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Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku]

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#26Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:30 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
He laughed gently as his lover kissed him roughly and then suddenly jumped away and got up, grabbing the keys to the room as he extended his hand. He followed and took his hand heading out first, and pulling Sage out after him into a kiss. From there he slowly took the kiss from him while their lips were still locked and he locked the door himself before handing them back to sage and breaking the kiss with a devilish smile. He turned and lead the way to a nearby diner he had seen. It had looked interesting when he had first seen it and it might be worth trying.

“Come, Breakfast will be my treat.”


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"Whoa," Sage gasped excitedly as Fujaku went out first pulling him along. He expected the older man to be less wild than he is. The pull from Fujaku made them fall into a kiss, their lips complimenting each other. He took the key and when they broke the kiss, Sage couldn't help but to grin foolishly at how daring and wild he could be. The features that he found rather sexy and attracting.

Sage wrapped his arm around Fujaku's as they walk towards the diner. It was rather busy with people as they all wanted to have breakfast. Sage pulled Fujaku to the table at the corner, where the cushioned seats were connected, arching as it blocks the other customers from view. A waitress walked to them and asked for their order, "I'll have a nice hot coco and strawberry pancakes please," Sage said to the waitress, then he would look at Fujaku, wondering what he wanted to eat.

#28Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:12 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
As they walked arm in arm toward the diner, Fujaku couldn’t help but smile…for a moment. But as they walked he thought of the impending danger to come to the town. Should he warn Sage? Send him from the town? No…knowing Sage, he would only want to join the fighting and that would be even worse. As they got the diner the door bells chime broke him out of his thoughts and he smiled again as they walked to their booth. He sat down next to sage and looked at the menu as sage ordered. He set the menu down after taking his time to look over it, even as the waitress waited for his order.

“Forgive me.” He looked at her and began to list off a large order, ordering most of the menu in sharable portions as was the norm in Joyan culture. Breakfast wasn’t a singular event, it was a time for sharing and enjoying as was dinner and sometimes lunch if the occasion was right for it. The waitress looked stressed, writing down a large order, though her expression left her face as Fujaku took a large Jewel from his pouch. It was a high valued Jewel and easily worth the cost of the breakfast.

“Thank you, use the remainder to pay for his as well, and a tip for yourself and the chefs for the trouble.” The waitress nodded and ran off to get the order delivered. Fujaku turned to sage and smile.

“Forgive me my dear, I don’t normally eat with others, so its… a special event for me. Where im from meals are a bonding time. To share and enjoy each others company.”


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Sage was a bit shocked just like the waitress. Why was he ordering so much food? He laughed a bit when his lover said that he just wanted to bond with him, [b]"Well actually food is the thing that bonds people, no matter where they are from. And don't you worry, we'll have more meals like this, and you won't be alone anymore."
Sage said without realizing what the words hinted. But once he realized it he didn't care it was what he wanted so he won't take the words back. He moved his hand so that it will rest on Fujaku's, sharing their warmth. A smile would appear across Sage's face as he did.

#30Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:35 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
But those words seemed to hurt Fujaku, as is he didn’t really believe them. Despite wanting to with all his heart, he couldn’t ever believe that he could keep such a precious gift as Sage for himself. He knew that one way or another, the world would take him from him like it had taken his mother and father and sisters and brothers. How it had taken his entire clan and turned them into scattering burnt ash where their homes once stood!

He paused, and breathed softly, the anger and rage passing out of him with the breath as he felt Sages hand gently touch his own. He couldn’t help but turn and smile, he didn’t say anything to the words, instead he placed a gentle loving kiss on his forehead
“My love.” He said in Joyan, gentle and soft almost like a wind. He gently pulled back and smiled at him again and spoke in their shared tongue.

“I cant wait to learn and enjoy life with learn Sage.”

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