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An unexpected reunion [Christian]

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To say that the incursion had left its damage upon the city of Orchidia was an understatement to say the least. In Esperia's eyes the way Orchidia existed in harmony with nature gave it an unusual charm which was absent in the likes of Crocus, but it was clear that the city had suffered immensely in the wake of the invasion. Buildings had been reduced to rumble and debris, people were still trying to find missing loved ones, or weeping at the confirmation that those same people had died. In some cases there were even some knights who were gathering the corpses of the demons that fell during the battle, preparing to drag them to the large bonfire that was being prepared to burn their corpses to cinders.

It was a landscape much worse than the aftermath of the war in Crocus, and even now Esperia couldn't help but wonder if she would ever get used to such a thing. If she was entirely honest, she doubted she would ever be able to get used to war and conflict in the same manner as her mentor Alisa did. Arriving at the small plaza where once one of the rifts stood Esperia sighed softly, her gaze drifting around the area as she couldn't help but ask: What had led those demons into Earthland, what reason or purpose drove them?


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The incursion really did a number on the place. As Christian walked through the streets, seeing the people with their rebuilding and cleanup efforts, he noticed a woman sitting on a bench, just a little bit in the distance. Why did he always only ever meetup with women? Trying not to think too much on that question, Christian decided that someone to talk to was someone to talk to, and he approached the woman perhaps looking for a bit of small talk.

Christian recognized the plaza the woman stood in. It was one that he often liked to come to for coffee in the morning, back when he was an elf. Chances are, even if they were to make the effort to rebuild it and all, it would probably never look the same as it did now. But that was alright and all. Christian had experienced things come and gone, and the loss of a few nice benches wouldn't hurt him too much. It was still a shame, though. Approaching the woman from behind, Christian made his way to her side, standing kinda near her while he would look upon the rubble and what was left of this little plaza that he liked to go to. Maybe he'd say something that reflected on his past to the woman, to make him look wise. Would that impress her? Only one way to find out.

"I used to come to this place to drink my coffee in the morning. It's a real shame that I'll never be able to again." He noted, perhaps sounding a bit grim. After a bunch of demons busted through and started to kill people and destroy buildings, it was kinda hard not to.


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The light footsteps were more than enough to alert Esperia about the man's approach, although little suggested that she was paying him any attention, or perhaps she was and she was merely not showing it. Nonetheless, the purple-haired woman was seemingly thinking about something, and the thoughts that plagued her mind would soon be revealed when Christian spoke up. The way he reflected on the events, seemingly having recalled that he used to come here to drink his coffee in the morning and that it was a shame he would never be able to do it again led to Esperia to finally speak up.

"It reminds me of the siege on Crocus. So much destruction and bloodshed. At least some took solace in the thought that the war had a reason, a purpose of sorts. This incursion, however? It's much worse..."

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she turned her gaze toward the man and continued to speak softly. "And worst of it is the fact that this isn't the last one, until we figure out who or what is behind this, and what purpose those incursions have... we can only lessen the damage they cause."

A light shake of her head followed, an attempt to clear the gloomy thoughts from her mind. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to sour the mood even further. Those events have been weighing heavily on my mind."


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While Christian was certainly interested in hearing what the women had to say, he had just remembered that he had forgotten to turn off the stove back where he was staying. Knowing that a fire could start at any moment, he quickly turned around and ran towards where he was lodging, hoping to shut off the stove at once. He ran so fast that he didn't even get to say goodbye to the woman. Once he got in, he realized that his stove actually wasn't on, and had been off the whole time. Sighing, he would lay down on his bed and nap, tired from all the running he just did for something that didn't even need a shut-off in the first place.


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