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Hiketsu Arashi [Done] [S2]

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Name: Hiketsu Arashi

Nickname: Tsu

Age: January 7th, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Warrior

Profession: Ronin (Strength, Endurance)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless.

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Dark blue. On his back.

Face: Yato, from "Noragami"


Height: 192 cm / 6'3" feet

Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Being several centimetres above the average human height, Hiketsu is what many would consider a "giant" simply because those who look at him usually have to raise their heads. Being the tall guy he is, his physique could be considered atheltic, built through years of working at the farm and helping his parents. Leaving the well-built body aside, his distinctive jawline complements his hairstyle perfectly. While the dark colour of his hair would normally get glances from the by-passers, not many do so nowadays. If someone ever dared to look into his eyes, they would see a mesmerizing sea blue colour. All of these go hand-in-hand with his deep-ish voice which is a real boost to his masculinity.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Mostly due to his background, Hiketsu turned out to be a tough shell, keeping his distance when it comes down to human interaction. While on the outside he seems a quiet and cold individual, sometimes even showing signs of reticence, on the inside things are different, because he has an unexpectedly kind core. In spite of how reserved and laid-back he might seem, he truly finds it natural and enjoys communicating with other people, as well as speaking out his mind and standing up for his ideals when he feels something needs to be said. Due to his belief that humans should focus more on being rational rather than emotional, he might come off as insensitive, but that doesn't stop him from connecting with the people around him on a deeper level, be it through facts and logic or simply raw emotion. Mental sparring could easily be one of his favourite hobbies, given his highly analytical self. Even with this contrast between being perceived as a bad person and being perceived as a good one, Hiketsu is able to make use of his confidence and respectable persona in a way that draws crowds together. It seems that people appreciate Tsu for being true to himself and using his drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever goal he has. Of course that, on the other side of the river, there are the ones who consider him ruthless or even a complete antisocial moron, but mean words were never a source of distress for him. At the end of the day, he simply needs to find the right people willing to break up the psychological defensive mechanisms he set up. He was taught how to be a man, tough and mighty, but he must learn that man can be vulnerable too from time to time, without being ashamed of that.


  • Reading: Just as anyone else, Hiketsu has a hobby which he enjoys from the depth of his heart and which helps him get through a hard day. That activity is reading, reason why he considers a good book to be a good friend.
  • Drinking: Constantly dealing with the problems in his life, Leo started drinking in order to cut down the excessive stress he went through after he left home. While he knows that drinking ain't the healthiest vice, he can't let that Sake go.


  • Ignorance: He believes that nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, reason why he dislikes ignorants to a rather serious degree.
  • Dishonour: In spite of becoming a Ronin, which by itself doesn't follow the Bushido code, Hiketsu still believes that bringing shame and disgrace on one's self is as close to a literal "sin" as possible. In most cases, a distinct lack of honour would disgust him to a point where anger might influence his judgement.


  • Ikigai: A Japanese concept of motivation that is often translated "a reason for being." The idea is associated with self-directed goals that act as a person's primary motivation on a long term basis.


  • Failure: Being a man with so many goals, he fears that one day he would fail, losing everything that he built over the years.
  • Emotional Instability: Given his past, he fears that losing control of his mind and emotions could lead to failure and letting down both his family and the people he is nowadays surrounded by.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Born almost two decades and a half ago within the borders of Joya, not too far away from the crowded cities, Hiketsu came into the world as the son of a seasoned Ashigaru and a loving mother. Their family scrabbled out an average lifestyle from the father's wages as an on-foot soldier at the local Daimyo's garrison. It was not an easy existence and they were overall too poor to afford much of an education for their son, so he learned mainly how to defend himself, with or without a weapon in hand, when avoiding trouble was not an option.

As a boy growing out of childhood, Hiketsu was sent to live in one of the castles of the land. There, his first lessons were in humility, as he attended to the feudal lords and ladies of the household. But from their shogi games, their gossip, even the poetry of great deeds and courtly love, Tsu quickly began to learn about the adult world of conflict and competition. Then, as an adolescent, life changed as it always does.

Though the distinction felt sudden to him, somewhere along the way he had to become a man, and the whole world seemed to change around him. In spite of a clear lack of magical affinity, Hiketsu was finally taken under the local Daimyo's banner, where he practiced long hours with weapons, learning how to deal out hard knocks and how to take them too. As other pupils displayed proficiency with both spells and weapons, Hiketsu was somewhat pushed aside and given less attention than it would have been ideal, yet that never seemed to be an obstacle. He was instructed in his obligations to his lord, and of his duties to those who might one day be his vassals. But in addition to learning the Bushido ideal, he also learned about the less uplifting side - old warriors stories of ruthless powerplay and politics, of betrayals and usurpation, of men who used unorthodox tactics to achieve their aims.

At some point, while Hiketsu was training outside the town, the local Daimyo, as well as the other lower nobles, were ordered from the capital to arrange a fitting reception for the envoys of the Emperor at their castle, only to find out not too soon after that those envoys were - in fact - mage assassins sent by the hostile households around those territories. Inevitably, everyone ended up murdered by what was no more than a Trojan Horse. Following the assassination of his Daimyo, Hiketsu decided to strike out on his own as an adventurer, rather than commit seppuku as the Bushido dictates. What made him take that decision was nothing more than personal revenge. It was not a difficult choice to leave, with the rage burning brightly in his heart. He wanted vengeance, he wanted justice, and that lead to him becoming a Ronin. What was done couldn't be undone, and the debts could only be paid in blood.

Years have passed and Hiketsu wasn't sure when his craving for vengeance became a prison, when the typical became mundane or when his dreams of wandering have taken over his life. Whether he yearned for some faraway place or merely for open roads and the freedom to travel, he didn't know. One thing was certain: he couldn't bear anymore to stay in the same place, seeking ghosts where there are only bodies. That's when he simply started walking towards a new country and never looked back.

Reference: N/A (Returning player)

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- Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster. -

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: N/A
  • Weapon: N/A
  • Off-Hand: N/A
  • Head: N/A
  • Body: N/A
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 4

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 0

Other Changes
- Account name change to "Hiketsu"
- Reclaiming Faceclaim.
- Reclaiming 10 points.

- Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster. -

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This character application has been approved.

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