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Golden Scissors[Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Golden Scissors[Request] Empty Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:34 pm

Shichiro Uchida
A cloudy morning had started today. The sun wasn't visible but it was still bright despite it being blocked out. It was another day for Uchida. He was still roaming the town for some odd jobs to do although things had been awfully slow recently. Nothing he could do about that though. For the time being, he thought he should pick up another odd job that doesn't really require him to do much thinking, fighting or, overall, work in general. He began to make his way to the request board to see if he could take another job. There on the board, he saw another pink flyer, dangling outwards as if it was beckoning specifically him to pick up the paper and take the job.  He already knew who this belonged to before he even reached out for it but the contents of the paper remained unknown. He shrugged it off and sighed before sheepishly grabbing the pink paper off the board, giving it a quick glance and shoving it into the pocket of his dress pants. He took the same route he did last time to the client, Fernando's shop. He decided to skip knocking and walked straight in. it was a shop after all, even if it was the client's home. Upon entering the shop, Fernando had greeted him once more in a hearty manner. He asked if Uchida was here to shop for new and "stylish" clothing and clothing accessories. Uchida shuddered at the thought and respectfully declined. He then told him about the second request he had pulled off the board and handed it to him, telling him that he'd take it. Fernando had tilted his head a bit at first in confusion then remembered about the request he left on the board before he lit up and began to explain what he needed done about his current situation.

Apparently, he was looking for a pair of magic golden scissors that really brings out the elegance in an artisan's work. Uchida shrugged and asked how and where he was suppose to find it. Fernando then explained that, he wasn't gonna fetch it from a dungeon and it was to be bought from an auction later on in the day. Uchida tilted his head and wondered why he couldn't just buy it himself. He decided not to ask since he didn't want to make enough sense to the point that he'd be out of a job at the moment. It was gonna be a pain in the ass but he already accepted the job. He sighed putting his hand back into his pocket and turned to start his "request" after receiving the money to buy the said golden scissors. It was a lot less than what he was given before. Either the shop wasn't doing well or Fernando did too much last time. Either way, it didn't change the task he was given this time around. He made his way out of the shop and began to walk towards the town square where the merchants would be setting up stalls to sell their wares.


#2Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Reaching the square, Uchida didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He wondered if he had to go from stall to stall once more looking for the item in question before suddenly remembering that that the item was suppose to be auctioned off or something. He didn't see anything special as of yet so he decided to look around for something extraordinary. Today, he saw a stall bigger than usual that seems to double as a stage. Uchida also saw a short man that was unloading cargo off of a wagon. Wait a minute, Uchida remembers that short guy. It was a guy that he had to apprehend in a previous request a few months back. What was his name again? John? Con? Conrad. His name was Conrad. Uchida remembered now. It seems that he turned himself around and is no longer living the life of petty crimes. Well, that's good for him. And by him, he means himself. Maybe he could get this guy to sell the golden scissors to him. Sneering, Uchida walked towards the man he had history with and silently stared at him work until the man noticed and dropped some cargo he was unloading. Startled, he took a few steps back but decided it was in his best interest to not take off running since he hasn't done anything shady to warrant being caught again. "Wh-what do you want? I haven't done anything wrong. I've given up that life. What else could you possibly want from me???" said Conrad, slightly frightened. Uchida had remained quiet for a little while, observing the short man. He actually didn't know what to say to him. He didn't really plan this far ahead but he decided to start spouting some nonsense and see where it goes from there.

Uchida had decided to try and pressure him. "Yo, this is a nice gig ya got here. Does your boss know about your past? Would be a real shame if he found out about your thieving ways. He had begun to say. It didn't take much, it seems the previous information about this man being a coward was correct. Then again, threatening a man's new life after he came clean would make any man cower in fear. Uchida continued. "Alright, here's the deal. There's an item my current employer wants and there's a lot of competition and i want-." Misreading the situation, Conrad had interrupted Uchida and began to speak. "Al-alright, i see what your saying. Say no more, i'll retrieve the item for you, i don't know what to tell my employer if he asks about it."Uchida frowned immediately after hearing what the little man was implying. "No, dickhead. I want you to get your employer to sell it to me. I can't have it be stolen and found in the hands of my client, are you retarded?" Conrad flinched then shivered now nodding before slowly walking away in the direction of his boss. A few short minutes later, Conrad returned with his boss and the golden pair of scissors in his hand. The man said he intended to auction it off but instead he'll sell it to Uchida at a reduced prize for being "friends" with his best worker. Uchida smirked then paid the man before waving them off and returning to his client. After returning to the shop, Uchida was greeted with another slap on his back which, again, almost made him fall over. He handed over the scissors and left the shop in a hurry, hoping he wouldn't have to deal with this town much longer.


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