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Lost Page 1/??? [Training]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Lost Page 1/??? [Training] Empty on Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:36 am

Juni Anastos
Proud. That was what she was when she felt power surging through her. It was time to stand up and fight as something new entered her blood stream, allowing her to do things she never thought she could. Now she had the power. The power to heal those who needed healing, and the power to hurt those who bring pain and misery to others. She would no longer be the damsel in distress. She would be the one to protect where when others could not do it themselves. Now that she had this power she wanted to be able to train it. Create more spells to aid her when the time came. She would place the power in her own hands and no longer would she place them in the hands of the Illumins
Their god could not reign control of the monsters they let loose and did not care to. She now praised a different power one that taught her much in a short amount of time. Without thinking too much on it she felt that it was time to craft a spell of a higher rank than what she previously owned. It would be simple like all her spells were of course and it was just to see what she could do.

In order to create this spell she took one of her weaker healing spells and pumped more mana into it. Shaping it carefully so that the spell wouldn't fizzle out or explode if she put too much mana into it. Because it was just a strong spell of something already established she would had hoped that it wouldn't be too hard to complete. Boy was she fucking wrong. At first everything was coming together and in her mind she thought that this was easy. That was when the first problem came

wc: 305

#2Juni Anastos 

Lost Page 1/??? [Training] Empty on Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:37 am

Juni Anastos
The spell started to fall apart. It wouldn't keep its shape and in a matter of seconds it dispersed. Being the ever patient being that she was this did not bother her in the slightest and only caused her to figure out why it happened.

She tried the spell a few more times with varying degrees of mana application and soon came to the conclusion that she was pouring her mana in either too slow, which would cause the spell to not hold because it was not getting enough mana fast enough. Or worse it pops because she was forcing to much mana to quickly into it which caused it the mana to go haywire for the rank of the spell. Trial and error was something she was used too so these little set backs were nothing to her and she continued on. She couldn't test the spell on anything yet, not until she made sure it would not collapse on her. Ylva spent hours upon hours draining the mana from herself in order to get a grasp on what she was trying to accomplish. She could feel the strain of the spell taking a toll on her. Just because it was basically the same healing spell as her previous ones didnt make it any less complex. She wanted to take a break but she didn't have all the time in the world. There was something big coming and she needed to be prepared for it. She was weak and that needed to be fixed before she could help anyone.

At some point during the middle of the afternoon Ylva had finally completed her task. The result was a higher ranked healing spell that took on a gold aura. She was satisfied but she still needed to test it. Knowing some people who could not afford to be healed she found her way towards the slums of Era. With all its shining glory it still had dark spots that it didn't want anyone to know about. The people there were poor and struggling, it was a wonder how they even survived. Making her way to its clinic she offered her help for free. A part of her felt bad for using these people as test dummies but if anything went wrong she knew she could heal them back up with what she had. The clinic welcomed her with open arms when she showed them that she could in fact heal using her magic and because she did not want any pay they sent a man to her who was bleeding out from a large gash in his chest. It seemed like he got cut by a blade of some sort. Whatever it was she didnt care as she went to work using the spell she had been trying to perfect. As she stated the spell it held together and when she used it on the man his wound healed almost instantly. This was it. She smiled to herself and continued to use the spell in order to get use to using it.

wc: 512
total wc: 819
Spell Trained : C Rank Spell

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