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Nerva's Inquisition

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Nerva's Inquisition Empty on Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:00 pm

We have all bled under the banner of the Holy Knights. Time after time, we have given ourselves to serve a cause greater than ourselves. And truly, our cause was righteous. In order to protect Earthland from forces external, we have dedicated our lives to understand it. That understanding is easy to grasp. We can never be ourselves. We are subservient to anything that poses itself as mightier than ourselves. It is for this reason that the wickedness has seeped into the hearts of many. Do you not see it? Man accepting the powers of the darkness to achieve rule over others? Ever since the rifts have opened, my blade has tasted the blood of Daemons too frequently. It has become clear to me. Man values self-preservation over anything, but man is willing to lose themselves in order to achieve it. Man is no longer man. I have stated this too frequently to the Order, but it fell on deaf ears. We can no longer be passive, we must be assertive. We must remove this wretched sin of man from its roots. I have decided to depart from the organization to which once my parents belonged to, the organization that has raised me, because change is needed. They are not willing to change, so I shall bring the change needed to cleanse this world. So you may choose now. Either you die a meaningless death serving the Holy Knights, or bleed once more under a new banner, but perish with the  greatest glory ever achieved. This time, you shall perish for man. No longer do I serve the institution of the Holy Knights, no, I now serve the preservation of man.

Nil mortalibus ardui est,


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