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Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:37 am

Judith Karlinius
Finally to manage the things she wanted for a simple goal, To write a letter home to her husband for her travel to back to Magnolia would be a bit more slower than Judith would have taken account her. Finding a nice empty chair with no one else around it or close by a table she could write things down, Judith would seen slowly walking her way to it, holding in her hand pen, paper and envelop to mail her letter in.

When at her chair in which she would sit, Judith put down the cane she used to help herself walk. Pulling herself into the table. She at least got comfortable enough to take her time writing this knowing the if she fully explained to who she was writing this letter to, It would not be a super pleasant conversation when they arrived.

"From green to red our days pass by, Waiting for a sign to tell us why~"The normal way she worked, Judith would get carried away singing a song to herself while doing things alone."Are we dancing all alone?~"running her against on the surface of the table she was sitting on to feel if it was all smooth and flat.

"Collect some stars to shine for you
And start today there are only a few
The sign of times my friend~"
Judith continued singing to herself quietly, while finding out and happy with the table being smooth part of the table, It was perfect for what she wanted it for. making sure to place down the paper well enough she would not ruin it, as well as stopping her song. Judith looked at the paper in thought while she started piecing together how to start this letter and what words to say, After all surely explaining to your husband you went to an area for no reason rather then you were board and where she ended up would truly not end well.

Lyrics Reference

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:53 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz walked slowly down the pier. His eyes staring at the clear sky. He was once again lost in his own thoughts and lost a bit in life. In just a few short days things had changed so much for him. Even walking by the people they felt more distant than before.

The walkway was the cleanest he'd ever seen. Pedestrians dotted the landscape. Involved in all manner of dealings. Some carried baskets while others sipped tea gazing out to the wonders around them.

A family rushed past him causing him to turn out of the way giving them all the space they needed. It was a slow stoic movement. A sigh left his nose. He remembered when he would smile at those that passed him, it all seemed like so much work now to keep that level of cheer to all.

He made his way further along the pier until something chimed in his ear. A sound that had always brought him delight. Singing. He finally cracked a small thin smile, remembering all the times he'd her a song of music and get distracted in the middle of a mission.

The song was not something he had heard before and only served to further his intrigue. His feet moved on their own, taking his body towards the sound, until he saw a woman sitting at a table. Pen and paper before her. Singing her song. It was nearly imperceptible as it was so quiet but he had not realized his path had already taken him so near to where she was.

He crossed over towards her. He grinned a bit and reached his hand up to search his gi for his flute. A chance to join in. His hand only hit the rough exterior of his militant uniform. He forgot he swapped them out. His fingers grazed his chest and recoiled back. His smile fading a bit. He had not brought it with him. For the first time.

He shook his head and approached the women, "Excuse me, I could't help but hear your lovely voice. Are you hear alone and if so...may I sit with you a bit?" he asked seeing her age and the cane she walked with. This could have possibly been quite the journey for her.

It was not something he usually asked. To sit with a stranger. He preferred to stay at a distance and enjoy the sound of music and song. but times were changing and maybe he would need to as well.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:43 am

Judith Karlinius
In the view of Judith, she had seen this many times in her life even making remark about it."You stare upon me, As my own children did when they learned I could sing so many years a go."She said with a humble smile upon her face, she was entertained by that moment but it was not of mockery in any manner. But she did not refused."But by all means, Please join me I do not mind the company."It was almost a a quiet peace that would fall again.

But Kazimir's eyes would pick up something a bit different now, Judith seemed and sounded older but her skin almost still looked much like it was still youthful."Who knew, Letters to home would be a bit difficult, I suppose with the reason why I need too will be different then most."She lightly laughed to herself about it as she started to finally write a bit of the letter eventually going back into singing a part of that song again."From green to red our days pass by, Waiting for a sign to tell us why~"each note was just how Kazimir heard it when walking up to Judith."Are we dancing all alone?~"

The years it might have taken for Judith to learn to sing like that must have been many. But she would stop for a moment."But does the gazing eyes of a stranger carry a name to hold it together? Or does he wish to keep that to himself?"Judith raised the question mostly because much like the manners she would in grain on her children she was waiting to see if Kazimir would tell her his name. This was the starting moment to figure out aside from his name maybe aside from her voice what else could Kazimir could need, maybe just was thinking how she normally did for her way of life.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:57 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
he chuckled a bit being compared to a child but he supposed the innocence of wandering over to someone was much like that. "Thanks, you do sing very well. I have a weakness for song and music," he said sitting on the bench next to her accidentally noticing the unfinished letter in front of her but not remarking on it. There was a serenity around her and the area near. It was calming. More still than things had been for some time with him.

Her voice and demeanor gave was that of a mature woman but her body was still as youthful as any other. At first he chalked it up to a life of many experiences. She was open already about what it was she was doing which Kaz was intrigued by, "What are the reasons you are writing home?" he looked up at the sky with a bit of sad smile, "But then again, sometimes letters home to the people we care for can be the most difficult. Feelings are a fragile thing and as changing as the wind." his mind drifted only briefly about LeeAnn and himself.

He closed his eyes and listened to her sing, not paying attention to the words she wrote down as that was a private matter. The she ended with a question to him. "My name is Kazimir Seiryu, Ex-member of the wind clan and Ex-member of the Rune Knights," he said looking back at her. His voice a bit wistful.

His tone change to something more plain and welcoming, "may I ask the same of you?" He smiled a bit with a breath laugh, "And I'd say it was my wandering ear instead of my gazing eyes that brought me here."

She was indeed an intriguing woman and with her came a sense of calm and balance. But who was she? still to be out here by herself and the strange contradiction of youthful appearance to matured voice.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:10 pm

Judith Karlinius
With that Judith would kind of hint how old she is."Almost like 20 to 30 years of singing and practice might do wonders for it."She seemed to left out the age she started singing but she mentioned how long she started singing."Then I guess other family members of mind might fancy you will, Varying Karlinius' are singers or music players."She seemed to suggest that just to mention maybe Kazimir could make use of this information, even if it was not much use or anything too important to Kazimir, At least Judith seemed to have okay intention with that mention.

A woman who told no lies."I am writing, Simply because Magnolia is a far path away and walking there is a bit more dangerous with a broken leg and cane."she was so plain and clam about it but the entire situation around it was far gone now."So maybe my husband could come from Magnolia could help me home, I just need to prepare myself for him to be worried about me when he arrives."Judith mentioned and continued writing her letter.

"My name is Judith Karlinius, New Fairy tail member, Mother of 4 children."Judith mentioned since she did not have a reason or wish to reveal the rest part of her life, Parts of her life Kazimir did not need to know.

"Ex-Rune Knight? I wonder if you met my daughter Judina, I heard she is among their ranks."
If Kazimir knew or remember Judina they looked nothing alike and it would be odd to realize but if anything Judith sounded curious about who knew Judina and who did not know her."In figures of speak, connects work in wonderful ways, Alas you understood how I speak, since sometimes it is confusing to others."

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:41 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
She said 20-30 years...but was she even that old? That would be her whole life based on the way she looked. Then again...he was also assuming she was human. He was an angle and he had recently fought a lich. The world was full of the unexplained. But he wouldn't pry.

He smiled a bit, "A family of musicians sounds rather delightful." he tried to think if he had heard that last name somewhere before.

A husband that worried about his wife. That was all that Kaz had wanted to. She seemed like she was in a healthy marriage. But did he hear her correctly? He replied as calmly as she did while leaning forward to look at her leg, "You have a broken leg and you've come all this way? that must be painful...but you don't seem bothered by it at all?"

A thought suddenly struck him, "If there is anywhere you need to be immediately I can have my griffon take you," there was a stillness in his eyes with a coldness hidden behind them since he sat down but now it was of concern.

She just continued on writing her letter, seemingly without a care in the world. "Its a husbands natural tendency to worry."

"Its a pleasure to meet you Judith," he said and then looked with a cocked brow as she said four children.

"Oh, You are Judina's mother. You two don't look anything alike. I know her. We battle some demons together a while back. Joined up with...well I'm sure you know." His pause was a heavier one as he didn't know how many people reacted to the inquisition.

"You speak like a poet. The wind can whisper in ballad and verse and moves in many ways and I move with it." He relaxed his shoulders, blinked as he looked to the ground and back to her, "Not to imply I can sing. Just an old saying."

"Excuse me but...did you say 20-30 years? How is that possible given how young you are? and to have four children."He decided to just dive into the question. His brows coming together as he asked it. What sort of magic or race was she?

#7Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:34 am

Judith Karlinius
She only seemed to imply as peaceful as it was, It also had it's problems."My family has had its fair tiding of dark as well...Most Karlinus' know how to sing or something around music."She did not carry that much beyond that for the moment, It seemed to almost sound like it could almost make Judith depressed.

"I broke here my leg here, A lich did anyway. So I have only been walking around Astera with a broken leg, Not anywhere else."It might not help now with how this moment went, She still seemed so normal talking about it. Since it was in the past Judith was not stressed out about it.

"I did intend to go home, But i have a matter in Era I need to go to." Judith was honest about it."I would assume Anders, would have been fine getting me either at home or to Era. But given the situation behind my broken leg I am sure he might not be...to happy about it."It was a not kidding moment but Judith seemed to be at least be super thoughtful.

With that delighted smile Judith would mention."All but three of my children take after my husband in terms of appearance. So they do not seem right away much like me."But slowly Judith face seemed to turn from delighted to curious.

"Since she joined what, As far as I know of my daughter, She is a Rune Knight still and nothing else. I have not heard or spoken to her in months."This would be a moment for Kazimir to realize, Judith had no idea her daughter joined the Inquisition but already now Judith seemed to almost look like she had more question."What did she join now that I did not know of?"

"There is a joy in it, sometimes confusing people can be the fun part." That small part of not only a joyful but a cheeky and devilish as well."Singer or Poet, A voice that speaks in harmony, Echos centuries into a soul."At least with that Judith was not confusing anymore.

Most woman seemed to be the type to be offended by such questions, But Judith did not to be one of them."I am 56 years old Kazimir, how i manage to be so youthful, Well that one is a  mother's secret."The one secret only one person long gone knew, Anders her husband did not know, Her sons Waylon and Regis did not know, Judina her daughter did not know either. She made no hints at anything the only clue was frayed to nothing.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz nodded his head, "It seems every family is not without their darkness just like individuals,"he said thinking of his own family and nearly all those he had come across.

The wind mage's head tilted a bit to the side and his eyes narrowed at the mention of a lich, "This Lich that you encountered. He didn't happen to have a floating spear did he?" he inquired about the nature of the being as he had fought one as well and he was a frightening force, pushing through his most powerful spell. If she walked away from him and was Judina's mother she had to be a some sort of mage.

She was still peaceful as she spoke about her broken leg, the lich and her husband. "I imagine getting into a fight with a lich would make anyone worry about the one they love. How did it happen?"

He had seen real delight on her face as she spoke about her children. A grin appeared on his feeling happy for her in a sense. "I see. That makes sense. Perhaps I know the other two,he replied in a questioning tone.

Things became more serious the moment she asked more about Judina. Kaz turned away to look up at the sky. His hesitation was apparent. Not because he didn't want to tell her but in worry of how it would be taken. 'The sky was a brilliant blue that day,'he thought as he took in a small breath through his nose. "I don't know if you have entirely heard what happened," realizing that she may not know all the details about Judina's current activities. After that moment though...neither did he, really.

"There was an attack on a village. A man named Nerva was there. Four Rune Knights showed up that day. Judina and myself included. We battled the demons that broke out. It was the fiercest one yet. After the battle Judina, another knight, and myself all joined the inquisition," he turned to make direct eye contact with Judith. Searching her eyes for what she was feeling. "After that she headed up here, with Nerva. I remained for awhile to take care of some work."

pausing for only a moment to then reinforce, "So you're daughter may be here now. Although I've seen no sign of Nerva yet." Over those few months many things had happened. The wind mage waited to see how she handled the news.

"If...you have anything you want to ask me," he turned his body to face hers, showing his engagement with the conversation. A piece of his old self returning bit by bit as his mind and soul found balance. "You only need to ask. I will tell you what I can."

An unstoppable smile crept upon his face at the idea of centuries being echoed in the soul. "You have a way with words that is as calm as a gentle breeze and as moving as strong wind. I hope to find that same harmony once again," he spread the fingers of one hand, feeling the tainted glove around it, squeezed it together and then relaxed it again.

"A mother's secret you say?" he nodded his head once again leaning forward and resting his forearms on his knees. "Well then I shall not ask. We all have secrets. Without them we would not be as interesting," he looked back at her with his head tilted. His hair clumsily falling across his face. He blew it away and leaned back. "You don't look a day over 24," speaking politely."

#9Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed this would be interesting to her, Very interesting. Judith would be more willing then anything to continue this while she seemed to be already continuing writing her letter while managing to keep eye contact with Kazimir and keeping up with the conversation. "You are correct with what you mention of that Lich, I do find him odd he broke my leg for answering a question honestly." She was more worried now about Alice, Anton and Tanya if they were at risk now that some parts were linked, for the moment she would try not to think about it.

"Anders has picked up many pieces of a broken fence, I only worry how stressful it is for him."Judith mentioned as casually as she is worried about it. But almost hard to pick up with how she was able to speak but the smallest sense of guilt seemed to be in her voice that piece almost hidden away from the moment with how quickly she moved it aside.

"You know of the other two?" Judith went into a bit of a toying game."What are their names and are they sons? daughters? or one of each?"Judith asked this waiting to see the answer because he was super curious, if he actually knew it would be a wonderful moment because Judith would know both of said children were interacting with other people. This also was most likely a trap for Kazimir now.

"As long as she views it right and does not break laws I feel it is fine, Her heart is generally in the right place."Which was something maybe easily guessed but then again maybe because Judith knew how to deal with the unknown."But I will deal with her if she does something wrong too. Which is such of the ways of me."

"I have no question for you since any worries I can just leave to the tying of fate to be sure."Well she would mask it like that anyway, That way she could do it herself, But always with words.

"Harmony is only achieve if within the eyes of paradise,The eyes of what paradise is what soul views as harmony."Judith was having far too much fun giving advise in this manner, since some one would understand it for once and she did not have to explain it.

But she laughed about it now, since it was always that part was good."I guess i am far to humble to enjoy the envy of people my age, The lengths people would go achieve such a way that I have with looks."Judith was wise hiding away that she knew how people worked, but did not hold it against anyone."At least you know of my age and marriage any one else blinded of just looks might have tried to swoon me." Judith was far too meek to be effected by that as well which could be interesting for other people but her.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I also encountered the Lich. He launched a surprise attack on me. What was his business with you if I may ask?" This time it would seem that Kaz's question came less from his personal intrigue and more like a detective on a case. And indeed he felt it was. There had to be some pattern to the attacks by the lich and was this the prelude to something more pressing?

"Ander's seems like a good man,"He saw something different in her eye but family was most often a touchy topic and he would not pry.

Kazimir chuckled a bit at her rapid fire questions about her children. He spoke with a grin, "I only meant that I know Judina so maybe if I knew the names of your other two I may have come across them in my journeys as well. If they are knights or guild members."

There was a small shrug to his shoulders, "I actually don't know too much about her. Never really got a chance to speak with her. She is silent, but has always carried herself with dignity and as helped those around her. I also joined the inquisition for a good cause so I am sure she did as well." it was a relief that Judith wasn't negative about it. He worried he would have brought her some unto stress but then she seemed the type to handle it well.

He nodded back, "That's good because that's about all I really know about Judina. Probably couldn't answer anything more. Will you search for her?" She had come all this way, and her daughter was so close now. With the time it seemed they had not been in contact he wondered if it was by choice and if they would try to meet now.

"Indeed everything is connected and we most define paradise to achieve harmony."

"I'm sure many people do envy you. Which can lead to some bad turns of events." He had never thought of what it would be like to look young forever if that's indeed what was going on with her. He ran his hand across his uniformed chest, scratching over where his scar was. His reminded of the extended life that he had, now wondering if that meant he would stay young looking. "All things happen in complex and fascinating ways I suppose. Often times as unexpected as rain on a sunny day."

"No...no worries from me. My swooning days are on hold," he said but talking about it was still a bit difficult. The last thing on his mind was trying to swoon someone. Two loses was enough for this wind mage to bare for now.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:54 am

Judith Karlinius
"It was more about people I who i was casually shopping for."Judith mentioned."I have a family friend  named Alice, This woman is the very Alice that got Judina into the Rune knights and one of my daughters closest friends."So far the simple explanation all of it seemed to so...odd."Alice and her two children eventually ended up in my house hold and care. Turns out while i was shopping for gifts for all of them, This Lich asked me how i knew them, I answered, He broke my leg, That was the entire situation."Judith ended that part. She knew it was quite odd to break some one's leg over."That and I happen to admit to him the named of whom I consider my fourth child."

She would spare and hide away the full story, Judith as sweet and caring she was and how comfortable she would, Would not tell the story the longer part of the story."I have a adopted daughter named Arisa, not my blood by any manner but i adopted her into my family and raised her along side Judina, Waylon and Regis."Judith did not mind revealing her sons names to him, in fact it could be something for him to remember and keep track of if he ever needed too."He seemed a bit, Off when learning that I was Arisa mother, as well as the caretaker for Alice and her two children." Judith was a busy woman it seemed, But it showed what values and experiences she held in life.

"So my problems with troubling him does seem silly, But keep in mind I just worry for him much like everything else, I do not wish to trouble the faith protector he is more then I have too. His ever quiet voice is the embrace that my soul always enjoy."It would be the only really silly or almost annoying part to Judith was this, There was most likely a story behind Anders and how he was.

Judith did seem to yet again chuckle."So my daughter does take after Anders more than I...Not shocked."It seemed she was entertained by it. Seemed like Judith was not worried about her too much."I tend to at least get letters from Judina every once and a while."At least Judina was better it seemed despite for quiet nature Judith did not mention how often the other kids of hers seemed to be.

"At what cost does at envy's coin does the value of it fall?" Which was an interesting question really, Envy was a deadly thing she has seen it before."Envy's cost is a always hollow in value." such as many emotions in people tend to have."I had valued rain for far too long, sometimes the shade of the clouds and the touch of rain on the skin always seemed so comforting.But a hermit loves simple things." Judith who had trailed off for a moment wanted to make another joke.

"Trouble in love life I see, I guess I could consider Anders a rather a never fading sun
" With that part out of the way she would actually get to the teasing part."And here I almost wanted you attempt to swoon over my daughter since you knew her. As far as I recall she has never been on a date, Here I was hoping she would be almost married by now...far dream married with at least one child."Judith did not seem to be trying to project hopes but was showing it.

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Wiriting A Letter to Home.(Open) Empty Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir thought it a bold move to attack someone while shopping with potential witnesses around. He tried to think of any pattern that there could be. "I may be thinking to far into this but I'm sure there is a pattern to these attacks. Or maybe he is aligned with a dark guild. It would make since to go after fairy tail and the knights."

The story unraveled more as Judith explained about the fourth child, Arisa. Perhaps that was the connection. "Do you know any reason he may be searching for them and had attacked..."he was holding a hand to his chin but then stopped himself. "I'm sorry," as he leaned back once more. "I'm not a knight anymore. Investigations are not part of my job, and without the title I'd just be butting in to your business."

The names of the other children didn't seem to ring any bells for him. It was only Judina that he knew. "It seems you have a big family to look after," he tried to make the situation a little more light. "If they are anything like Judina,a strong family as well."

"Are any of them Knights as well?" he asked, still trying to make a connection in his mind. " I have no idea why the Lich attacked me. In the end he paid a compliment to me and took off.So it would appear our lich has a penchant for hit and run."

"To trouble the faith protector?"It was a term he was not familiar with. More customs from this land perhaps, or something to do with her family.

Kaz smiled seeing that whatever he had said about Judina, had given Judith some sort of comfort or delight. "How long has it been since you have seen here?" letters were one thing but given the fact that Judith seemed interested in how her daughter interacted with people it only led him to think if they had been able to see each other face to face.

She began her poetic speak again. The cost of Envy? A powerful thing to contemplate. "I am sure you have seen the inner struggles of a person claw its way to the top. "Rain is comforting. In all things water brings like but waves can crush us."

"A hermit huh? seems to me you have far too large a family to become a hermit,"
he said lighthearted and crossed one leg over the other, both hands on his knee. "But simple things should be valued as they are easily forgotten."

He sighed a moment, the heartache rushing like a wave and then back out to sea once more. "A bit yes. Probably need to take a break for awhile. Love...I need to find my own strength now." he looked back into her eyes, "A never fading sun. That is a dream worth staying asleep for."

Kazimir nearly nearly smiled at her teasing and the thought of it all. After all since he first stepped foot in Fiore it was really just...her. "Me and Judina. Judith I think you may have some time before anyone gets through her armor. Married and with a Child...How old is Judina? I'm sure you have plenty of time for that." He wasn't sure what the hopeful look on Judith's face was for exactly, "But I am sure you will have so many grandchildren you will loose count."

#13Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
"Judina is the only knight, Waylon is in Fairy tail, My husband avoids joining any guilds, I am in Fairy Tail myself, Arisa is in Liama scale....My oldest son just had disappeared I do not know what is exactly going on with him."She sounded depressed about the last part, At least Judith worried about all of her children and family good enough to keep track of it.

Quietly thinking for a moment and looking at her letter."I do not know much else aside from what he asked and I answered, I could only guess this lich knew a few people I do."She was taking a simple guess about it in the end Judith for now might not worry about it."Maybe one day, if i can brave myself to see him again I will ask this lich a few things i wonder."For now Judith would try not to linger her wonder of this lich

"Anders and I's story is quite vast, But he personally prefers to keep it to himself....But most of it does have to do with him being a Knight and putting faith into some one."Kazimir would not get much information aside form that, Even if she was pressed about it signed showed it would be a dead end.

"It has been almost 4 months since i last saw Judina, Same with Arisa I saw them together last time."It had been a while, but not super long. Starting to seem over due for her and Judina to meet one another again.

She let out the sigh about the thought of stares about her looks."You can only wonder, for so long before it becomes depressing."The cost seemed to be one she had dealt with and was find with for a long period of time now.

Judith with staring at her said."Trust me, even if I am trying guess you with my daughter in general for humor, You will find what will be the never fading sun..or Always bright moon."Judith said with a straight face and staring Kazimir in the eyes as well

Judith laughed because that type of teasing and humor had reach the point she wanted but Judith also took it was seriously."I know Judina gets that from Anders, But Judina does not realize how time will catch her after all she is 29 years old now."Waiting to see what Kazimir would say to that, Was he thinking she was younger or older? she could only wait and see.

But when that very final part Judith hid the frown but Kazimir could pick it up easily."I did have one, Regis was once married, I was bless with a grand daughter....Judina sound me 4 years ago tell me Regis some how went insane killed them both"Judith had seemed to avoid grieving over this and  hid her feeling about it.

"Closest to grand children since then is taking in Alice and her children, Since I treat them like grand children it is all seem to have now."Judith was honest but these conversation went super depressing quickly. She seemed to have her reason for admitting these things Judith had nothing to hide anymore.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I suppose it is nice to be in a guild with your son?" he asked hearing that they were both from fairy tail. Although by the nature of that guild and all guilds they may not see one another much. he met her gaze as he heard the dip in her voice, "I'm sure your son is doing well."

He thought of the idea of her tracking down that Lich. Something that he had thought of as well, but a part of him respected the sparring partner he had that day. "Perhaps I'm thinking too far into this one," he huffed with a small smile. "I hope you track him down and find out what he means with your family. And if you need any help you can count on me. I have some lingering questions of my own." his reply was light but his words sincere. If nothing else it would give him the chance to find out the beings motivations. But that would be a tale for another time.

"I see, well then i will not pry on that matter any longer,"
she was a woman with many secrets, always dancing close to them but never opening the gates. He had his own and knew all to well the importance in keeping them or at least the safety it provided in ones mind.

"Four months, is not so bad considering how the state of the country is with the demons and everything. People are being called forth like I've never seen, especially the knights. I am sure your paths will cross, or at least another letter."

He looked away and then back at her, his one hand atop the other, "Thank you. I'm sure I will find what brings me light some day," he said with a warmth in his eyes not yet seen.

"29? it would seem you two do have more in common. She appears younger than that but her actions carry wisdom gained by time,"
he replied with the same plain tone he had been using. He didn't think Judina was 29. Mid-twenties perhaps.

"I...I am so sorry to hear that Judith. I didn't mean to bring up a troubling memory," he adjusted himself to face her more. There was nothing else he could say to something like that. The pain of loosing a grandchild and after he had said he war sure Regis was doing well. He hoped so even more now.

"Blood doesn't always make a family. I am sure you know that though. They are definitely your grandchildren. You have a lot of love in your life and that is something to be joyful about."

He looked down at his hands remembering the blood on them, "It is wonderful to have a big family. And losing anyone in it can be tough. But the memories carry us like wind carries the bird. And the ones in our life are rain to a field of solace."He finished before looking back at her. As he spoke, halfway through it sounded more for himself than anything else and there was a mix of sorrow in his own eye along with acceptance.

#15Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith looking over her letter seemed to be content with it."Surely I will lack a power or bravery to stand before him again, But let us both hope."Judith would not be trying very much beyond hope, For the moment she assumed she would not see the Lich again but really kind of kept that to herself, since Judith believed a Lich most likely had other things it wanted to do and go to then answer a bunch a question from a curious short mother.

Letting a chuckle to let herself relax a bit more from the depressing moments this conversation had taken."I have sent a few messages to her since then but nothing has came back to me...Maybe I do need to talk to her in person after I take care of a few things." Judith seemed to be planning now after folding up her letter.

Following up that point."Judina does not know what other parts of life may go away from her, Then again. I no longer know what else she wishes to achieve in life, I am hopeful for her to be married with one child, But I am not blind if she does not wish that."At least the mother was logical for her children's choices."I can hope one of my other may."Judith then kind of mellowed out about it."While looking after who i do now."Judith then would reach over and pat Kazimir on the shoulder only just twice and did not do it anymore after that.

"You had no idea of knowing the action of my Eldest son Regis, Even if it brakes the more solid of bright hears, Nothing prepares you for it."Judith mention almost like she was not taking it to heart at all. "I visit there graves often when I am home in Magnolia, Even plant flowers as well."Judith mention at least to cut the tension.

The contrast of what her life was, Would almost make some people wonder how crazy it was for her life to go from a hermit to how it was now it was quiet vast."I can hope whatever goes on with your family might be equally are favorable."Judith did not pry much about his life at all but Judith then again seemed to show what all was on her mind for the moment."Or that yours is not as vast as mine."She still put some thought into how his life was with out digging into it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Finished with the letter? I hope you were able to express all you needed to and that I wasn't too much a distraction. Seems you're adept at multitasking," he let out a small smile, "must come with motherhood."

Her words lingered with him a bit. They were both presumably here. it would be an easy enough matter to track her down. There were very few who dressed like Judina, walking the streets anyway. A few quick questions would most likely lead them together. "I suppose she has just been busy with the inquisition. It can be an odd thing to see someone after so many things have come to pass. But I'm sure she would be pleased to see you.She should be here. Oh, you have more business in Astera?"It was an assumption but if they had been writing letters it was made at least somewhat clear that they were on good terms and cared for one another. Certainly Judith cared for her daughter.

"Well, last we spoke she was still vigil in her need to protect the innocent. To stop the demons from entering our world and saving lives," he said looking up at the sky and then back to her. "So I suppose she is solely focused on that. She may need a mother's wisdom. And who knows, after the demons, she may find herself a husband on the field of battle."

He cocked a brow at her pat of his shoulder. Something he had not expected, but then just let out a small smile. "Well I certainly appreciate your time. Your demeanor reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago. Always had a calming presence,"he said but didn't elaborate on who it was.

The conversation took another dark turn as it went back to her son and his actions. "I can't imagine what that felt like. Nothing could prepare you. All we can do is hope for the future and mourn for those that have passed. I hope you can reach him one day. You are a good mother," he added when she mentioned planting the flowers.

Judith had a life filled with love and pain. One that was hard to balance but she seemed a woman strong enough to handle it all. At the mention of his family, his expression barely changed, still as plain as taking about Judith meeting her daughter. "My clan turned out to be something I didn't expect," he looked down at his hand and rrolled his fingers in to form a fist and loosened it again. "Right now they are hunting me to take my life so I aim to kill them before they can me. That is why I am here," his voice still plain but his eyes having the flicker of murderous intent that vanished to a weary smile.

"But that is a darker matter. I hope to return to the knights and see them as my family. But yes my clan was my family and they were what I'd consider a large one as far as families go."
He spoke about them as if it were nothing more than a memory.

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Judith Karlinius
Seems like the manner Judith was and normally use to do would strike again since she would get from finishing her letter."And now I just need to send it." She said normally and getting up and with her cane in her hand she would slowly walk over to Kazimir only because much like Judith as a mother did when walking over to seemed to hug him yes out of no where and odd but Judith had some kind of intention.

"You are not with out places to hide. If you are truly at large risk and need a place to hide. Go to Magnolia, Find my house close by Fairy Tail marked by light purple flowers and knock on the door."
Judith was offer something that she hoped he would take but she expected a no quickly if anything."You will meet a rather tall man, his hair will be blue but looks like it is starting to go gray...That would be my husband, Explain your situation and you need a place to stay, He will help you."Judith's heart was in the right place you could tell, She wanted him to be safe and alive.

"I only ask even if you never do such a thing, Is help me make sure my daughter is okay, Even if you do it rarely."This would be Judith tying ways to keep track of her family while helping other, Something rather remarkable.

This would however be good bye for Kazimir. After she had given him a hug she would start slowly walking away to mail her letter."Please be safe Kazimir, You will have a place to hide if you need, Until then farewell."Judith mentioned with a smile on her face to him. He was interesting even if simple. He carried various things on his mind like she did. Eventually Judith had mailed her letter off and waited.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Suddenly she had stood to hug him. He was half getting up when she caught him. His eyes were wide with surprise. His hands hung to his sides unsure of what to do, before slowly bringing them up to give her quick hug back. A place...to hide...He had never thought of having somewhere like that. Somewhere to go or people to truly lean on. All he really had was the rune knight base and so far that had been enough for him.

His eyes softened,"Thank you Judith. While I don't intend to hide any longer. It is a comfort to know that I will have a place to go. You are too kind." It was the kind of compassion he had never really felt now that he looked back on his life. He had seen others in the clan but he had never known his mother. And they were all raised communally. He thought of how much he missed out and just how lucky her children were to have her.

"I hope you get to spend more time with your children and that you make it back safe. If you ever have need of me just call..."He paused for a moment thinking about his life course. "You will be able to send word to any of the rune knight outposts,"he said with a gentle almost hidden smile.

He nodded his head, "Yes, of course. I'll do what I can to make sure she is doing well and is safe,"Such a simple request but one that he would honor to the fullest. Once committed to a cause he never turned away, whether or not that was a bane or boon at any given time.

What a fascinating woman he thought as she walked away slowly with her cane in one hand and letter in the other. "May your travels be as safe as the summer breeze. And thank you again." He didn't say how much that simple gesture meant to him but it moved him in a more positive place. The sky seemed a little more bright.  

He sat back on the bench and waited. Just feeling the sun on his face with his eyes closed.


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