest in neat hiding spot that was their camp last night. After that, the female directly robbed the man of the purse he was carrying and all four of them made off with what they could carry.

With that, so ended their little escapade and Shichiro had received his cut before the other three took off in the opposite direction that Shichiro had to go. Shichiro looked at the money and thought to himself that he didn't mind doing this from time to time but made sure not to make it a habit since he wanted to also walk the streets freely. He shrugged it off, pocketed his cut and began to travel through the forest to avoid the man he had just robbed. He didn't want a bounty over his head and planned on keeping it that way. It made his journey back to Era even longer but it was something he could live with.

W.C: 1688


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