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Baska to Crocus [Foot Travelling]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Baska to Crocus [Foot Travelling] Empty Sat May 12, 2018 3:58 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta’s work within Baska was nothing more than that of what she had come to expect of a place like that. Isolated enough to have given hope towards that of accomplishing something, notably that of what Augusta had aimed to have harnessed being that of locating any presence of infidels within the regions near the city of Baska. However, it had proven to be far less than that of what she aimed to have realized, being forced to assist the city in matters that did not ultimately concern that of the Church or of what she wished to have brought back to them, proof of the infidels having gone through the region or otherwise having been stopped. She had achieved neither of those feats, only having managed to ultimately help the city with a matter that did not concern her, nor did it really interest in what sort of effort that she might have thought of. However, there might have been something that she might have taken hope from, being that that had been some rumors of people might have heard something coming from Crocus. It was a vague rumor, one in which she had heard from a traveler who gave them no indication whatsoever as to whether or not it was true or not. It was frustrating, but it was something that she just had to have dealt with, going through with seeing if this rumor was going to pan out or not, or even if it were true that this rumor was one in which might have yielded any sort of result, it was hopefully not going to end up being like that of what it ended up with in Baska. Baska had not gone through and provided any valuable assets of it, and to believe that Crocus would be different, it was a worthwhile hope maybe.


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