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Mad Shoppong [Quest/Ylva]

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Mad Shoppong [Quest/Ylva] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:42 pm

More rain. Every single day for a week there has been rain. Thick, heavy, drops of rain mixed with this sickly humid weather. She wasn’t not happy about this, it made her hair stick to her head and caused her to have to wear less clothes. With her new body she didn’t want to wear less clothes, she wanted to wear more. Looking out the window from her room in the inn she cursed this rain. All this time she should have been looking for some work so she told herself, “ self today we gonna do some work. So let's go “ and that was that she got on a poncho and some boots and headed outside in the rain for some work. With this bad weather there was hardly any work to be done. But the work that was on the board was simple stuff. So Ylva being the ever diligent person that she was just picked any job she saw. And the job she picked was an easy one. So easy in fact she felt like she was basically robbing the person who put it up by doing it for a price. Wandering around lost in her own thoughts she found herself at her destination. She didn’t feel like the rain was going to let up and was glad she invested some money into a whole poncho.

The poncho was a deep gray color with some gold and blue flowers printed on the edges of the sleeves. It was pretty and practical something Ylva liked very very much. Once she made it to her destination, she attempted to knock on the door only to have it swing open before she did so. Standing in the doorway was an eldery gentleman who looked like he didn’t have the time or the day for whatever Ylva was here for. Ylva opened her mouth to speak and explained that she was here for the job. The old man looked out his door, first left and then he nodded his head, and then right and then he nodded his head again. Pulling out a paper he placed it in Ylva’s hands before closing the door on her face. Now even though she thought that was rude she huddled near the door to read what she was given.

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In her hands was a list. Something she already knew she would be getting. Huddling over the list she looked at each item. The first item was a package. The package was at a hardware store. She had never been inside of a hardware store before so she didn’t know where one was. The only thing she had to go on was the name of the store which was called “ Mike’s Hardware Emporium Emporium “. It was an interesting name and she could only wonder why there was one of the same words twice in that name. Shrugging it off as some sort of creative mish mash she found herself asking people for directions. Everyone she asked was helpful and she soon found herself at Mike’s Hardware Emporium Emporium. Ylva made her way into the building and found herself a worker. She asked for the package that was supposed to be at the store under her employer name.

The worker was very helpful and asked if she needed help with the package since it was so big it might be hard to carry. Ylva in fact did need help but she denied it and took the package. It was heavy and big but she was still able to carry it. The task at hand turned up the difficulty to seven as the rain made the package slippery. Every other step she had to reposition herself and the package so that it wouldn’t fall. Now she wished she had asked for the help that was offered.At some point she made it back to her employer's house and dropped off the package. Since it was the heaviest she wasn’t gonna lug it around and she assured him that she would collect the rest of the items. The next thing or things on the list were small and simple. Household or cooking items the list called for Whipped cream, cooking oil, and candles.

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They were easy things to get but with so many different brands and types out there for each she wasn’t sure what she should get for them. She hoped she would get the right things as she walked into the grocery store. The aisle filled with different things and she cursed herself for not buying something to eat before coming into the store. Looking at the list again she decided to get the best of the best and went to the first isle to get the cooking oil. A member of the staff for the store informed her that a good cooking oil was the one she picked out for Ylva. The two went to the next aisle to get candles and Ylva picked up one that was scentless and a nice white color. It was a tall candle one with a lot of burn time. She bought several of them so that he would have enough. The last thing she got was whipping cream. There was a brand that had the best sort of whipping cream, top shelf, so yummy great for cakes. Ylva thanked the staff and went to the checkout. The lines were long but she waited and soon she was at the doorstep of Hugo once more, delivering him the items. The last thing she needed to get was a white dog..

This last request was odd but she ran all around town looking for a perfectly white dog. It was hard because dogs were so unique in how they looked. She had to be searching for hours until the perfect dog was presented. She was happy and quickly got the dog and everything that should come with a dog. The two ran happily in the rain to it’s new owners. She was payed and again the door was closed on her face. Now she was sad because she wanted a dog as well.


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