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Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:32 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir accepted a request and given that they worked together well on the last one, he sent word to LeeAnn to join him on this one as well. Although given the assignment, he wondered if she would enjoy it. Kazimir, for the most part, had fun in the random conversations of the people he encounters even the eccentric ones.

He arrived in front of the castle to various noble families making their way inside. He was curious at what the festivities were about to happen on the inside and tried to sneak a peek occasionally while he waited. The man who gave the quest was nowhere to be seen. In the quest description, it said just to distract the man and come back after the party, but it did give a very in-depth description of the person to look out for.

It wouldn't be too hard to point out an old man in a wheelchair ranting about satan though.

The line of nobles continued, and the sound of music began to resonate from the tall castle. A small crowd of civilians began to gather around. Their fantasies began to run away with their imagination of the wonder inside.  

As more and more of the crowd trickled in all was still safe with no sign of the man. He was there a bit early to survey the area before LeeAnn arrived. Also, to try and get a glimpse of what was happening inside. The musical entertainment was hard for him to ignore.

"If only I could just get a peek," he murmured to himself.


#2Lee Nakamura 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:32 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had receieved word from Kazimir this morning about doing another job. It actually excited her a little bit. She never was really as social butterfly, but she was really wanting to see Kazimir. Why was this?

So many feelings. This must be what having a true friend felt like.

LeeAnn was suppose to arrived at a castle. The amounts of people really freaked out her, making her feel uncomfortable quickly. She looked around amongst the people for indigo hair or eyes. A flash from the other day appeared in her mind about him commenting on her ghost-like eye. No one had ever said anything to her like that before. The thought of her made her cheeks flush a rosey color. Not paying attention she ran into someone at the entrance.

Looking up, it was Kazimir. She turned a little flush embarressed she ran into him, "I-I am so sorry, Kazimir I did not mean to run into you" she apologized. Quckly, she realized what he was looking at. Music. Taking note of that later. She looked up at him.

"So the mission is to keep an idiotic old man from spouting stuff about non-sense. Hm...sounds easy enough" she said. Giving him the flyer back, she heard wheels coming from behind and a crazy old male's voice.

"The day where we all life will end and satan will arise amongst us to end humanity" he spouted. This caused Lee's facial features to turn cold at the mention of any sort of religion. She looked troubled.


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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:12 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir was lost in the melody of the music he heard. So much so that he let someone get all the way to him. A gentle bump to his side snapped him back to being alert once more. He was almost going to overlook the person who bumped into him when he heard LeeAnn's voice and noticed her crimson red hair. She was apologizing for crashing into him.

"Ah LeeAnn, I'm glad you could make it," he smiled back at her. It was a relief to have her here. After their first mission together it was nice to have someone to do them with. After all, he was trained to work in a two-person team.  "It's okay, After falling on me from horseback this is nothing," He said without a joking tone, as he truly meant it was a lesser bump.

She looked over the flyer and was spot on with the mission. "Yeah, we just have to keep him away from here and then report back to get the reward. Should be simple enough," he spoke while still trying to hear the music over the wall.

They had only just run into each other when the target of the quest appeared. He was suddenly behind LeeAnn and preaching about satan. without a plan, they would have to begin work now.

Kazimir peered at the old man who was rambling non-sensibly and could see why this was such a big problem. Not knowing the area very well he replied, "Listen. This isn't the best place to spread your...message, there are much better options all around town. You'll be able to reach more people and be safer. Isn't that right LeeAnn?" The last part of his sentence trailed off as his attention was taken back to the music. He asked LeeAnn in case she knew a place they could take the old man or at least lie to him so they could walk him somewhere for a bit.

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#4Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The subject of satan and religion really upsetted LeeAnn clearly. Her fox ears twitched in irritation. He was sight for sore eyes, but seemed to have nothing better to do. At least her grandparents were still alive, both of them. Nakamura family was a well known wealthy among many noble families. They held a rich history with Fiore. "The river is always a good place to go to. Calming nad peaceful" she spoke. The old man would not put up much of a fight given his current circumstances. He would start to go off on tangent about Satan and religion, which bugged leeAnn a lot. She did not like much about the subject and trying her best to not mentally snap at the old guy. Finally, she snapped.

"Listen, religion is only an excuse for humanity to act cruel to others! Aren't we gods? We give life and take it away every day as if it was nothing. Isn't that enough proof" she hissed in irritation. Her nostrils flared embers, showing she was clearly very angry. This proved a point to Leis. Probably to Kazimir, she came across rude, but to Leeann, it had to be stopped. "Very well. That is a fair argument. We can be devils and gods alike" he agreed, This gave LeeAnn some relief that he would shut up, but still clearly bothered by the subject of religion and churches.

LeeAnn stopped at the edge of the river and sat down. She held her knees to her chest just looking at the water. Nature always calmed her down. Flashes of her screaming and pleading to stop, remembering the pain...but a lot of that was a blur. She could only remember bits and pieces.


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#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn mentioned the river to the old man and the man gave a fuss about it between rants on satan's arrival.  The fire mage gave a convincing argument and after some back and forth the old man gave into the suggestions with a huff. "Fine, I'll follow you to the rives and spread the word there. people must hear about the coming of Satan!"

The old man finally agreed and was turning around to leave with LeeAnn. Kazimir hung back for a second almost forgetting about the mission and listened to the music once again. He took some slow steps behind the rest of them hopefully his absentmindedness didn't bother her.

Once they were at the river the man began to spout his preaching words once more. Trying to call anyone's attention that he could to his cause. The anger in LeeAnn rose but Kazimir seemed to pay him no mind. Religion was never something that interested him aside from the blessings of the white wolf. LeeAnn couldn't hold back any longer and lashed out at the man. It was harsh but probably something he needed to hear.

The man seemed receptive and stopped for a moment. Kazimir put a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to ease her anger. She really hated the church. A question he would ask her later. It wasn't long though before the man spun around to face more of the crowd and start again. "But even though people can be demons, Satan is still afoot. His work still changes us and he is coming!" He yelled out getting closer to people walking by from time to time.

Kazimir shook his head. At least they were keeping him away from the castle. He approached the man and apologized to some of the people he offended. Leis faced the river now in a melancholy way with no yells about satan. As Kaz stood beside the chair he had a solemn look on his face.

"What is it? The winds around you have changed?"Kazimir asked as there was a strange change in the behavior of the old crazy man.

Leis rubbed the arms of his wheelchair and gave a tiny sniffle, "I miss her," words that fought to break free of his lips. "She was such a darling person and after the accident...Who am I really? The day I got put in this was the day I lost her too. She was kind and gentle. Always laughed at the ramblings of an old man."

Leis spoke from his heart about lost love. A sentiment that Kazimir could relate much too. The wind mage closed his eyes and felt the wind as LeeAnn sat by the river with her knees pulled in close. The three of them all living through some pain at this moment.

"That is why you call out to others Leis. You lost the one person that heard your ramblings no matter what they were. And this is all you have left to remember her by. I lost her too. She was taken from me, and she was kind and gentle." He spoke softly about it and his words seemed to ease the pain that Leis felt or at least bring him solace in that another felt the same

Kazimir knew what needed to be done now and he would apologize to LeeAnn later but this was a mission for this man now. Kaz turned to the crowd with the old man and yelled out, "There are words to be heard! The time is coming and change is blowing!" He and the man in the wheelchair began to preach together. To heal their wounds.

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#6Lee Nakamura 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:29 pm

Lee Nakamura
The talk about religion bugged her more than loosing or anything. It was more of a sin to be religious and preach about to people who dont give an ounce of care in the world about it. It was more of an excuse to really talk about with people than she could not afford. She just pushed the old man to the river after her outburst in anger. Who could blame her?

Kazimir did not seem to mind his ranting. With her outburst, he seemed to be absent minded about how she acted, but could not tell with him half of the time. Hikaru knew how she felt about that subject. The whole Nakamura family knew what happened to her all those years ago. They got to the river. LeeAnn tuned the old man out as she was still pretty pissed about earlier. It seemed there was more to Leis than she had realized. Much like how onions were, there was layers. Layers upon layers upon layers. Everyone had that in the grand scheme of things. Seemed as if no one wanted to give him a time of day. LeeAnn grew to feel bad for how she treated him. She looked at Kazimir then at the old man.

The air changed around them. This felt all too familar to LeeAnn. Loosing someone close to you. She saw Abraxas come to her mind. The black and yellow night fox being so loyal and extremely well trained by her and her father. She would open doors for people, scoot chairs for her, and help her with her anxiety and depression. The ears were folded back as she broke away from the two of them. She stepped aside to a nearby tree still a few feet away, crying a little. Wiping the tears away, she gave herself some time to calm down. As much as she missed her best friend, she still had to move on. She still had her brother and father. Now Kazimir and Akira, there was plenty of people in her life who cared, or a few at the very least.

Leis seemed to miss having that companion. Again, now feeling betrayed by Hans, she let go of the burning hatred for him for now. It was not needed and a useless emotion. Seemed as so, Kazimir had this under control. She overheard a conversation. KAzimir said he lost someone close to him. She suspected a girlfriend, as they were talking about Leis's wife previous. She would apologize to him later about things and how she acted in time. LeeAnn only stood a few feet away looking into the water remembering being in the hospital. Seeing no one would pay attention to her, but her father. Those were the most loneliest days in her life! Hikaru was gone on a mission probably and her mother rarely visited. Her grandparents visited every ounce in a while when they had the energy to or in town. Mostly, they would write letters back and forth to each other. Kazimir could see tears shedding through her eyes if he noticed at all. LeeAnn was too much in her own thoughts to really think clearly. Hopefully, she could heal in time.

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#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:19 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
As Kaz was preaching alongside the old man he noticed that LeeAnn was not beside them. She had taken some time for herself and looked heavily impacted by something. When the quest was over he would need to speak to her and make sure she was okay, but he could handle the heavy lifting for this one. She did fine on the last quest, seeing as how this focused more on an emotional level it may be more difficult for her to do these.

Kaz wrapped up the yelling session by putting his hand on the man's shoulder who in turn asked to be dropped off at home. Kaz looked back at Lee and called out, "We need to walk him home and then we can go." Kaz would wait to see if she wanted to walk with them and then take the man home who thanked them afterward. Hopefully, he would be a bit less aggressive in the future.

The Kaz headed back to the castle and on the way checked on Lee, "How about we go out to get something to eat after this. I'd like to make sure you're okay. Seemed you had something weighing you down," he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

At the castle, Jelies thanked them and gave them their reward. "Another job done. Lets go take our minds off this."

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#8Lee Nakamura 

Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Empty Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:56 pm

Lee Nakamura
Her trance broke when Kazimir called out to her. LeeAnn looked over from the tree and nodded. Trying to remain her composure, she stayed quiet. They took Leis back home and on the way to the castle. He mentioned to get soemthing to eat. The airhead had noticed how heavy in emotion she was in. Glumly, she nodded only agreeing because she was hungry and wanted to spend more time with Kazimir. He laid a hand on her shoulder, she blushed lighting in the cheeks. She loved the attention from him for some reason. Though, her mind was stuck on Abra's dead body and Han's missing corpse.

The arrived at the castle. She stared at the huge structure and thought about home. Old memories flashed making her almost tear up thinking of the old days when things were still pure. Tears streamed down from her eyes. Not even thinking, Jeis had thanked them for a job well done. Kazimir had to pull her out of her trance. Shaking her head, she silented followed the wind mage and staying quiet. She would walk close to him just wanting moral support from a trusted soul that was not her own.



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Distraction [Quest: LeeAnn and Kazimir] Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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