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Crash the Cash House [Quest: Tsukiko]

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Crash the Cash House [Quest: Tsukiko] Empty on Mon May 14, 2018 9:39 am

On the table, before you rest a small notebook, the leather-binding around it weathered and aged. You find your hand trailing toward the cover, slowly opening the book as a clean handwriting reveals itself upon the paper pages.

I should have known better. The signs all pointed toward it, they told me she was a dangerous individual, but I was too naive, too ignorant of the darkness. That monster... she wears the skin of an innocent and pleasantly-looking teenager, but let it be known that she is as horrible as the demons of old.

The signs first appeared when she showed up at our doorstep. We should have expected something to be wrong. At the end what teenage girl would be willing to work for a mafia family? However, at first, we misunderstood them as mere travelers. The girl's companion certainly fit the bill nicely.

He is a wandering warrior, a samurai they call him in his country. A tall and muscular man whose sheathed blade, a weapon called a katana that he is never seen without.

The man is polite, polite yet warily and judging from how the girl addresses him holds an elder sibling role over her. At least one of the smarter guys in the family told me that 'Nii-chan' means something like Big Bro.

The girl on the other hand? She is a mystery altogether. She usually wears a cloak to conceal her features, but her voice is soft and gentle, a playful allure to it that reminded us of that adorable little sister we always secretly wanted, even if we would kill anyone who would make us confess that.

They seemed to be in need of employment, so the first time they visited the boss offered them a simple job. A group of our men would cause a distraction in town so that the girl and her brother could sneak into the dinner where a bag full of jewels was supposed to be secretly stashed. Pretty simple job, at least until the point came where it was revealed that in the wake of that retrieval they needed to torch down the building.

We expected them to back off, even the samurai thought it, but then that girl gleefully exclaimed she wanted to help us. In the end, the two of them left for the streets and traversed through the alleys of Oak toward the backside of the dinner.

It was there that they found a backdoor into the building, the samurai kept a careful watch over the area while the girl bounced inside as if she was inviting herself into her own home!

A thick blanket of mist spread within the building, and as soon as it came it disappeared as the girl mentioned having found the bag they needed. She actually sounded quite disappointed about how easy her little treasure hunt had gone. However, it was afterward that I started to realize the truth, the truth we were all ignorant about. Or perhaps too terrified of accepting it.

WC: 504

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The girl started to hum a melody, like a child playing a game as she started to drench the floor in a flammable liquid she found in a storage room and piled up several objects that would burn intensely, all formed like a cute little tower!

And then like a child waiting to blow the candles off her birthday cake, she counted down. Three... Two... One... And then darted outside while tossing a match into the room. Let's just say the explosion that followed would make even an experienced hoodlum like me get the chills, and she just bounced out of the backdoor giggling playfully. It was odd how by the time they left the alley she was looking all innocent again, standing amidst the crowd as I approached them as instructed.

I bumped lightly against the girl, a sign to exchange the bag with the one containing their reward but at that moment I froze for a moment. A chilling sensation overtook me as if something was choking the air out of me, and yet I pressed onwards.

Ignoring the haunting feeling I exchanged the bag and noticed from the corner of my eye that the girl was smiling. Back then I didn't consider it much, but as I left I came to realize what I felt was not a magical spell cast by the girl. It was my trained instincts as a killer that warned me about the girl.

That girl isn't a killer
she's a direwolf in sheep clothes
a psychopath...

Whoever reads this, never show your back to the girl with white hair and red eyes. Never... forget...

As you finish reading the text the remainder of the page is stained with blood, making the writing illegible. However, by now you realize that the air is heavy around you, a thick mist-like substance shrouds the room as a soft girlish voice calls out to you. "What are you reading?"

As you turn toward the sound a small hooded figure stands a few steps away from you. You gesture toward the table and the book, turning your attention back toward the final pages. It is at that moment you recall the warning, you turn around, recalling the words in the notebook.

A girl with hair as white as snow, and eyes as red as blood. Eerie red markings pulse along her cheek and arms, almost like veins but by the time you realize who the notebook was talking about... it's already too late...

"Till next time~" A playful hum follows as darkness clouds your vision, an exhausting pressure making you feel like sleep might approach any moment now. Your mind cries out to stay awake, knowing that should the darkness consume you, it will be over. However, perhaps it was inevitable. Because in the end... the story that was being told has reached its conclusion.

And yet, something tells me that the end of this story might be the beginning of another, but which one remains to be seen...

WC: 502
Total WC: 1006/1000

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