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Travel: Magnolia to Era [Walking]

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Magnolia to Era || Travel

In spite of the cultural shock and overall difficulty adapting to a new country, Hiketsu did enjoy Magnolia and started to dig the medieval feel of Fiore. Meeting Barras and his assistant was one of the few achievements that eased his stay and he cannot regret learning so much about the town and its people. On top of that, improving his physical condition through training in the forest and hammering away at metal for days was a fresh experience. All in all, it was time to leave Magnolia behind for now and move onto a new town. Barras told Hiketsu about Era and explained that enrolling into the Rune Knights might be a good starting point for someone looking to become stronger. He also told Hiketsu about the war that has been going on for a while now and how most people assume the center of the country will sooner or later host the "end-game" of the war. Of course, all of those were rumours Barras heard from others at some point, but rumours worth paying attention to. Now having his bag packed, Hiketsu started walking towards the South Gate and as soon as he left through the gate, his next destination was the Town of Era.

Wordcount: 207/200

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