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Kaiser Bo

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Name: Kaiser Bo ﹙Cherry

Birthday: 1st December, X767

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Tongue, black

Face: Ichinose Shiki—Idolmaster Cinderella Girls


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Kaiser may seem petite where her father came from, but in her mother’s land, she is about average in height. She had inherited her mother’s curvaceous figure and pale, glassy skin while from her father, she got his captivating blue eyes. You could call her attractive and believe it when I say she is very aware of that herself. Kaiser will flaunt her charming features confidently, because that is just the way she is. There is no contest with her when it comes to beauty. In her mind she is the best (in most other areas as well), and whoever tries to compete with her will get zero fucks.

Extra: She has small, faded scars that can barely be seen all over her body and a dimple on her right cheek. Sometimes she likes to wear contacts. It’s either because she likes to experiment with different colors or she doesn’t want to be easily identified by the real color of her eyes.


Personality: Kaiser is the type of person who doesn’t really care too much—though she is thoroughly aware—about the things going on around her. She isn’t exactly seen as friendly to anyone who doesn’t really know her. Most people think of her as a cold bitch even though she does try to talk to people from time to time, to make friends or something. Kaiser has a way of speaking that accidentally offends or weirds people out sometimes. She is sarcastic and blunt, has no form of civility or politeness which makes her appear as a meaniebutt to softies who can’t take her straightforward and vulgar language. Then again the people who do know her end up keeping a safe distance from her because she is far from ordinary and they simply cannot understand her.

Determined, dedicated, persistent. Kaiser gets what she wants when she wants it, no matter how difficult the process maybe. She doesn’t know how to give up. She isn’t easily trusting either. Even if you are being true to her, she might suspect otherwise. She doesn’t have trust issues, but she always double checks to make sure of everything, which is why she is always the one who spots it when something is wrong.

One of her strengths include being able to remain calm and think clearly in a critical situation, a skill she has improved throughout the years. Ever since she moved away from her parents and started pursuing a more thrilling lifestyle, Kaiser has become extremely alert. She is constantly on edge by her surroundings, an instinct she developed after living in and moving to different places all the time on her own.


  • Food: Kaiser eats a lot for a girl of her size, but thanks to her habit of working out regularly, all of the nutrition goes into her strength and helps maintain her good health.
  • Cats: Her family used to adopt a lot of stray cats in their house, which is why she will always have a soft spot for cats. She may even feel more sympathy for animals than she does for humans.
  • Learning: She has a growing fondness of expanding her knowledge about almost everything. She is a curious girl and soaks in new information like a sponge.


  • Delay: Kaiser hates waiting for anything. She has a lack of patience and will not tolerate anyone or anything wasting her time.
  • Drama: She can’t stand drama. If any situation she’s a part of is going to turn dramatic, trust that Kaiser will be the first to find a way out it, especially if it doesn’t mean anything to her.


  • Living: Unlike her parents who always lived in fear of change and almost anything that threatened their lives even remotely, Kaiser wants to go out there and live her life to the fullest, doing the things that she love and learning about magic, people and the world that she lives in.


  • Death: Nobody knows what comes after death. It is the biggest unknown to Kaiser, and there is nothing she is afraid of more than death, or more specifically—what comes after death.
  • Crossing Streets: No matter how many times she has crossed a street or road or whatever, she will never not be scared of crossing streets.


Magic Name: Sternenlicht

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: Kaiser practises a simple magic that allows her to create, manipulate and utilize light in various ways. The magic is called ‘Sternenlicht’ which means ‘starlight’ in her father’s tongue. She can go from performing basic tricks such as lighting up a dark room to more advanced techniques like blasting someone into oblivion with a mean beam of light. Her abilities limits her to using offensive, supplementary, defensive and self-buff spell types only.


Born and raised in Bosco, the country east of Fiore, Kaiser speaks fluent Boscan. Her name was given to her by her late grandfather, who passed away when she was only four. The meaning behind it is quite clear. Her grandfather wanted her to have the might of a conqueror, which is what ‘Kaiser’ means in Boscan. However, her family moved to her mother’s nation several years after her grandfather’s death, and because of this, she has only limited knowledge of her father’s culture. Upon arriving in Joya, they met with a gypsy from a faraway land who told Kaiser’s future that wasn’t quite clear to her parents, so they paid no mind to whatever he said, though they took the name that he gave Kaiser because they believed doing so would bring their family great fortune, which is what the gypsy told them. The name also meant ‘conqueror’ in an unknown language, and this is why Kaiser has a name made up of two languages.

From the age of eleven onwards, Kaiser was raised in Joya by her grandmother and aunts from her mother’s side. They taught her how to speak Joyan, which wasn’t hard because she was still young and took on the language like a pro. She became more familiar with Joyan culture. She continued gymnastics that she started in Bosco when she was only four. Thanks to this, she is quite flexible and agile. Her grandmother loved cats and therefore, her house was swarming with all sorts of cats. Her relatives and school friends called her ‘Cherry’ because of how her chubby cheeks easily turn red, and also because ‘Kaiser’ was kind of hard for them to pronounce and they thought ‘Kai’ sounded too manly for her when she asked them to call her that, even though Kaiser was already a manly name. Around this age, Kaiser began to show signs of being a user of magic, which wasn’t so common in Joya, so no one really noticed or gave any attention to it. Kaiser didn’t really know anything about magic, so she too didn’t know what was going on and thought that she would be a laughingstock if she brought it up to anyone which was why she just tried to ignore it as much as she could.

At about the age of fourteen, her parents decided to move back to Bosco because of a huge argument between her father and grandmother. Her grandmother kicked them both out and wanted to keep Kaiser under her care but since they wouldn’t leave their daughter like that, she threatened both her parents that she would send people after them if they didn’t take good care of Kaiser. They didn’t dare return to Joya and so, almost settled back in Bosco. Almost. One day while Kaiser was out with ‘friends’ who were really just bad influence for her, her parents died in a terrible car accident. It was a series of unfortunate events. She knew she could go back to Joya to her grandmother, but she started to enjoy living alone and her parents left enough money for her to survive until she could make her own. She only spent a few more years in Bosco and moved west, to Fiore. This was about the time she couldn’t conceal the magic that was threatening to explode out of her. She sought out different people who were known for practising magic and found out what it was all about. She struggled with surviving in this foreign land in the beginning, unable to speak or understand the language and being fooled by people she thought she could trust, losing most of the money her parents left behind. After years, though, she learnt to speak the common tongue and how to take care of herself. To know when someone means harm or has ill intentions towards her, and most importantly to use the gift that she was born with.



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Using Death's Coin.

Death's Coin Reclaims

  • Experience: 515,000
  • Rank: S
  • Attribute Points: 313

Attribute Reallocation

  • Strength: 94
  • Speed: 61
  • Endurance: 61
  • Constitution: 66
  • Intelligence: 31

Other Info

m a t r i a r c h y
#3Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

This character application has been approved.

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