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A Break From the World [Open]

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A Break From the World [Open] Empty on Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:39 pm

Astera was a fun town, full of people for Odin to play around with: both drinking and killing, but damn it was a busy place. Due to how busy it had been, Odin had never had the chance to learn anything about the incursions, and it seemed like, at this point, they had all basically stopped. If there were no more incursions, that would mean no more portals, and no more demons to question. Odin didn't really know what to do, so he had come here: the cliffs that overlook Astera, and the highest point, apparently known for divers.

Of course, with a Lich around, who was going to venture all the way up here?

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Kairisa was curious about every area of this place as she swore she hasn't seen Astera in her travels till recently. Was it during her coma? Typical. Her blonde hair feathered downward against her back as she wore a purple long dress with thin straps. A lilac colored bow made out of silk was tied around as a hair band, the bow tilted towards the right. Her shoes were flats as the heels made it hard to climb upward. In her arms was a basket with somethings, including; her book, a drink and some snacks for herself. The top of the cliff was suppose to have the best view to relax. Kai wasn't sure on what to think of the book and the things she found out. The thing she does know, is what she saw on top of that cliff.

''Odin...?''. Her voice trembled as she hasn't seen him in months and is quite unsure on the stability and how he's feeling. Slowly, Kai walked forth towards him and stayed beside him a few feet away and a few feet behind him. Finally, her hands gripped her basket tightly as she was nervous and unsure on what all to say - it was getting hard to breathe.


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No other words were needed, he knew the voice instantly. It was the voice of the one woman he loved, and the one who loved him. It was the voice that constantly kept him awake at night, the voice that plagued his every waking moment. No matter where he went, he couldn't stop hearing her voice, couldn't stop seeing her presence. No matter how hard he tried the remaining memory of her just wouldn't leave him, just as the real one had.

Not even glancing her way, as Odin didn't think this was any different than every other time he heard her voice in solitude, the Lich spoke, "I'm really not in the mood for this today. Although, I guess, if tormenting me is what you're trying to do, then this would be the best time." Instead, Odin simply gazed out to the water, and thought about how far the drop would be.


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Embrace, Cherish, Love... Words were clawing at her mentally as she gazed at him and then away. Her anxiety was telling her not to, but she didn't know rather to listen. The fact that she hasn't seen him in months since that lovely night, it was eating her. Slowly, she side stepped closer and closer to end up embracing him from behind. Her heart, her hopeless human heart beats was beating for this man, this Lich. She cared not of who he was, but just the person he was to her. ''Is my love so tormenting to you, Odin? Or was it the time that has gone by without each other?''. Her whispers were soft, sweet like nectar to a bee.

She paused for a few seconds.

''Forgive me for taking so long to find you, again.''. Kairisa frowned as her embrace tightened around his bony body. Her chin placed against his shoulder as her eyes gazed over and out towards the salty seas. ''I had to figure things out about myself... I hope you understand and if there's anything you wish to know, please don't hesitate.''. Her beautiful eyes then started to well up in tears like moons drowning into the ocean itself, but let herself cry in silence.


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The phantom came up behind Odin, embracing him. He felt her heart beating, its echoes resounding through his hollow chest, and he heard her words, in that soft voice only she was capable of. It took all of Odin's strength not to turn around and embrace the apparition himself. He wished, to all the gods above and the demons below, that this time it could just be real, that this time it could be Arisa.

"You know her love could never hurt me; you know I ache because she is gone again." Odin refused to acknowledge the sight in front of him as Arisa, he knew it couldn't be her. He felt her chin sit on his shoulder, the dip in his bones perfectly suited for her face. A perfect match. She then spoke more, wishing to torment the Lich even further by giving a vague answer of why she had departed, and offering any information, should Odin request it. At that, the Lich scoffed, "No question I could ask would give the answers I seek. You are my imagination, my mind wishing to damn me in this world, you cannot give me an answer that I myself don't already know."

Odin paused as he felt her tears on his bones, anger beginning to build up inside him, "No, you don't get to cry. You, who has beaten me, bruised me, broken me. You have hurt me in more ways than I thought could be done, but you do not get to use her tears against me. I forbid it."

One fist was now clenched as Odin shrugged the woman off of him, his threat very real as he waited for a reply.


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His words started to hurt her like a finger nail snipping a string of a violin. 'She' was gone? Was he thinking of her as some fake spirit? The wind shafted towards her as her hair started to slowly flow like waves of gold. Every word he spoke was starting to pluck more strings. Was she gone so long to where she was now just some memory to people? Once he shrugged her off she stepped back, hand placed against her chest. Her body shivered as her human body reacted to the chill. Her eyes of gold glowed as she gritted her teeth. The anger started to pile up onto the sadness that was deafening any other feeling. The tears were numb to her cheeks as they dripped onto the grass like dewdrops.

She yelled and swung her right arm outward and away. Her body started to glow and quickly glowing white wings sprawled out. A few flaps of the wings they then settled and curled towards her. ''Was our night together in the cabin nothing to you? Is this my punishment? Perhaps some sick joke?!''. Each word had pain and anger in them as her hand started to glow... Kairisa doesn't understand why he's acting like this, but in the end what happens - happens for a reason...

Doesn't it?


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For the first time, something Odin noted was an interesting development, the illusion of his love became angry and hurt at his words. Perhaps this was the next form of torment, make Odin out to be the bad guy. He knew he was a monster, but perhaps he still thought he had salvation in his love of this woman. This was his mind's way of telling him the exact opposite, telling him that Arisa would never accept the monster that he had become, no matter how many times she said differently.

Odin didn't bother turning to look at her, but the shift in the wind told him of Arisa's wings. She was angrier than Odin had ever seen her, as if she was as broken as he himself was. He couldn't bare to look at her, knowing that he wouldn't be able to hold it together. He couldn't let his mind win over him. He had to break away from Arisa.

She mentioned their night in the cabin, the night that the snow prevented them from leaving as they were trapped, the night they confessed their love to one another. "That night..." was all Odin could manage before words almost failed him. He took a deep breath, refusing to let his anger boil over anymore, before continuing in the calm voice of a man resigned to his fate, "I will always cherish that night, and the time I spent with Arisa. But that time has passed now." The anger that had briefly faded began to rise once more, slower, a small tsunami gaining momentum, "She saw what I was and now she's gone. She couldn't be with me, as I should have known. Well I know that now, so why don't you ever leave? Why do you torment me by showing me her face? She is nothing to me, not anymore."


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''... I am.. nothing to you anymore?''. Those words that came from him was like a fatal stab in the chest.  She believed she deserved good things, friends, family, him, but at that very moment she realized in her own opinion that she didn't. It was her fault that it became like this, her fault that her 'long' life repeated itself as there was no love for her. Arisa wasn't the only one who felt this as Kai and one other was feeling this as well. Their bond didn't feel real to him yet she knows she will feel like bond herself, by herself - forever.

A shadow figure wrapped their arms around Kairisa from behind as it felt up her arms and around her wrist. ''You know you want to do it. You're about to self destruct, aren't you? So lonely for every life you live yet you still are stuck this way.'' The shadow whispers in a dark womanly tone. ''You might as well... end yourself - slowly.'' She snickers as a flick of Kairisa's hand and summons a glowing butterfly of gold that simply flies around for a few seconds. The colors were beautiful till it lands on her shoulder, cutting her shoulder, blood dripping downward slowly. The red mixed in with the purple of the dress. It didn't faze her, it was like a papercut. ''Mmm, yes, simple and beautiful... Now we should... do more art.~'' The shadow spoke ghostly as slowly makes one of Kairisa's hands go downward and one go towards the sky. To any one who was there, they could hear nothing and saw only a shaken torn woman doing these actions and bleeding slowly.

She always kept things inside, her demons and thoughts as she found it didn't matter much anymore. She was losing herself, but forevermore she will be under this spell of feelings. This was both heaven and hell, but how it turned out didn't matter as she didn't matter anymore. Apparently, and 'she' was going to take advantage of this as Kai and Arisa had no will to fight back the shadow-figure who she already knows who it is.


Name: Simple Freedom
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Light Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Kai, opens up her palm and flicks it so it's pointing forward towards where the butterfly goes. T circle appears from her palm as a butterfly comes out of the summoning circle. The butterfly itself is 1x1 meters large. It Flies where her hand coordinates it to go. Once it hits the target it'll cause B rank magic damage and disappear. This spell costs more mana by double.


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A revelation came from Arisa, her voice signifying that she understood where she stood. Hearing her utter those words hurt Odin more than he would ever admit. He longed to turn around, embrace the one he loved, and tell her that she was everything to him, but he knew it was not his love that was here, and wouldn't allow himself to break against his own mind. He knew what he had signed up for, becoming a Lich. He would wander the world forever, never knowing love, or peace. He would fight and fight and, one day long from now, he would be destroyed. He was damned, there was nothing else for it.

For what felt like an age, there was finally silence. Arisa never uttered another word, and Odin remained, staring out to the sea. He thought, hoped, that the phantom had finally left him, that its days of torturing him were over, which caused him to sneak a glance behind, and see who was there.

The sight of Arisa bleeding did more to infuriate Odin than cause him to feel hurt. The phantom had resorted to name calling, shouting, and even solemn acceptance in its attempts to hurt the Lich, but it had never shown him the image of his lover bleeding, an attack dealt by her own hand. His anger didn't ebb or flow anymore, it wasn't small or building anymore, it was erupting.

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Odin roared as he stepped towards her, bringing his fist round to connect with her jaw. It was a wild swing, but housed all the force that the Lich could muster. All the anger at what he was seeing, focused into one, single attack.

He knew that, as it had every other time, the fist would pass right through the phantom, but at least it would remove the sight of her blood from his eyes.


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The shadow paid no mind to Odin and Kairisa was too distracted in self-loathe and despair. The womanly shadow figure felt up and down her arms as all Kai could hear was little chuckles. Something trickled down her spine making her fight the shadow from positioning her arms like some puppet. 'No, I don't want to do this...'. Arisa tried to fight, but the shadow was devouring her and overpowered the control she had left. Thankfully in its' own way, she felt a blow to the jaw as she didn't see it coming. The impact against her jaw was enough to hurt and perhaps make her lose her balance. A fall on her back she was yet to be knocked out, but the punch left a bruise on her face.

In shock she gazed at Odin, who punched her... who actually harmed her. Her hair flowed along with the grass as she laid straight against the ground. Her hand placed against her stomach as the other where her heart and blood was from the earlier spell that the shadow summoned. "So... I lost you too...". She whispered, holding back more tears. 'I will never let you go.'. Her mind spoke her feelings as she couldn't right at this moment. "So you were serious...". A small smile curved on her lips as she was truly wanting to understand on why he was acting like this. "So tell me, how dare I what?...". Her heart was like a june bug on a hot summer night as she just wanted to be with him, but is he fighting this?...


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Odin's fist... it hit her. It collided with Arisa's jaw, bruising her and knocking her to the ground. That... had never happened before. The apparition was never physical, only in Odin's head. The Lich looked down at his skeletal fist, then looked at his lover. It wasn't an illusion, not this time.

It was her.

That revelation broke Odin more than her disappearance ever could. Once again when he was at the point where he thought life could not get any worse, something came along to prove him wrong. Her words also hurt, cutting deeper than any knife ever could. He felt a heart he had long since discarded, his heart, his love. He felt it being stomped on with every syllable. She ended by asking what Odin had meant, asking for him to elaborate.

Everything Odin had said, he now realised the double meaning. Arisa thought he was telling her how much he hated her, and how she was nothing to him. It was too much for Odin to bare. He looked at Arisa once more, in all her beauty, in all her perfection, and he had no words for her. He walked to the edge of the cliff, the 'famous diving spot' as it were, and he let the wind blow him off. Arisa deserved better than him, and they both needed time away.

Odin was alone now, forever alone.

Except from HER.


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