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Noble Reconstruction {Quest | Emon & Helios}

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Noble Reconstruction {Quest | Emon & Helios} Empty Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:09 pm

The day had seemed to be just as bland as the ones before. Emon's lust for excitement pulsing through his veins. The bitter-sweet sun had risen over the horizon and a slight draft could be felt from the east. Emon was in the mood for something thrilling, and he could also use some extra jewel. So he headed toward the quest board and to his dismay, it was cluttered with a bunch of quests that required him to go to the beach. What a wretched place, who would want to spend this beautiful afternoon rolling around in that disgusting sand, he thought to himself. It seemed he only had two options. Either help some snobby noble reconstruct a dock or help some loony photograph a mermaid.

Emon decided to pursue the dock reconstruction and began walking that direction. "Of course there was nothing exciting, there is never anything exciting on that damn board", he mumbles to himself. While recklessly strutting his way to the docks. Moments later he quiet literally bumps into a boy. The boy had seemed about Emon's age and stood about an inch shorter. "Oh, I'm sorry. Wait, aren't you that guy from my guild, the one who dances? Right? I never got to introduce myself, I'm Emon." he says raising his hand out to this recognizable stranger. "So what brings you to this side of town?" Emon asks with a curious smile.


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Helios was frustrated, the quest seemed simple but I've been searching for almost an hour now and I still haven't found the reconstruction site or the client that I was supposed to, he thought. While wandering around the streets searching for the site he bumped on something or rather, someone.

Helios quickly turned his head and saw a pair of icey-blue eyes staring at him, so beautiful and serene, he thought. The man apologized and seemed to recognise Helios from the guild, the one who dances huh, Helios chuckled a bit. The man introduced himself as Emon raising his hand towards him asking what Helios was doing in this part of the town with a smile. "Nice to meet you Emon, I'm Helios! I've seen you around the guild as well but never got the chance to talk to you." said Helios while shaking his hand returning the smile. "I'm currently on a quest I need to get to a construction site, but I seem to be lost." Helios said with a sad expression on his face and proceeded to ask Emon if he had time to search with him staring at him right in the eyes, "I'll treat you to dinner at the bar I work if you agree" he said winking at Emon. Without waiting for a proper response he pulled the boy's arm forward, "Well, let's go!" Helios exclaimed.



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The boy introduced himself as Helios, it was a familiar name to Emon. He had heard this boys name before but never had the chance to put a face to it. Without much notice Helios chatters about how he is struggling to find his client and briskly begins to pull Emon around. Emon did not like the idea of being yanked about, but he didn't want to cause a conflict with a newly met guild mate. It took Emon a few moments but something clicked. Was Helios searching for the same client that he had been? Swiftly snatching his arm from Helios' grasp, Emon staightens out his cuffs and stands tall. "Would the name of your client happen to be Reign Valystasia?" Emon asks, his glacier cold eyes attempting to pierce through the boys soul. "Because if so..." Emon stops himself from starting a confrontation. As much as he wanted to shout at the dancer boy for stealing his client, he couldn't bring himself to yell at the seemingly fragile boy. Emon fixes his gaze to the road ahead instead of at the boy. "If so, I suppose we are working together." Emon says ignoring his frustration at the boy and continuing to look for this Noble.

Emon grabs the boy around the shoulder and begins walking him toward the correct dock. The sight of the sand nearly causes Emon to gag, the though if it covering his perfectly sand-less body made him sick. With closer inspection Emon notices a man who seems to fit the description of the man they are looking for. Emon points to the Noble "Ah there he is, I still expect that dinner." he says smirking at Helios. Emon begins walking toward the man a big smile on his face because he had found him first.



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"Hey mr. Valystasia, we're here for your request to help with the reconstruction" yelled Helios with a heartwarming smile while running towards the client. As if I'd go back on my word, especially for someone like you, he thought while passing by Emon's side. The two boys introduced themselves to the noble who in turn thanked them for accepting his request and explained that he would appreciate any kind of help as long as it made the reconstruction go faster. Helios  gave it some thought and seeing both of their appearances it didn't seem like they had enough muscle power to actually work at the construction site, and after asking the noble of the items they would have to carry he was informed that most of them were supplies for the staff and not too heavy at that, but they had to go constantly back and forth in the docks area. More time spent with this new guildie, works for me, Helios thought, looking at Emon with innocent eyes and agreed for the two of them to help carry the items. At that moment he felt an intense stare beside him, turning his head slighty he caught a glimpse of Emon's head turning to face the client, "It's fine right Emon? We can do it!" Helios exclaimed smiling.

As the two set off for the first location given to them he felt that intense stare coming from Emon's direction again. Is he that displeased with my choice, he thought, oh well I'll have to make up for it at dinner. After a few minutes they arrived at their destination picking up the designated crates and headed back to the site.



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Helios went on to introduce himself to the client, Emon followed suit and introduced himself as well. It seemed most of the work this guy had to offer was manual labor. Ew, thought Emon to himself. He seemed rather disgusted with each task. Finally Helios decided to sign them up to some of the not so heavy lifting work. Though it was the choice that Emon would have made himself, he felt uncomfortable with Helios taking the lead. Who does this guy think he is? First I have the grace to let him come along with me on this quest and now he is just taking over...hmph, he thinks to himself once more. Grudgingly Emon follows Helios to their destination and he begins work.

At first it was simple, carrying average sized things here and there, but Emon regretfully struggled with upper body strength and these items seemed to be getting heavier. Within a few hours sweat could be seen dripping form his brow and his lunges had felt like they were going to explode. "Man, I swear someone is making this stuff get heavier, what kinda sorcery is this?" Emon says playfully in the direction of Helios. Emon then crouches down to grab another weird shaped box. Though this guy knew how to press Emon's buttons, he still enjoyed his company. He seemed like the type of person you would want to keep around. Not to mention he was a fellow guild-mate, that made him important. "So, I know you dance, but how'd you find yourself in Blue Pegasus?" Emon asks Helios directing his focus back to his work.



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The crates seemed to be getting heavier by the hour, Helios did have physical strength and stamina due to him being a dancer but it was still getting a bit too much for him. Helios turned around towards Emon hearing him joke about the increasing weight of the crates, he noticed the sweat dripping from his brow, it's probably exhausting for him as well, he's still at it though I should really make up for it later, he thought as he moved closer to Emon. "I know right, does someone hate us or something!", Helios said chuckling and grabbed another box. A few moments later Emon asked Helios the reason for joining their guild, "I wanted to make some friends while also training my magic, the requests pay well too!" he replied with a smile and got back to work, he wanted to finish this already so he could spend some quality time with his guildmate.

As the two were delivering the items Helios laughed, telling Emon how silly he felt forgetting to ask him about his reasons for joining the guild. Reaching their destination they were now done delivering the supplies and were tasked by the client to hand the staff some of the sandwiches and water bottles from the rations behind them and were also allowed to get some for themselves, finally no more heavy carrying, he thought and winked at Emon playfully. Getting to the table with the rations he picked a basket and placed them inside "This should be enough for that part of the construction site." he said to Emon while pointing left and walked forward, "I'll see you in a bit, stay safe." Helios said with a smile.


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