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Signs of Withdrawls.(Open)

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Signs of Withdrawls.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:07 am

She did not understand herself sometimes, It was like something was always off with her it haunted her it always returned at random times, It became harder each time to control, It would smile back at her when she looked in a mirror, That was one of the many images that haunted Priscilla about this problem.

She remembered when it first happen, That image and various thought seemed to only exist when she was losing that pin to control it, She wanted that bitterness to go away, She wanted to be free. She wanted to stop putting on acts one day and just be Priscilla and be happy in some manner.

When finding a place to stay one evening just after getting out of a bath. brushing her hair and styling it to cover her eye like normal while she took a moment after brushing her hair and looked at herself to see if she missed anything to make herself look as she normally did.

And when she looked at the mirror it looked like there was still blood on her hands and small amount on her face, With one of the evilest but relieving smiles on her face, Along with her missing eye being open and the eye in place being black with a orange pupil. It scared her it was like it was reflecting something an she did not want to happen.

Each time that would happen she would in some manner of time she would end up trying and most likely killing a random person she found at night. But the images went away. She no longer would feel haunted. She felt normal then Priscilla did not see things she did not always look like she had blood on her, It left wondering what she could do to get help with it, She feared any help she could think of currently.

Standing some where quietly to herself in the edges of the outskirts of the woods Priscilla wanted to use this free moment, Looking upon the views of nature to just try to piece what to do.

It would get her mind of her right hand seemingly to twitch on an off time, she figured it was her hand but it was just her right index and right middle finger, Hearing screams of people she just killed because she could. The list of things running through her mind were many.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had come to the woods a few times since he arrived in Orchidia. It was one of the more calming places in the town. Far away from the vine-covered hustle of the street markets and workers. It was a good place to clear one's mind at sneak in a bit of training if he desired.  

Things were moving so fast for him recently it was hard to keep up with it all. Between meeting so many of the people that came to the town and dealing with the demonic presence everything was a bit chaotic. He took this time to focus his mind and get a clear grasp on things.

He used his wind magic to move through the trees. An activity reminiscent of his past and his training. It was a casual procession with nothing around him but the rustling leaves and the sound of the slow moving river beside him.

Before long a new presence caught his attention. Someone was standing, seemingly lost in thought at the edges of the woods. He moved closer to see if it was someone he recognized but soon realized the woman was a stranger to him.

He hadn't come on this trip to meet anyone but perhaps it would be rude not to at least inquire about who they were or at least introduce himself as not to startle someone with his own activity.

He landed a safe distance away, loud enough to get her attention as he did not want to approach like a thief in the night. He walked forward with his hands up and moving branches from his path.

"Hello, Couldn't help but notice you enjoy a stroll in the woods as well. Hope I'm not intruding." He said in his usual polite and a little flat tone. Regardless of who this person was, the closer he came the more they did not seem like just a civilian.


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It seems the moment was change for her, She would try to hide her twitching fingers trying to be sure it was not overly noticeable, Priscilla then figure it was time to talk to this man. So normally she would greet a person like she normally would."Hello there Darling."she said almost as plain but politely. She would try and not be nervous like nothing was bothering her and she was not dealing with the problems on her mind."You are not at all." Maybe a little but Priscilla would lie about it to him right away, there an odd comfort in having him show up.

Even if he did not know him, That comfort was there. Given her nature she would not open up even then it would most likely be a problem for her to open up if it came up after all her habits were a bit more deadly."I was enjoying the sight and relaxing my mind trying to get something off of it."Priscilla felt like she hid the twitching fingers well enough. The one eyed lady then manage to piece together how to act in front of him currently unless it needed to change.

"Now my dear, What brings you here?"
She seemed at least normal now, talking to him seeing what he  was here for if it was anything important."No doubt the sights of the woods here are wonderful enough to explore alone." She seemed to mention slightly with a slight welcoming and well manner voice."Even company is welcomed with me too." She even manage to smile as well. So far she felt like the it was a good enough distraction to keep her mind off of the problem she was thinking about in her mind if this man could have some kind of intention so far he was harmless, time would tell.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He greeted the women who despite appearing in deep thought spoke as if she was taking a daily walk. Her words were far more formal than he expected. Kazimir was wary of her at first given her dark clothing but then again he too wore almost exclusively black attire.

He had not noticed the twitching fingers. Such a subtle movement and from so far away he had missed it. Although he did get an odd vibe of something secretive and hidden about her.

He looked around at the woods to his back and then back toward her, "I suppose the same thing. Clearing my mind. It's calm out here and things have been busy lately." he didn't go into any details yet still unsure of the woman's motives but she spoke well and carried herself in a non-threatening way for the time being. So far he had met with trustworthy people but who knows what rests behind every corner.

"A bit of training as well. The forest is natural for me. And yourself, what's weighing on your mind?"
He asked and then remembered his manners, "Oh, I am Kazimir Seiryu. Shouldn't forget introductions," He said stepping within arms reach once she said that company was welcome and extended his hand to shake hers. Even though he came to get his mind off things his interests in meeting people and learning was even greater.

His Rune Knight pendant was tucked beneath his white scarf but he didn't do that to outright deceive anyone. It was simply the easiest place to have it.


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So maybe she just needed this part to speak finally her problem, it could finally be the help she needed maybe she could open up to some one after all, it seemed like maybe she should, maybe it could help. Looming guilt does a lot to some one stuggling with things she knew that is not normal. But was this it, was this who she could manage. For the most part she was still unsure about these answers for the moment but the when he extended his hand she would shake it with her left hand last she remembered it was her right hand was twitching.

"It is something a bit unsure if I am willing to talk about with strangers about what is bothers me."She did seem yet again to be a bit nice about it, But was honest about it. Well as honest and a natural liar can. She did not need to piece anything lie together currently, It would matter what she could feel like talking about or if she felt like for once in her life she could not lie to some one, That feeling was not there quite yet.

As she was slowly thinking if she wanted to make a fake name up he told her his name, This was normal of either people but she then looked at the pendent he seemed to show."What is this exactly darling? I have never seen it before." She would think aloud with him but it seemed.

She was not nervous but almost forget but since she is the type to cover her trail if needed right now. But maybe just for once she wanted to be honest so."My name is Priscilla, so far it is been wonder to talk to my dear Kazimir."

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The woman was intriguing. Rarely had he encountered someone with as much poise. He had extended his right hand to shake hers but when she rose her left he switched hands to match hers. Thinking it odd that she would do that but perhaps there was a wound she bore or something more. Either way there was a flicker of interests and confusion in his eye that quickly faded.

"Of course. If we told everyone everything about ourselves what would be the line between friend, foe and stranger," he remarked, thinking of his own secretive nature and all the tidbits about his life he danced around to keep things vague and distant. "Your honesty is refreshing. Most people would just mince their words and avoid it in some haphazard and flowery explanation." he did admire that trait. straight forward and direct. Much as he could be sometimes, although he spoke in a way that was polite and sincere.

The pendant had accidentally slipped from under his scarf after moving through the trees. It was usually hidden away. "Oh, I guess it fell out. I'll need to keep a better eye on that. It's a pendant of my affiliation with the Rune Knights. Although I'm not on patrol and go about my duties fairly leisurely." He had the misfortune of only meeting notable people here that were fellow knights so far, as such he didn't know how many others reacted to the faction or him for that matter once the truth was revealed. I suppose whatever it was would be telling.

Kazimir could tell the woman was cut from a different cloth but she had no defining markings readily giving away any information about herself.

"Pleasure to meet you Priscilla," The woman seemed safe enough and he eased into a more informal conversation, "Care for a walk? I'm just clearing my head after work." He invited her to join him if she wanted. A short walk down the tree line not going deep into the forest.


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So far she managed better then anything she ever thought so far. The left hand part did not give anything away and her right hand finally stopped twitching she felt normal now, She could manage and maybe figure out and piece a figurative way to get this small cry for help her mind was trying to let out for the moment.

"Such an unknown line is a possible missing eye."She mentioned right away casually like it was normal. More like if anything she knew."Or in my case lose an eye gain a scar over it."Priscilla mentioned, She was getting bad at keeping anything about her under wraps these situation may come to backfire if it happen in anyway she thought for now it just felt better and hope maybe to be noticed later if something she felt like she couldn't be control would happen, for now the for that would not be there.

"People in general work differently my dear, some people will lie for there own reason, we all have monsters in out closet to say."
She mention that piece to start with."Shame, Fear, Possible feelings of loneliness and being abandoned. Such person have their own reason if it happens." Even if she was trying to justify it sounds like she was more empathizing with it."Some just don't hide their monsters in closets and set them free to feel free."She also mentioned because it seemed to work well.

Priscilla then wanted to feel a bit more on edge but she needed to just not show a signal sign of it. This would be the second rune knight she has encountered both so far have been interesting people, But yet again if her addiction were to get the best of her it would most likely ruin there possibly feeling were gained if any and Priscilla would only try to numb her mind from more sorrow...pain and other feelings.

A cycle, a cycle of a broken person that Priscilla has yet to tell anyone she had no one else too far let that out."I will gladly join you darling, It might help the both of us." Hopefully it would help her in some manner, As well as get the feeling of being on edge from being around a rune knight...She didn't hate them they would only be doing their job, She just felt uneasy around only because of fear.

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Kazimir Seiryu
her reaction to him was just as forthright and honest as it had been their whole conversation so far. She brought attention to her missing eye, something her hair almost perpetually fell in front of. He wondered if she meant for him to ask about it or leave it alone. Given the nature of the mage, he made his decision quickly, "What happened? If you don't mind me asking." He inquired, thinking that was the reason she was so deep in thought. "I too have my share of scars left on me. I suppose they are reminders of how thin that line can be."  

She spoke with words that painted a picture of pain. People who had monsters dwelling inside and emotions that would bring a sense of sadness. They were accurate statements and ones he agreed with, it was the simple act of voicing them out loud that told him more about who she was. "We do all have different sides of ourselves. Or parts of our true selves," He paused before continuing with his next question.  "So which are you? Do you keep your monster in the closet or do you let it roam freely?"

She accepted his invitation to walk and would start to stroll along the woodline if she walked next to him. He kept his eyes on her, intent on hearing her answers. She was mysterious and he had yet to really understand her as a person or for that matter friend or foe. Although he had no intention of treating her in any other way than a potential ally.

He knew what motivated him but what was hers? "So you know who I am. Do you have any affiliations?" He didn't ask to pry any information. It was a genuine curiosity as to who she was.


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Did she make it up or tell the truth here? how did she lose this eye. It was a simple time long a go then she was not such the person she was now. She would normally go into a long detail story but she wouldn't this time."I lost it when I was not as wise as I am not in a close quarters fight with some one." She left it at that."It is the only scar on me, it taught me many things when I lost the eye." Which was true it did have it's fall backs.

"Well my dear the answer is as free as the air before you."That would be something she hoped did not come back to bite her, but the word play was fun to her."But the only matter of question is how long does a monster keep itself well behaved?"She asked more out of the interest for this man answer for the understanding was a bit almost relieving as it was worrying because for all she knew it lead to problems for her most likely, that her assuming anyway, She wanted to be wrong and have faith in something.

Priscilla did not have too much to explain on the final part."I work alone, i am bound by only myself and my own wishes, desires and doings." She started off but that the pretty much all of to be explained."You will find no brand, no marks but that scar and missing eye." So far these melted away most thoughts she had on her mind."I do not quite know a group i would belong with."Which was true. it was her also being stuck with habits he had for many years, Even his interaction was against her normal habits.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I am sorry that happened to you," he was sincere in his condolences. He placed a hand over his chest, where is scars remained hidden behind his clothes, "I learned a lot from mine as well. And about the nature of people. The cycle of both good and bad."

He thought about the circumstances leading up to his own realizations and how without those events he would not be the person he is now. Even the horrors in our life lead us down paths that may be enriching.

"As freely as the wind blows," he smiled as a small gust blew past them unknowingly if it was natural or conjured by himself. Letting the beast out, he thought. The struggles he wrestled with in regards to his own magic was so similar to that idea. The power that stirred within him begged to be released as it changed and evolved. would the white wolf always claw at the recesses of his mind?

"I suppose, we all lose ourselves at moments. The monster is a part of who we are. Maybe in denying it, we deny an aspect of ourselves. Where can we find the balance?" His question was just as much about her statement as it was about the stirrings inside himself. He had long since trained to tame his own beast but perhaps this lady spoke more of the release of the monster. He wondered, had she indulged a darker or more ferocious side of herself.

"Although a monster can be dangerous." In the end Kazimir was always ever cautious and the idea of fully giving in to something like that could lead to danger for anyone.

She was a loner and held no strong ties to anything. A life he knew for a time before joining the Knights. "A liberating life, albeit a lonely one at times. What desires have brought you to Orchidia?" It as a far more interesting question than any affiliations she may have had.


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She sighed mostly because it felt weird for some one saying sorry for something that was her mistake and something he could never have hoped to change at all, then again maybe she could take some of it to heart, there was some good in people after all, Even if they did not know much about her.

But to confess to a rune knight you had an addiction to murdering people. Sounds like one of the worst ideas ever in thought, That would be jail right away or worst she has done a few more horrible things then nice things she could do out of guilt of it.

When that came up slightly Priscilla was unsure if she wanted continue that part. But nonetheless she came up with something in return of it."Maybe to some denying it is what they feel is a safer way then keeping it in mind." that was a dangerous mind set and she knew it, But would like she didn't know if he mentioned that it sounded dangerous.

She knew she lacked that balance and gave to people in return because of it, Even if she had slaughtered many....she sometimes gave just as much as she took away so to say."Any monster maybe some one else best friend or worst enemy, It all matters what is gone around them first." That would be a mention from personal experience, Even something for him to have in mind if he by chance ever where to hear or know the things She had done before.

"Would you believe me if i simply told you, My intention here to watch other people." Priscilla mentioned to him with out a second thought about to him, It was mostly true."But given i am mostly alone most of the time it is lonely." She did not have really any friends, mostly they have forgotten or pretend to forget her out of her request.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her sigh made him think about what was going on her mind. Whether or not his statement was bothersome to her or brought up feelings she wished to ignore. Either way, it seemed she was a colder person than most. Keeping a distance and possibly annoyed by the trivial banter that most people engaged in.

He caught a sense of avoidance in her answers, one he would leave unexplored for the most part. Everyone had their secrets. “A fair point. In the end, all we are comes from the choices we make. Monster or not.” He said as much to her as he did to himself. As they walked he still maintained what he considered to be a safe distance from the person he had yet to get to know in a clear way, what her intent was.

“I agree. Who we are and how we are seen are just perceptions. People all have something that drives them to act. Sometimes people steal to feed the needy,” he kept his eyes forward, not looking at her while he said it, with a nonchalant tone. A statement to express that some see evil as evil while not seeing the intent behind it. A lesson he felt was important to know especially as a knight. “As long as my perception of myself is clear, I am largely unconcerned with the world around me.” His statements danced around the topic each of them batted around. Neither one giving too much about themselves, speaking in general and vague terms.

She mentioned being here only to watch people. An odd statement to say the least but an intriguing one. “People watching. You’ve come a long way for that. I doubt there are that many diverse actions to see within people. Have you seen anything noteworthy?” he asked.

“You mentioned you work alone and travel? What is it that you..” he replied to her comment about being lonely, although as he was about to finish the sentence a panicked scream cut through the woods.

An injured local stumbled out of the woods with a bloodied leg toward them. What followed was a the sound of howling coyotes as their eyes appeared in the bushes ready to continue the assault.


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It seemed the small impasse of conversation almost made it awkward well awkward to her, Maybe she was just finally realizing they were both starting to maybe understand one another just in slightly still secret manner. She felt comfortable even in with these moments seemingly almost uncomfortable for the both of them.

She did not seemed to be sure what else to mention quite yet already she felt like she hinted too much that she could out right admit it all and it did not help her already troubled thoughts after all she would most likely panic at being arrested. Even letting something slip."I do more then just steal for the needy." She seemed to subconsciously mentioned that, with it slowly going back to her mind, She also did not mention detail about how far that has gone either. she would avoid it if she could but maybe if pressed for detail she could mention it to him if it was a situation that would be more fitting to her almost on edge mind.

She wish she could view things much like him, But she still feared many things it had been many years after all it was still the opposite of everything she intended overall and it was starting to get her worst and worst it the days that passed.

It was causing her heat rate to go up, The beating of it was going quicker from being so on edge. the twitching right index finger came a bit more of a thing to be easily picked up on. Her brain was reaching that stage quicker around these people as she opened up to some one in a small manner.

These signs were the withdrawal signs were just stacking up and Kazimir if he were to look could pick up on it now.

The screams of the situation happening in front of her would be either Priscilla's saving grace or major down fall. This might be the worst showing of the withdrawals she would face in this currently situation, it would be the very stressful trigger this would be.

So it failed, The slightly and thinly veiled hints were done now. The purple haired one eyed rogue would take off running towards the sound.

But now in the manner her finally broken facade, Priscilla seemed to run pass she would try in some manner or controlling herself, She would run past Kazimir with an almost dangerous bloodlust ridden smile on her face.

But ran past the woman on the floor, She would cover up she enjoyed this woman's moment of suffering brought her joy, she would avoid mentioning because she made her charge towards the howling.

Why and what would happen this woman no longer would care, for the moment she just wanted to use this as a chance to free herself from an addiction, it would be now about time for her to try that, It would be up to Kazimir what happen with him, Priscilla would be thinking of her actions later the cycle was already active, She forgot to answer the one of his questions even.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
A stagnant moment of realization hung in the air between them. A strange sense of the unknown as they waltzed around direct answers. He saw the pause in her response but she soon filled it with an even more questioning statement that roused more intrigue than it answered. 

“More than theft?” he asked with his eyes on her now but not in a manner that suggested judgment, “We all must act at times for a cause we believe in. Even if those actions may seem questionable.” He thought about the need to act out for one's belief.
Would he step outside the law for justice, he thought to himself. If it was to deal with those from his past he would do whatever it took, even if it took him outside the law, he resolved with himself. 

The look he gave her becoming more understanding as he thought of his own plight. He would still be wary of her though, just because his motives would be good for him didn’t mean she was driven by the same. Were the actions she eluded to harmful to the innocent? He wanted to question more.
“How far do you go...” he began to ask as he caught sight of her now twitching finger on her right hand. The reason she chose not to shake his hand earlier he surmised, but why was it moving uncontrollably. A thirst for something, some inescapable urge.
In the next moment, she lunged forward as the fear-stricken woman stood before them. Her face far from the well-mannered woman he was just chatting with. Something in the moment sent her into what seemed like a frenzy. As a knight, he wanted to be the one to step forward but she was already beyond him reveling at the moment.
Kazimir couldn’t let anyone face a challenge alone. It was his calling to protect people. He knelt by the woman, “Just stay here and be calm,” He only looked at her briefly and averted his attention back to the coyotes and Priscilla. The coyotes may not be the only situation to address this evening.
He dashed forward to join her as the coyotes rushed from the bushes. Five in total and ready to sink their teeth in. Kazimir hurled a slashing blade of wind knocking one into another and they hit the ground. The other three moved toward Priscilla. He would not get in the way of her thirst for action but was ready to support if need be with his hands preemptively forming a spell. “At your flank,” he told her, even though with her reaction, he didn’t think she would hear him.


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This very moment, When she would come off of what she was going through this very moment would most likely leave Priscilla very either bitter, Resentful and in some way scared. Or broken, scared and nervous like before, But Kazimir would be most likely one of the few to see this situation and she would want to be forgotten, These moment is why she would want to be forgotten by everyone she knew she was a horrible monster, She mentioned it him in that manner slowly, Some say she could also feel shame for this as well.

But this would also depend if Kazimir would be around after she came off of this blood lust induced state of mind, It could be wondered if Priscilla could hear him during this state of mind either, But what she would end up doing would also seemed like it was part of that state of mind kicking in for her as well, Was it something to fear Priscilla more over? would be this be some one who would be able to offer a chance for help? What would Kazimir do if she did not settle down after these animals were dealt with.

Priscilla how this thing she called a monster, what it was hiding and why. When she stopped running she grabbed one of them by a snout, as well as the lower jaw, She would pull this coyote behind her and almost effortlessly seemed to managed to turn around into a kick and kicked it hard enough to make a noticeable noise.

But it appeared she was not done, that seemed to be the very start of what she was doing. after the kick she seemed to almost throw herself the same way she threw the coyote, follow right behind it she seemed to kick it again, leading it towards a tree.

When close enough to one she would knee the animal against it and started slamming it's head against the tree, as hard as she could. She seemed already forget their were others, she was in a tunnel vision state so far, She would most likely go after another one when this one either gave up or died, But she was doing this all for a twisted and delighted smile on her face.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was ready to lend assistance in any way he could but she didn't need it. She cast herself into the heart of the action without the  fear of consequences. He was stunned to see the brutality she wrought onto the coyote. A few swift kicks and then she was beating its head into the tree. Each thud accompanied by more and more blood. 

The other two coyotes darted forth with some semblance of trying to free their pack mate from the mayhem it endured. While Kazimir was not so overtly violent, these animals were launching and attack and needed to be stopped. He wouldn't question her actions. only the devious and scary smile she exhibited when she ran forward. 

The wind mage lunged into the fray with her. Leaving the woman alone but out of harms way. The two coyotes rushed toward Priscilla and he circled his arms together and thrust his hand forward causing a whirlwind to appear beneath them. The wind tore into their bodies and sent them tumbling in different directions. 

One was knocked farther into the forest while the other fell closer to Priscilla. It's injured body not having too much fight left in. 

The woman continued her assault on the coyote against the try until its yelps were silent, either from defeat or its final breath leaving its battered body. The coyote in the forest ran off injured and the one new one new Priscilla staggered to its feet. 

Kazimir approached cautiously, from both the coyote and what ever action the woman would take next. The heat of battle seemed to cause her to snap into someone or something completely different. Their vague conversation coming to more clarity. The uncertain remarks about monsters and giving in now within his understanding. He would be lying however, if he said he too did not here the call of aggression and the wild beating rhythm of the white wolf in is deeper thoughts. 

"One  left,"  he said aloud, either to her or to be lost in the wind. Would she lash out to eliminate the final threat...and what would happen after she did. Would her apparent hunger and need for battle be satisfied?


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She just seemed to start panting, The heavy and noticeable breathing. Some point she just realize that the first things she was beating on was kind of done. But Priscilla was far from done. She still needed more to cope, This would not be anywhere close enough for the moment. But why was the question that she could not ask to her because she could not heard it at all. Even if she wanted to hear as well as be willing to hear the actions of these action for now it would just almost seem like empty thought to try to do so.

The only things left her mind could pick up was the one left part. Which her already hopped up mind did not seem to slow down in taking action of what she wanted to do next. She was already prepared, By quietly taking the already knocked out or dead other one with her.

That face, smile and look on her face that monster was still there, hopefully she could get off of the blood lust high after this.

But dragging the body but holding both of it's fronts legs while she ran forward and with the body in his hand and raised it up for the moment and she just hit the last one with the dead coyote with out a second thought about it

She would continue to hit it with the animal with the dead body even dropping it at one point to start get her hands back into the fighting alone. stepping on its paws and starting by punching it in the ribs, even while the animal was still by her feet she walked over to the dead one and ripped one of its legs off. running over to beat it up still

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The scene he saw before him was savage. She completely gave into some deep desire for carnage. She was venting all her rage on the wild animals. Kazimir was hesitant to step in but the beatings didn't look like they were going to end anytime soon. Especially when body parts became instruments of violence. 

It was a moment that reminded him of the aftermath the demons left behind but at least it wasn't innocent people strewn about the ground and the woman was safe. He looked back to see her looking at the onslaught. He thought to kick up some wind and cause her to shield here eyes so she wouldn't see it but where her eyes looked was her business. She was unharmed so Kazimir's goal was achieved. 

Turning his focus back to the woman, he knew whatever activities she did for money or a job was probably not the passive kind. Far be it for him to judge someone's merits and motivations though. He had is own blood lust to contend with, it was just more directed than hers appeared to be. 

Moving with caution, he inched closer to the blood stained ground Priscilla stood  on. His hand was out in a calming manner or if need be a defensive one. "That's enough, I think you finished them," he didn't get to close, still evaluating the moment. He gestured behind him for the woman to run away, just in the off chance this was turned into an uncontrolled rampage. 

The woman took the hint and began running off back to town. The scene was far enough away in the woods that it would have been difficult for the woman to make out exactly how Priscilla enacted justice on the hounds. 

He was only one meter from her now, "are you alright, Priscilla?" He asked hoping his words were going to get through. If they didn't he may have to reach out to tap her shoulder but that would be his last resort as it could put him in a position he didn't want to be in if she reacted on instinct.


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It seemed it was all over, The moment was slowly coming back to the mind could return to some one what normal. The urges in her mind were now known to the man she was with. The feelings you could tell were her returning to normal, You could tell she was turning back to normal.

She was still beating the very last one coyote to death one another's leg, But each hit seemed to be getting slower and slower and was not making an impact noise. But she was hyperventilating realizing she had turn into what she was talking about, In front of some one...well anyone in general she never wanted such a reality of how she was to be seen and remembered.

The smile faded to normal that look and off feeling was going away, it seemed like the beating was slowly turning into just a light tap.

And even then, they where starting to be less and less, like a starting to slow down heart beat. You could count it now.

5, hits on it

4, hits on it

3, hits


1, final strike.

She seemed to stand there, Some how it would be showing the worst she could be. She seemed to just be taking deep breaths now slow and steady ones. It was the steps of her being normal, The normal Priscilla this man had met.

He asked but she still did not say anything to him but she seemed to just fall to her own and stay there quietly, She was seemingly trying deal with what she just did and her mind was most likely dealing with that cycle of freeing free now, She felt it. She felt better she felt normal she felt. Sane, But not only sane but with that more how Priscilla was dealing with her problems was showing now too.

After falling to her knees she almost sounded like she was holding back tears."I....I did something horrible didn't?" Her words sounded like she was guilt ridden as well as she was ready to cry, Like she had been through this all before, All this to feel sane and normal, To feel okay. To feel like she could be a human.

Kazimir would not have known until or if he wanted over to look at Priscilla, She but did actually cry but it was very subtle just starting too, She was just trying not to seem like a broken mess than she already seemed to be. She did not want Kazimir to remember her like this, She no longer wanted Kazimir to know her at all since this moment. But the one thing is at this point Priscilla did not have the will or wish to.

She wanted to run away from Kazimir but the will was gone. She wanted to figure out something to free her from such a thing, But nothing helped. She felt super guilty for such feeling, This was her addiction and this was the cycle.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Slowly the strikes  came to a stop. The animals were down and Priscilla stood breathing heavily. Every intake of air meant to calm a raging beast within. To sooth a monster that was released from its cage. One that she may have been trying so hard to deny. There was still much about the situation that the young knight didn't know. He waited with steady attention to see her final reactions. 

There was no more violence. No outburst or anger. No threat to him. The woman simply collapsed to her knees. Kazimir no longer worried about himself, but her instead. His defensive hand lowered to his side and the tension in his shoulder and body, that was set ready to react, had all eased away in the backdrop of the emotions poured out before  him. 

Her words were filled with a sorrow of confusion. Spoken by a woman enslaved to her actions and struggling against them. He took a few steps closer to stand next to her and then knelt in front of her. He felt he understood much better now what the nuanced dance they did was about. 

Tears formed in her eyes as she lamented the acts she did. He placed a hand on her shoulder. She was not the same person he met initially now. No formality or proper etiquette masking true humanity. "The loneliness and need to travel alone. The dangerous line of work...This is why."

He couldn't fathom the emotions she felt right now but he had an idea what it was like to hear the calling of something deep inside that beckoned for darker action. "Something horrible? You helped save the life of a person in danger from vicious animals. This day... there is nothing to feel guilt over. There are no monsters here now," he said kindly. Something in him heard the guilt in her voice. It carried the weight of someone that had done things in their past they regretted. He could tell whatever it was, gave her a great deal of agony, but those were thoughts he would not vocalize.

To think she had been traveling for so long. A victim to whatever it was that spurned her to an action she seemed to have little control over. He could feel a rage inside himself storming for vengeance but nothing like what she did. 

Her feeling was different. She smiled in delight as she tore through the animals. Part of her was elated in it. What path does a person walk for that to happen to them? He would stay kneeling beside her until she was ready to stand.


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It seemed Priscilla seem to be effected like a drug addict, She wanted to hide it all over again and knew she could not. She would slowly get up get where she was sitting even if being comforted by Kazimir it seemed this moment Priscilla felt normal, But hated it more and more. Something that bugged her she could not rid herself of it still stung, she wanted more."It is a relief, that it did not go as far as i assumed." Which was true when she said that, She felt better it was not that what she thought.

Priscilla did not want to admit she was lonely, it was a hard thing for her to admit. Taking the time to rid the tear from her eye, She almost seemed like she was back to the normal woman before her, Or what was normal for Priscilla, But he hands still seemed almost to shake, It was worst it was both hands and she did not seem to have the power to control or hide it, Her mind wanted more like a addict to there addiction, The next sip of booze, They next hit of a drug, Kazimir was getting the signs of some one dealing with that more and more.

But her addiction was to bloodshed it was her feeling of freedom. So her best idea was the most simple one, No one won with this idea either, Priscilla would still suffer and Kazimir would have to deal with with some one having problems suffer more.

With in a moment of her hands starting to shake uncontrollably, Priscilla took a few steps forward, When she realize what was going on, She was willing not saying anything. After taking a step to the side, Priscilla could hide that very smirk that Kazimir saw before and took off running much like she did before and this time to the direction behind Kazimir and she was running away from him, to get away from him, Hopefully in her mind forever, She wanted him to stay away from him forget her, Let her be a slave to her problem and addiction.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir tried to reassure her about what had happened and what she was going through. For a fleeting moment the woman seemed to calm down and return to the person he saw standing alone by the forest edge. 

She stood up but something was still amiss. Her hand began to shake, and then the other one. They moved to an uncontrollable rhythm. The young knight worried about what her actions would lead to but no longer felt in danger himself. This was something that she struggle to fight against. He could see her symptoms clearly before him. 

She turned to hide her face. With her hands shaking and looking away he wondered it she concealed that devious smile that crept on her face earlier. It seemed this was only a momentary pause in her addiction. A clear stamp in time before her relapse into the monsters she wrestled with. He had fought demons to protect the town and had forgotten how easily people could be trapped in battling inner demons. In some ways more difficult than the flesh wounds caused by the physical ones. 

She ran passed him without another word, deeper into the forest. Her hasty steps crunched through the light covering of snow and snapped twigs. He stood up and watched her as she sprinted away from him. Her addiction was to much to tame in that moment. Maybe she ran for his own sake. before he would be the target of her next bout. He thought a moment of his duty to protect the innocent, and that she may cause them harm. 

With a sigh he reconciled with himself. He had not seen her do anything to cause someone harm and as far as actions were concerned she put herself in harms way to protect the woman on the road. Other knights may not approve of his rational but it was his choice alone to make. Perhaps their paths would cross again one day and he hoped it would not be for legal reasons. 

Without a word he turned back around and went back into town. He only stopped for a moment as he was taken by a strange pressure throughout his body. He shrugged it off and returned to town.  


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