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The Rising Wind[Plot][LeeAnn]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

The Rising Wind[Plot][LeeAnn] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:25 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir finally made some time for the two of them to enjoy a nice picnic together in the forest where the had first met. He prepared all the things they had eaten there last time, making careful not of the LeeAnn's restricted diet.

He packed everything into his bag and flew of on his griffon to the forest. He landed at the meeting spot early to set things up and perhaps sneak in some training and a cup of tea. It was silent aside from the rustling of the leaves and the small stream next to him where they tried to catch fish.

His griffon laid down beneath the shade of a tree beside the now spread out blanket. He placed the bag of supplies on it, under the ever watchful eye of the griffon for protection.

The wind mage brought out his pot and began the slow boil to make his tea. While he waited for that, he wandered out to the stream and leaped onto some of the larger rocks. Closing his eyes he felt the gentle breeze flowing around him. All the days of his past and stress of the present had faded away.

He didn't think about his clan the inquisition or Nephilim for this one moment. Although that was a conversation he would need to have with LeeAnn again. He realized he had perpetually had to give her bad news between receiving the blessing and now about the inquisition. He knew she would understand though.

He stayed there a while. Patiently waiting to her the flapping of LeeAnn's griffon's wings as she approached.

#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn rode on her griffon to hte meeting spot for a picnic. After all the shit, that has happened to her. She needed a good day off from all this bad luck. She didn't know what it was but she was a magnet for trouble.

Zalar, her griffon, screeched seeing the other griffon and Kazmir sitting down. They both looked up, probably feeling the wind or something. She waved. Zalar landed by crashing down causing LeeAnn to fall and land in a tree very dizzy. Seeing stars, she looks over and waved tiredly.

"Hey....nice landing eh?"

She was too dazed to comprehend a full sentence nor speak in one. It took a few minutes for her to come to her senses. She realized that she was hanging from a tree. Zalar was sitting on the ground, carefree of his owners position. A loud huff came from the kitsune's lips. "Can someone help me down please" she asked.

The young Nakamura felt left out for a few seconds. Zalar was not a great lander like the other flying creatures of Fiore. Of course, her bad luck was already starting, poor Leeann/

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir gazed skyward to see the large wingspan of LeeAnn's griffon descending toward the trees. They were alerted by the load screech which was followed by the sound of snapping branches as the fire mage was tossed off into the trees.

Leaves and twigs tumbled to the ground as the griffon sat calmly. Meanwhile LeeAnn hung upside from the tree. Shaking his head with a smile, "At least its not me getting tossed of this time," reminiscing about the first time they came here and her horse flung them to the ground.

He stepped out of the gently flowing river. The water softly splashed the banks. His hand ran across the head of his griffon passing by him as the beast slept soundly. "Don't worry Lee. I'm coming."  

Kaz reached the bottom of the tree and looked up at LeeAnn, thinking how silly she must look. "Just like last time huh, when you hung upside down. Although I guess the first time it was by choice."

He looked in her eyes and was glad to see her talking and starting to return to her hold cheerful self again. even though the events were recent and no doubt still haunted her, she was dealing with it well. He only hoped she wasn't burying the pain inside. Looking at her he knew she wouldn't mind that he joined the inquisition. She'd been by his side since he first arrived.

His hands reached out to her, so he could carefully help her out of the precarious position. The wind blew between them rustling his long hair across his face. With a deep breath he tried to blow the strands away.

All the air suddenly left his body. His hands held frozen in the air. A piercing pain shot through his torso. His arm dipped as another pain tore into his right shoulder. Two magical blue Arrows protruded from his body. "agh," he cried out as he fell to his knee holding his injured shoulder. The arrows burst into a small sparkle of lights that faded away.

He faced downward. Staring at the ground smeared with scarlet droplets. His hand covering his shoulder, trying to halt the red streams flowing between his fingers. His heart beat faster. Pounding against his chest. The wind began to swirl around him erratically as if it fought with itself.

The shots had come across the river and the archers could be seen with by the blue magical circles around them.

#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn smiled in relief seeing Kazimir come her way. The blood was starting to rush to her head by hanging up side down for a while now. As he gotten her loose, she noticed something move. IT was too quick for her to make out. Her eye noticed movement in the trees as her fox ears twitch.

Before she could say anything, she saw Kazimir's eyes turn wide. Frozen. He stood for a few seconds. LeeAnn growled growing angry. Her claws swiped the branches as she touched down on the ground. LeeAnn quickly dodged blue arrows sent her way, but in doing some. Kazimir was injuried. "Zalor, get Kazimir out of here now! That's an order and get my cousins...NOW" she ordered. LeeAnn opened both of her eyes and uncovering her eye patch, a red magic cirlce appeared underneath her within a 5 meter radious she could see thermal energies up in the trees and bushes around them.

LeeAnn extended her six kitsune tails with will-o-wisps surrounding the whole area. Her eyes glowed omiounously at them. "I know your locations, stand down and show yourselves of I shame your honor" she called out. Zalor tried to pick up Kazimir, but it was failing. LeeAnn nervously awaited to see what htey would do. In her mind, this was stupid of her to do, but it was suppose to be a diversion to get Kazimir out of this situation.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
There was no word from the forest at first at LeeAnn offered them a threat but with a singular chance to reveal themselves and own up to it. A deadly silence lingered in the air as there was nothing from the other side at first.

The wind ceased to exist. The rustling leaves fell still. LeeAnn's will-o-wisps flickering in the air was the only motion aside from her griffin trying to lift Kaz away from danger. A violent gust of wind tore through the ambient atmosphere from the trees where the arrows had come from. A Sinesse man emerged from the depths of darkness a white circle around his hand from the wind spell he had just cast. He wore something akin to a combat uniform. The squall pushed aside the foliage and branches creating an unobstructed path for him to walk through.

He approached the river bed with his chest out and his chin held high. His gaze never leaving LeeAnn or Kaz except for the peripheral glance at the wisps, "This is no matter for you. This has to do with the laws of the clan. We have come for our deserter." It was clear that he was a member of the wind clan and yet his attire was almost completely different than Kaz's.

As he spoke three more mages showed themselves in the brush. Their eyes lit with murderous intent. Magic circle surrounded them again as they aimed mana created bows towards the sky. The evil wind mage rose his hand a flurry of wind gathering around him sending ripples through the river, flowing at the two knights on the other side. The wind in the area sprang to life blowing at the two mages and their griffons. The leaves tussled in the trees once more.  It was focused and direct. All the currents of the air rushing at them.

Before the gusts rustled LeeAnn's hair it vanished with only a slight puff on her cheeks. The wind died as suddenly as it had returned. And then blew violently in the other direction. This time towards their attackers. It originated from behind LeeAnn, blowing her clothes and tossing her hair. This felt much different than the evil mages. This wind was not focused. It was erratic. Blowing and twisting in all manner of direction towards its target.

Kaz watched the drops of his blood slowly fall to the ground. Dripping between his fingers. His mind receding until he heard it. He heard the familiar sound of his past. It resonated within every fiber of his being. The wind clan had returned. he breathed heavier and heavier. each exhale more fierce than the last, sending out small rushes of wind from his body. He felt his life slipping away but something pulled him back.

Surrounding him was the faint outline of a white tiger made of wind. It flickered nearly translucent.He The headband and hair tie that restrained his long hair snapped from the sharp wind sporadically lashing out around him. He stood up from his kneeling position. His loose air caught in his own wind, billowing around his back. He rose his head toward the sky and turned to face them. His eyes emotionless accept for the instinct to kill.

The wind clan associate shuffled his feet backward, wide-eyed at seeing what he thought to be the guardian spirit of their clan. "Fire!" he yelled out. Despite being shaken by the turn of events he was still assured in his own abilities. The archers shot straight into the air, where their arrows exploded in a volley towards all of them.

Kaz dashed forward in front of Lee and made a quick gesture. A tornado formed in the sky colliding with the arrows. Kaz stood without looking back at Lee and slammed his hand downward at the archer. The tornado ripped through the trees sending the archer careening to the ground. Lee could tell that it was one of his more powerful techniques and he used it with deadly intent.

The other archer dashed to other side of the lake to ready for another attack while the wind mage threw up a wind wall to try and protect himself.

Kaz stood with a cold expression quickly becoming a predatory one. A stare that was the prelude to him giving chase to the enemies. He ran of leaving everything else behind.


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#6Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Quietness stood. Not a single leaf rustles through the trees nor a wheep from a weeping willow. The young kistune saw a older man, Sinese. Her eyes narrowed at him as she stood in front of Kazimir. The redhead could only tell there were more of them seeing the heat vision still active. The man only wanted Kazimir, referring him as the traitor. The young Rune Knight only narrowed her eyes becoming enclosed with sternness. The air grew heavier. Not from her magic but from other sources. Her senses were being overtaken by too many at once. She was confused.

Her eyes shifted from the different wind clan members then to Kazimir. She felt wind rushing through her. Her long hair and tails scattered in many directions. Before she knew it, she was tossed by Kazimir's wind to the side. She saw a different side of him, murder. His heart was dark. The predatory look into his eyes, she has only see a look like that before and that was in...Hans. Astersal came to mind...she defeated him and was killed in the process. Loosing her was the biggest difficulty that had come to recently. She couldn't loose Kazimir now! Quickly she got up, Wisl-o-Wisps surrounded the three knights and exploded. A small glance towards her lover then back at the wind clan.

As quickly as she got up, she disappeared out of sight. There was one thing the Rune Knights taught her well and that was being quite clever and quick. It was one of her tactics. Much like a ninja, she was quiet and quick. The young Nakamura had a few trees catch fire on purpose. She leaped from one of the trees and in front of Kazimir. There was also, a deadly yet protective look in her eyes. She was going to protect him. A large ring of fire surrounded them. Blazes reached the sky. Though, wind blew the fired into a split. Leeann put up a fight along side with Kazimir. Though, look at him all bloodied.  He took another hit of wind from an opposing opponent made her panic. Thinking of loosing him, made her think. Panic started to set him as her mind fogged and vision blurred.

Kazimir...no!" she spoke. Leeann felt movement behind her, but before she could react. She was knocked upside the head, causing her head to bleed, a little. LeeAnn took some trauma but wasnt enough to knock her out. She fell to the ground look up at the fight. Kazimir being knocked to the ground and putting up a fight. She tried to lift herself, but her body gave out. It was too weak to stand. Slowly, she felt her head become like lead. Zalor walked over to her and lick her wound on her head. A large gash stood on hte side of her head, weakly she petted the griffin's head. Her hand went limp, Zalor lifted his head seeing Kazimir take off, leaving LeeAnn behind. The griffen lifted LeeAnn into the air and took off after him.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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