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Train with Me [Kazimir/Lee/Mission]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Train with Me [Kazimir/Lee/Mission] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:53 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn contacted Kazmir for a quick job. IT was nice talking to him earlier this week. She thought it would be great to actually get to know him personally. Waiting in a jeans, gray and red t-shirt and her black jacket for him on the forest outskirts. She sat down just doodling some rabbit poses by looking at a rabbit from a distance. Trying to get the porptions right, she measured with thumb like a professional artist. It was not hte best way she knew, but it was something that was semi-reliable. The ears were misshapen and deformed, but they were good for what she was trying to go for. Hearing the footsteps comings, her ears perked upon noticing.

Kazmir! I am glad you got my message. I was hoping you would show up" she said. A smile appeared as her ears were standing up straight. It was clear she was happy to see the young knight. It was a small step in the right direction for her since she really distrusted a lot people. This was perhaps one of the first efforts that was working. "Here's the job I chose, helping someone rain. Simple enough since were both experiences in this department" she explained a little. It was right up their alley anyways.


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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir received the message from LeeAnn about a job and felt on track to what he had come here for. She had said it was a simple thing and headed to meet her in the forest outskirts around town.

He arrived to see her drawing a rabbit and she had happily rose to greet him already knowing he was there. It was nice to run into her again and he was interested in what the quest was about. "Of course, I'm always ready to get some work done. What is it?" It was easy to tell that out of any situation it was these moments where Kaz felt the most in his element.

She explained the job and it seemed fairly straight forward. "I see, I've been thinking about doing some training myself so this should be helpful for all of us, and..."

He was going to continue when some hurried steps caught the attention of the two Knights. A young woman ran up to them waving and panting. She stopped before them hands on her knees, out of breath. She put up a hand to stop them from speaking as she stared at the ground and tried to ease her gasping, "th..thank you. You...don't..know...how much...this means...to me."

She finally stood up stretching her back far with her hands on her hips like it would help her breath.  Once she composed herself more, her eyebrows dropped slightly, "I'm Seheda, and...well...can you help me with some exercises and make sure I do them. I've failed three times but not anymore!" She suddenly was filled with fire and passion thinking about victory in her grasps.

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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had him read the mission. It was to help train a young girl, who was not confident in her ability as a mercenary. Which was a common problem among a lot of mages. Even LeeAnn had that problem sometimes considering her brother was a really, really strong mage. They got ready and LeeAnn packed her things. AS they headed towards deeper into the forest. Her fox ears picked up fast paced footsteps towards them. She turned around to see the client running towards them. the poor thing was so ired she fell on her knees and raised her hand to stop them. LeeAnn looked down at the young girl hearing what she had to say.

"It's no problem, really. We needed to train anyways. So its a win, win for all of us" she chimed back. Seheda introduced herself and wanted help with some workouts that she had failed a few times. Nothing new to the kitsune! She had been there too, they both had. LeeAnn had a serious face, but felt relaxed by Kazimir's side. The kitsune nodded and agreed to her words. "You got some of the best people to help you! Rune Knights are one of hte most trained and skilled mages out there. What are the exercises?" asked Leeann.


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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn tried to console Seheda with the promise of a fruitful training session. he may have been a bit wrong about her. He thought she was a bit more introverted but she seemed to handle social situations just fine. Although Kazimir was a bit embarrassed about the praise she gave the knights. He had seen his share of...incompetence in the knights from Hargeon anyway.

Seheda looked more relieved than expected but that quickly changed to a fierce stare as she held up her fist. "Alright, let's start with a run through the Forest! It's the hardest part and the one I need help with the most.

"Well then, lead the way," Kazimir gestured toward the forest. "We'll get you through and watch your back." Seheda took his invitation and stepped in front of them at the edge of the forest. she looked back at the both of them and then at LeeAnn, "Thank you. knowing that I am with some of the best makes me know that I can absolutely Finish this and become a knight." Seheda seemed to be teeming with energy and ready to give it a go. She crouched down in a sprinting form and took off before giving either of them a lot of heads up.

Kazimir looked at LeeAnn, "I guess it's time ti get to work then." He took off after her. She bobbed and weaved ahead off them but it was already looking a bit clumsy.

A branch above her shook loose but Kazimir hurled a slash of wind to cut it before landing on her. She barely noticed and he was beginning to see why she had failed so many times. A tree limb hung low and he ducked underneath it gaining ground on her. He jumped on another branch but it snapped under his weight and some others came tumbling down.

At the same time as Kaz fell, he saw Seheda struggle to get over an obstacle a look of gloom on her face. To make things worse a large deer was bounding through the forest right at her.

Kazimir called out, "LeeAnn, I'm good," as he was falling, "Stay with her," he said calmly about to crash into the ground when he narrowly stopped himself, stepping off of the wind and evading the branches. He had to catch back up to Seheda now.

If LeeAnn rushed to Seheda's side, she would begin to talk about how much she cared about being a mercenary.

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#5Lee Nakamura 

Train with Me [Kazimir/Lee/Mission] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:06 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn nodded at her partner in justice or crime? Whatever you called it and followed his orders. As he cleared the branches and loose tree roots, she kept up making sure she would not slip up. The problem was that she was not paying attention to what was under her feet. That was her issue. The young kitsune only watched her intently. She was trained well enough to know and sense these things before they even come thanks to her good hearing. Since being a kitsune, she has had some advantages over humans and other races. Previously, she was a nekomata and gotten used to the tail and ears. Now she had to get used to several tails, but that did not weight her down.

LeeAnn would rush ahead having Seheda follow her behind. Jumping over tree roots and loose branches, she steered clear of any ones falling that Kazimir was cutting down. With how fast LeeAnn was, she was beginning to leave Seheda behind, slowing down a little bit to let her catch up. The redhead had a nasty habit of doing that with lower ranks such as D-ranks or C-rank mages. A small spark flew into Seheda's eyes that LeeAnn recognized. One that she had a long time ago that went out due to life's issues and stress factors. Her younger self was full of fire and passion for becoming a mage and wanting to be the best she could be. Now, she just wanted to feel better. It made her think of her older brother and how hard he worked then to her father.

Hikaru's face flashed into her mind. Making her squint and shake her head from the emotional thoughts. Now was not the time for it. LeeAnn looked at Seheda. She began to talk about how much this meant to her. How hard she was willing to work for it. A small glance went to Kazimir then at her. "Keep that spark! Don't let anything put it out. I did a long time ago. Your issue is that no one is giving you feed back on what you could work on. Your are not paying attention to your full surroundings. Its not all about speed. Its about seeing where you are going on the sides of her you and under your feet. If an enemy was right behind you, you would already be killed. That is Rune Knight training 101. Always be on your toes. You have the spark and the willingness to work hard, you just need someone to properly teach you" she spoke to her. LeeAnn realized that she was again not slowing down enough, but noticed that Seheda fell face flat onto the ground.

"Kazimir, stop. She fell over" she called out to her teammate. The redhead kneeled down on her one knee and helped her up. Lifting their client back up on her feet. She seemed aright. LeeAnn said nothing and only shook her head. "This is what I was talking about. You need to learn how to pay attention that is your only issue and being clusty" she retorted in a critical manner. Seeming harsh and rude, LeeAnn really did not notice how hard she came across to the girl, but she was thankful for the words. Giving them their reward, she looked at Kazimir. "That was not much training, Kazimir, like you had promised
she said. Leeann walked side by side with Kazimir, hoping to get that spark back.



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#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Train with Me [Kazimir/Lee/Mission] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:49 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
LeeAnn had rushed to her side and evaluated what Seheda needed to improve upon. Eventually though. She almost didn't realize how far ahead she had run in front of Seheda, leaving her behind a bit. Kazimir noticed the difference and closed the gap between himself and the inspiring mercenary to fill that void.

She struggled through the brush around her as Kazimir landed next to her giving her a small fright, "Seheda, I grew up in a forest you know." He picked up and moved a large log out of her way then revealed a tangle of tree branches and vines. He rushed to them and jumped onto one then slowed his movements to duck under the other. "You can't just run through a forest you have to move with the forest. It is only an obstacle if you can't see a way around it."

He urged her to come forward and she nodded meeting his invitation with a rapid dash. She still looked a bit unstable but was making her way through. "That's how it's done, keep on pushing," He tried to encourage her and she finally made her way through it.

Seheda had a fire in her eye as she persevered and they caught up to LeeAnn, "All I have ever wanted was to be a Mercenary. I have to pass this test. I will pass this test. Let's keep going. No rest for those that want to succeed right!"

Her resolve was impressive, Kazimir only hoped her talent would rise to meet it. He stepped to the side and they continued their dash through the woods. LeeAnn pulled out in front again and looked back at Seheda with a sterner seeming expression. She then unloaded all the things she thought the aspirant mercenary needed to hear. Correcting her unobservant behavior and giving a small glance at Kazimir.

As her words ended, so did Seheda's steam as she crashed to the ground and LeeAnn called out to Kazimir. LeeAnn approached her with what Kazimir would consider harsh words but on some level, she needed to hear them.

He spoke up once LeeAnn was finished, "I am free anytime you want to go for a run. You have a lot of potential. Don't lose hope or the energy you have to push forward and keep trying. Once that is gone we have truly lost," He said with a smile wanted to leave her with something positive to walk away with.

At the statement about the training, he replied, "True training is done in the mind through discipline and dedication. It starts with you and how you interact with what is around you. Put in the effort and you are always training."
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