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Oak to Mag

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

Oak to Mag Empty Tue May 21, 2019 9:08 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku made his way back along the trail he had first taken, the young samurai was disappointed by what he had found in oak. But he had enjoyed the refreshing air and the rolling hills. He thought back on what he had seen and done in Oak, yet it didn’t really leave an impression with him. As if he had simply stepped in and out without really doing anything. He had however, received word that there was an incursion brewing in Astera. But he wasn’t sure if he was needed there yet, Nerva had sent him on the task of gathering information on potential other incursions.

But his arm wound stung thinking of that day. It was healed completely but the young man still felt the pain there on rainy days. His feet made small indentions in the soil as he made his way to his next stop

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