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Special Delivery [Manzo]

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Ylva's hands shook as she read the letter sent to her a few days ago. She had been reading and rereading it every chance she got, trying to understand what it meant even though it was very straight forward in it's wording. Reading the letter caused her to lose sleep, stop eating, and nearly forced her to stay in the room she had been renting out. It was unfortunate but she had to work and that was really the only thing keeping her from becoming a hermit. " This can't be.. This just, can't be. " She could feel herself shaking, the contents of the letter playing tricks on her mind. If everything she read was correct she would be getting a package very soon.

A part of her didn't want to believe the reality of her situation but whatever may come she would take it head on. Since coming to Fiore she had gotten stronger, she had gathered some friends and she was sure that if danger befell her they would come to her aid. Grabbing the letter and folding it up she poured herself a cup of tea and awaited the arrival of her package, set to arrive in the next hour.....


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It was another day in Era for Manzo, and he was doing his usual routine of delivering packages. Which had become his job these days it seemed. Though he was not your ordinary mail man. He was far from, these packages were often serious, sensitive, and dangerous in nature. Which was something he was familiar with in his days of wet work for BP in the shadows. Though this had a more upfront nature that he enjoyed, often times he was delivering the best news someone could receive or the worst news someone could receive it was hard to guess what it could be with each and every delivery. Though that being said, it was an honest living, something he could be proud of.

He approached his destination, package in hand. He was curious as to what was inside it, but it was against policy to do any kind of snooping about. Though that didn't mean he didn't think about it, but once again it was against rules so he wouldn't dare do anything of the sort. Finally on the door step of his destination he knocked on the door, waiting to see what kind of person was getting this package, and their expression, Regardless of their expression Manzo always wore a smile while he was on the job, it helped the day go by faster.

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She didn't know how long she was pacing. Her mind ran wild with what if's and hopes of a different outcome than the one she read about. Every so often her eyes would dart to the clock on the wall, it's ticking drilling into her and causing her anxiety to spike. She knew what was coming and it didn't matter how she wanted it. A knock on her room door confirmed all her fears, even though she already knew what was coming. She knew it wasn't a prank or some sort of scare tactic, her fears were unfolding in front of her. Taking in a deep breath she opened the door only to be faced with a familiar face. She was confused of course, her eyes filling with tears as she took in the man before her. He was holding a box wrapped in black paper. She didn't know what to say. On one hand she was happy to see Manzo, the first man she came in contact with on a positive note. But on the other hand he was holding the box in her letter, the one that once she opened it to confirm it's contents would break her down to her core.

Please come in.. Her thick accent nearly choked the Fiorian language as she stepped back to allow Manzo into her room. If he did enter she would quickly look outside of it, checking down both ends of the hallway before closing and locking the door. It's nice to see you again...Not so nice under the circumstance... Please just place the box on the table near the window there. How did you get this package? Who gave that to you? Her voice cracked under each word, arms folded over her chest as she took a seat near the window by the same table.


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Who opened the door was a surprise to him as well, he hadn't realized he was carrying something for a civilian, but the sender did pay quite the penny to have him deliver it. Though truthfully it didn't matter what he was delivering as long as he was being paid a nice rate to do so. He could tell this package was something quite important to Ylva, it didn't matter at this point how much he was being paid knowing that it belonged to her, and was such an important thing. Manzo walked through the doorway and placed it directly where it was asked to be placed.

The next thing he would do would surprise most people who knew him. He walked over to Ylva and took her in his arms. Holding her gently to let her know that he did indeed feel her pain in this moment. He placed a hand against her head, and stroked her hair in a calming manor, hoping to help alleviate some of the pain it is she was feeling. In his mind this was all he could do, no amount of explanation or small talk would be able to bring her comfort in this moment.


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Surprise. That was what she was when she felt the warm, hard, defined body of Manzo pressed against her delicate frame. His scent was nice as her face buried into his chest but it wasn't nice enough to get her mind off of the fact that she had a package. She didn't know Manzo all that well and it was nice that he seemed to be empathetic towards her but she had to see what was in the box, she had to confirm her fears before she could even let herself think it was ok to allow someone to comfort her.

Placing her hands against his chest she pushed away from him. Tears were already streaking down her face. She wanted to go right back into his arms and pretend what she received wasn't there. It was unfortunate but that's not how the real world worked. " I'm sorry..I have to see what's in that box. " Wiping her face she slowly walked over to the table which held the box. Her movement was hesitant and when she got to her destination she carefully opened the box, as if it were some fragile thing. Inside of the box was everything she feared as she pulled out a little black book, the same one her father had tried to hide from her, her sisters, and her mother. The book was covered in dried blood but she dared not open it.

They knew where she was, and that meant she wasn't safe. the other contents in the box were pictures of her mother and sisters, with her mother's picture having a big red " X " on it. They had found her, and now they were coming for the rest of them. Ylva dropped the photos and stepped away from the box, bawling her eyes out at this point. She thought she was safe, but nothing was going to stop them now.


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His eyes peered over her given his height, it looked as though he had delivered a hit on her life to her front door. This wasn't something that he was unaware of, odds are he had delivered hits to multiple people before, but no one he knew. This time it was a personal thing. Such a thing couldn't go un answered for. He walked over to Ylva and took the photo from her hand. The two women resembled each other, and odds are this was a family member, and given the age difference this had to be her mother.

"Is this your mother Ylva?" The man asked, though he was certain he knew the answer to said question. While he wasn't aware of who sent the package, he knew someone who could find such a thing out if need be, and odds are it did need to be found out. "I'll be waiting outside, if you're up to it, follow me, and I think I can get you some answers." He said as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and put it to his lips lightning it as he walked out the door.


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She was upset. She was tired. They were coming for her and for a moment she thought there was nothing she could do. Something inside of her began to stir but she wasn't sure what it was. Looking over to Manzo she could only nod her head to his question about her mother. She never thought she would lose her as well but it would seem that with the way the picture looked that someone had gotten to her at least. When Manzo told her to meet him outside she didn't respond. Picking up the images and placing them and the book back into the box.

Without any more hesitation she stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. She was exhausted, truly and her eyes which usually held a a happy doe like gaze was now dead and dull. You've helped me twice now.. How could I ever repay you? She looked from the floor to Manzo and wondered how exactly she kept running into people willing to do anything for her. She was overall useless and couldn't really understand but was happy that she had someone in her corner. Her god must have been heard her, or at least felt her despair. She didn't know it but a new power was stirring in her, the power to protect herself.


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She didn't need help with this. This was a problem that had to be sorted out all on her own. She appreciated Manzo's help, but he had done more than enough for her. She would repay him back some day, some how. For now she realized that she wasn't safe here, she wasn't safe anywhere as long as she could be identified. She now knew that she had a few choices and the only one she saw fit was to get strong enough to destroy those who wanted to destroy her. Going back into the room and packing up the things sent to her she wouldn't take this sort of shit lying down.

Stepping back out of the room and handing the box back to Manzo along with a significant amount of Jewels. She made up her mind right there and then to stop being the hunted and become the hunter. " Take this back to whoever gave it to you and deliver this message. " I'm coming.. I'm coming for all of them. " She went on to explain that this was something she had to do alone and thanked manzo once more before locking the door to her room and leaving the inn in search of someone who would help her obtain the means in which to strike down the threat on her life.

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